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    Chouia wrote:
    So, is a Scroll of Upgrade a too big investment?

    Yes, it is.

    It may not be, for you & your specific playstyle, but it is for plenty of other players.

    With a bi-directionnal beacon, if you set it at the merchant, you can not use it for something else.

    How on earth did you reach that conclusion?

    A 2-way beacon would function the same way as having two beacons; only, the function is inside one beacon, rather than split into two.

    1.)  Beacon 1 ("Setting 1") is set by the Shop/Pixel-Mart.

    2.)  Beacon 2 ("Setting 2") is set at the depth you're currently clearing.

    3.)  The player taps Return on Beacon 1 to return to the Shop (& resets Beacon 1 by the Shop again after arriving, to be able to return there again later, if need be).

    4.)  The player then taps Return on Beacon 2, to return to the depth they left from.

    Personally, a simple (non-upgradeable) 2-way beacon is more balanced, than an upgradeable beacon (using Upgrade scrolls) that provides 3 Settings.  Being able to go to a 3rd location is what would make the game easier.

    And I really hate displacement, because it can put you far from meelee ennemies, or on the bad side of a door...

    That's exactly why that glyph is best put to use with the Sniper.  She needs distance, so she can effectively inflict damage with her Boomerang.  I don't recommend it for any melee-centric sub-classes; it's strictly for ranged-centric sub-classes.

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    • SuperSaiyan99 wrote:
      Done. I was going to add that to the page right after my post above, but didn't because I didn't see it stating that it couldn't be set/used when an enemy was in your view. already know how some people are sticklers for exact details.. hence my asking for it to be added.

      Many thanks, SS99!  =)

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    • Yes, I do. Your welcome.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Pixel Dungeon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Hero page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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