Mimic infobox
Spawns in
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 12+level*4 HP
Dodge 0
Armor 0
Resistant to Nothing
Immune to Scroll of Psionic Blast
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 9+level
Damage (9+level)2
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit makes Hero/ine drop Gold from the Backpack. (1/3)
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 2+(level-1)*2/5 XP
Drops a random item (always)

The Mimic is .


Mimic gif
Mimics are magical creatures [sic] which can take any shape they wish. In dungeons [sic] they almost always choose a[sic] shape of a treasure chest,[sic] because they know how to beckon an adventurer.


When first approaching a mimic, the mimic will look exactly like a Chest. Upon opening the chest, a mimic will appear and the game will say "This is a mimic!". The mimic will then attack the Hero/ine using the standard melee AI. Every hit has a chance to make the Hero/ine drop some Gold from his/her Backpack.

Special notes

Chests in standard rooms have a 1/5 chance of being a mimic, except on the first depth, where no mimics will spawn in standard rooms. The only Special room that can have a mimic is the Treasury which will contain one mimic at most and can have a mimic even on the first depth. After the initial dungeon generation, no mimic will ever spawn again.

Drop detail

When slain, the mimic will drop its contents. The contents can be any item(s) that is spawned in the dungeon (exactly the same as a Chest).


  • Mimics can be dangerous at the beginning, as they are relatively powerful. Your Hero/ine doesn't get to use ranged weapons, or pick an advantageous position, unless your Hero/ine can activate them from a distance (See Below).
    Before opening a chest, always consider that it might be a Mimic; and check your health, your escape route, and your degradation status.
  • If the Hero/ine is standing on top of the chest when opening it, the Hero/ine will be pushed aside onto a free space tile, and the mimic will spawn. If there are no free floor tiles around the Hero/ine (e.g. they're taken up by traps, or chasm tiles), the mimic will not spawn & the items will simply drop to the floor (like a normal chest).
  • Mind Vision potions will not show Mimics, until after they have been activated.
  • Objects thrown at a dormant Mimic cannot be retrieved, until after the Mimic has been slain.
  • Challenge Scrolls & Alarm Traps will activate all Mimics at the depth.
    • Terror will not activate them.
  • A Wand of Reach will activate a Mimic.
  • A Potion of Frost or a Seed of Icecap will activate (and freeze) a Mimic.
  • Fire will activate a Mimic, unless it is on a water tile.
    • Igniting the Mimic with a Potion of Liquid Flame, igniting the grass underneath it, or using a Wand of Firebolt, to zap against the wall, adjacent to the Mimic, will reveal it.
    • Fire Darts, or a Blazing Boomerang, will not work (they end up inside the Mimic, and you must slay it to get them back), nor will firing a Wand of Firebolt across the Mimic (unless it detonates on an adjacent tile).
    • However, if the Mimic drops a scroll when slain, the fire may burn it up.
      • Throw a Seed of Icecap at it before it dies from Burning, so if it contains a scroll, the dropped scroll will trigger the Icecap plant & prevent itself from Burning.


Update Change
1.7.5 ADDED to the game
1.9.1 Changed: Scroll of Wipe Out turns Mimics into regular heaps

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