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Mage is one of the classes available in the Hero selection menu.


  • Mages start with a unique Wand of Magic Missile. This wand can be later "disenchanted" to upgrade another wand.
  • Mages recharge their wands faster.
  • When eaten, any piece of food restores 1 charge for all wands in the inventory.
  • Mages can use wands as a melee weapon.
  • Scrolls of Identify are identified from the beginning.
  • Mages start with a Knuckleduster.
  • Any food consumed (including mystery meat) will restore 1 charge to all wands in the inventory.
  • When used as a melee weapon, the wand's melee damage increases with its level.
  • When used by a mage, the wand needs 40/sqrt(wandLevel+1) turns to recharge once.
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After defeating the 2nd boss (Tengu), the Hero will be rewarded with the Tome of Mastery.
This allows the player to choose between 2 different sub-classes.


When fighting with a wand in his hands, the Battlemage inflicts additional damage depending on the current number of charges. Every successful hit restores 1 charge to this wand.
  • Wand melee strikes deal more damage.
  • Wand melee strikes will quickly recharge wands.
  • Wand melee strikes that deal zero damage do not restore wand charges.
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After killing an enemy the Warlock consumes its soul. It heals his wounds and satisfies his hunger

The Hero gains HP, equal to the current Stage level, with an additional point at Boss depths (1-5 HP; +1 at Boss depth), and brief satiety (10 SP), from slaying enemies, but only if the enemy's level cap isn't exceeded & the Hero receives EXP. from the slain enemy.

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Battlemage vs. Warlock

It has been said that the Warlock is a better choice, as a Battlemage is too reliant on finding a decent wand, in addition to the Warlock’s healing ability.

However, if you do find a decent wand, it would be a good idea to respec into a Battlemage.

Mage robe

After defeating the 4th boss (King of Dwarves), the Hero will be rewarded with the Armor kit.
The armor kit allows the Hero to modify one of his armor into class-specific armor that have special abilities.

Mage armor.png Wearing this gorgeous robe, a mage can cast a spell of molten earth: all the enemies in his field of view will be set on fire and unable to move at the same time.

Molten earth is the special ability for Mages.
It will root all enemies in view to the spot, unable to move, and will also set them on fire.

  • While the root element of this is nice, the fire damage is negligible.


  • Warlocks regain a bit of both health and hunger every time they slay an enemy. Which means that as long as you encounter enemies regularly and can slay them quickly, you will almost never have to eat. (You will constantly be on the verge of starving, but that's OK.)


Update Change
0.3.4 ADDED to the game
0.4.2 Added: Mages can equip & use wands as a melee weapon (in case of need)
1.6.1b Changed: Wand Melee Strikes that deal zero damage, do not restore wand charges
1.6.4a Fixed: The Warlock's hunger is now satiated, even if his health bar is full. (Warlock Satiety perk)
1.7.0 Fixed: Stage Calculation (which was wrong for Boss Depths) has been corrected for the Warlock. (Warlock HP gain perk)
1.7.3? Changed: [Mage] Can attain the Zeroed in buff