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Minecraft Pixel Dungeon
Ic launcher-3
#38 Released mod
#87 Released mod
Developer(s)CaptainTotes (v1 & v2)
SariusDev (v1)
Downloadv1 Google Drive v2 Google Drive
Source Codev1 GitHub
v2 not available
Current Versionv.1 1.2a, v.2 beta
Minecraft Pixel Dungeon stands as a series of two mods which aimed to be a visual remake of Shattered PD with a Minecraft game theme in all of its retexturnings:
  • The first one was reeleased by CaptainTotes & SariusDev in February 8th, 2016 and was based on Shattered PD v.0.3.3b. Its logo is slightly different than that displayed in the infobox, as "PD" is written on the chest instead of "Pixel Dungeon".
  • The second one was released only by CaptainTotes in November 4th, 2018 and was based on Shattered PD v.0.6.5c. Its logo is the one displayed in the infobox.

Both versions of this mod are for the time being abandoned. There was no other change implemented in neither one of these versions, but the very distant versions of Shattered PD that thay are based on affects obviously their gameplay features, but also their graphics, as for example Shattered PD v.0.3.3b has 2D graphics, while v.0.6.5c has 2.5D graphics. For details about the additions and changes in Shattered PD up to version 0.3.3 you can visit this link, and sebsequently up to version 0.6.5 this link.

Graphical features Edit

To give a few examples, a whole depth, a zoomed-in room and a rogue's backpack in the sewers are displayed in both versions:

Minecraft PD v.1 d.1
Minecraft PD v.2 d.1
Minecraft PD v.1 zoom
Minecraft PD v.2 zoom
Minecraft PD v.1 backpack
Minecraft PD v.2 backpack
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