Mirror image


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Type Summon (Allied)
Spawn Scroll of Mirror Image
Gives Experience, from any kill
Walk speed  ? tiles per turn
Attack details
Health 1 HP
Dodge  ?
Accuracy Same as Hero/ine, upon reading scroll
Armor 0
On Damage Dies

The Mirror image is a Summon (Allied) NPC.

Description Edit

Mirror image
This illusion bears a close resemblance to you, but it's paler and twitches a little.

Info Edit


A Mirror Image is a copy of the Hero/ine, visually wearing the same armor. Its damage range is the same as the Hero/ine’s, upon reading the scroll. It has a one-hit usage, as it dies after successfully hitting an enemy.

The Hero/ine can see from its perspective, provided it remains in the Hero/ine’s field of view. The Hero/ine gains experience from the kill of the mirror image.

Your Hero/ine can swap places with his/her Mirror Images by tapping them. But you can still zap your mirror image to kill them.

Mirror images are immune to Toxic gas & Fire.


When summoned, it will randomly wander off. If it encounters an enemy, it will fight.

Mirror images don’t retaliate if the Hero/ine reads a Scroll of Challenge, or a Scroll of Terror.

It will fall asleep if the Hero/ine reads a Scroll of Lullaby; and it will only move when an enemy is in sight.

Prize generation

Experience, from any kill


  • It is useful for fighting bosses, or groups of enemies.
    If the Animated Statue room at the same depth has been unlocked (& the Animated Statue hasn't been slain) & they find it, they may try to attack it, and the statue won't be passive anymore.
    It will start wandering, and will attack you if it finds you.
    To prevent this, you can plant a seed in front of the room, or use a Mind Vision potion to see which item it holds; and if you don't like the item, just leave the room locked.


Update Change
0.5.1 ADDED to the game
1.6.1 Changed: Interaction with (a) mirror image(s) lets the Hero/ine switch places with it.

Your Hero/ine can no longer attack (and kill) his/her copies, but s/he can swap places with them by tapping on them. However, your Hero/ine can zap the Mirror Image to kill them.

1.7.2 Changed: (Buffed) Mirror Images have become immune to Toxic gas & Fire.

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