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Girls' Frontline Pixel Dungeon
Girls Frontline PD
#71 Released mod
Source CodeGitHub (in Korean)
Current Version0.4.9-A
Girls' Frontline Pixel Dungeon is a mod of Shattered PD released on May 27th, 2018 by Sharku2011 with Korean as its basic language (it can get changed to English in the game settings), and it is first and foremost a total visual remake of Shattered PD, which is heavily inspired by the Girls' Frontline mobile strategy game. 

Features Edit

As a consequence the hero's sprites, all NPCs and enemies, all items etc. are retextured (but not renamed) to fit the Girls' Frontline lore. Although all these changes must have demanded a lot of work, and the game's sprites and animations are more or less well designed, this becomes also a problem, as the new sprites are totally irrelevant to the items and enemies of Pixel Dungeon and as a consequence unrecognizable, for example the Marsupial Rat and the Gnoll Scout look like robotic turrets (nevertheless the names and the game descriptions of all of them remain the same). The confusion becomes worse in the case of weapons, as their names and descriptions are not  translated in the game code, so a "No text found!" mesage is displayed for all of them (information in English is only available about their tier and damage) and almost all of them are retextured to different types of guns and rifles. Fortunately all the other game items have names and descriptions translated in English. The "No text found!" message appears also in all the games' dialogues.

This mod is more or less playable by a person speaking only English and not Korean, but in addition to being confused from time to time, he/she will also miss all the additional game lore, which is assumably different, as all the heroes are girl characters from the Girls' Frontline game, and a good amount of cut scenes appear that do no not exist in Shattered PD. A good amount of changes is also documented in the game's changelog (its current version is 0.4.9, having received 10 updates since its original 0.1.0 version), but the changelog's descriptions are available only in Korean, and so they will remain unknown to the wiki's audience for the time being. Practically no game-changing feature or mechanic is implemented though, and players who are familiar with current Shattered PD will play Girls' Frontline PD more or less without any serious problem. Although the mod doesn't state explicitly the version of Shattered PD it was based on, judging from the in-game evidence it was probably based on the 0.6.5 version of Shattered PD, as all containers have 20 spaces (a change made in 0.6.5) but the alchemy rework of version 0.7.0 is not implemented. For additions and changes in Shattered PD up to version 0.6.5 you can visit this link.

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