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Wells can be found whenever Magic Well rooms & Pit rooms are generated by the dungeon.


Wells' water changes in color as you descend deeper into the dungeon, matching the color of the stage's water tiles.

Stage Full Well Empty Well
Sewers Well full sewers.png Well empty sewers.png
Prison Well full prison.png Well empty prison.png
Caves Well full caves.png Well empty caves.png
Dwarven City Well full city.png Well empty city.png
Demon Halls Well full halls.png Well empty halls.png


There are three types of wells in the game.
All wells are beneficial to the Hero.
Wells are 1-time use only & do not get refilled over time.
Consider your options carefully, before stepping into one & using its effects.

List of Wells[]

Well of Health

Main article: Well of Health
Well of health small.gif
Well of Health
Power of health radiates from the water of this well. Take a sip from it to heal your wounds and satisfy hunger.

Well of Awareness

Main article: Well of Awareness
Well of Awareness.gif
Well of Awareness
Power of knowledge radiates from the water of this well. Take a sip from it to reveal all secrets of equipped items.

Well of Transmutation

Main article: Well of Transmutation
Well of Transmutation.gif
Well of Transmutation
Power of change radiates from the water of this well. Throw an item into the well to turn it into something else.


Update Change
0.3.4 Changed: Now, wells really look like wells
1.7.0 Added: Empty wells have their own asset and description

Changed: If an item is unaffected by a well, dropping, or throwing, that item in that well, will make it bounce to a neighboring cell.