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  • Hi. I didn't want to derail the Mining Caves topic so am replying here

    Thanks for your guide but what about the 1 healing potion because that won't really be enough? The D-6 shop sold two and I still had one left over from fighting Goo. I used one in Prison and another with Tengu. Used another in Caves but found a replacement in the dungeon. I bought the D-11 Shop's only healing potion but that's somehow disappeared. Will I get through with only 1 healing potion?

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    • wrote:
      Sorry, I didn't realize it was a quote. Actually I don't kknow : ). What is Forrest Gump?


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    • Ah. Thanks!


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  • Hello & Welcome to the Pixel Dungeon Wiki Zehren! =D

    Thanks for posting in My Tips

    If you require assistance with anything, please feel free to leave me a message, and either myself, or another Admin, will respond.

    And if you haven't already done so, please feel free to select an Avatar for yourself, fill out your About Me header, and fill out your Profile page, so the community can get to know you better. =)

    Also, please feel free to introduce yourself to the community, and join in on the many forum discussions. =)

    To stay updated on the community's activity, visit the Recent Changes page.

    Hope you enjoy your stay, and hope to see you on the forums! =D

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