Moonshine Pixel Dungeon
Developer(s)Juh9870 and Sadsaltan
Source CodeBitbucket
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Moonshine Pixel Dungeon is a mod based on the Shattered Pixel Dungeon,created by Sadsaltan and Juh9870.

Mod began as a fuse of much smaller mods: Dreamful PD by Sadsaltan and Forbidden PD by Juh9870. Having inherited features from its predecessors, it continued to grow into something much larger and bugful.

In that moment mod in active phase of development.

Main features:

  • New challenges! 
  • New class: Gunslinger. Specializes in guns, bombs and more!
  • New weapons, guns, bombs, etc.
  • Graphic improvements!
  • Development of the second storyline with new levels, mobs and bosses! 
  • It's now possible to change gender of the character! 
  • New traps! 
  • Moonstone shop! Spend your earned moonstones here! 

Guns Edit

Handcrafted Pistol Edit


Infobox sewers

An improvised firearm made of spare parts left from other guns. Mostly used by farmers and petty criminals. The only good things about it are its low price and light weight.

Pistol Edit


Infobox prison

A well-known short-barreled firearm. One of the most popular guns in the Kingdom and beyond due to its reliability, double barrel, and relatively decent price.

Blunderbuss Edit


Infobox caves

Originally from the Southern Gulf, these firearms use shot. This is what makes them perfect for sea battles… or small spaces.

Arquebus Edit


Infobox city

An old dwarven gun. Once a key weapon in the course of war with the demons, it is gathering dust in storages now. Its fire power remains unparalleled though, provided that you have gunpowder to spare.

Fusil Edit


Infobox halls

A smoothbore weapon straight from the royal manufactories. Its high accuracy makes up for the fair amount of time it takes to recharge as well as for its rarity. Pride of the soldiers!
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