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It was released in August 2014 by reddit user RoastedLasagna and it states explicitly that it is based on version 1.7.1c of Original PD. Its basic difference from Original PD is that much more food items spawn and also more types of them are added, but starving hurts much more and happens much earlier. Also, almost all enemies can drop mystery meat.

Mystery meat applies randomly mostly the Slowed and Rooted debuffs and rather rarely the Poisoned and Burning debuffs. 3 food items spawn per depth and also more potions of Liquid Flame and Firebloom seeds. The new food items are:

  • Bowl of Fruit, Bowl of Rice, Chips (all of these satisfy half satiety)
  • Cheeseburger, Pizza (these two satisfy full satiety)

Bowls of fruit and rice leave empty bowls that can be sold for 5 gold each. Although the game gives the option to the player to choose between Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane difficulties, Easy difficulty is actually as difficult as Original PD, because food despite spawning more is less than the hero's hunger demands, and the hero loses very easily HP (speedrunning is almost obligatory in this mod). Because it is based on an old version of Original PD, it lacks many important features of the current version:

  • Auto-aiming with ranged weapons and wands is not available.
  • Berserker does not attack faster when surrounded by enemies.
  • Bomb, honeypot, and weighstone items do not exist in the game.
  • Challenges don't exist.
  • Identical wands cannot be merged.
  • Sacrificial Chamber and the scroll of Wipe Out don't exist.
  • Second quickslot doesn't exist.
  • Tengu does not drop a Tome of Remastery, if the class has already obtained the Tome of Mastery in a previous run.
  • Wand of Telekinesis is still in the game, rather than the later wand of Reach.
  • Wands don't get auto-identified after 40 uses.

(for a fuller list of addiitions and changes made until version 1.7.1 and afterwards you can visit this link)