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Current Version0.3.1
This mod is a puzzle game and not a roguelike based on Sprouted PD's Sokoban puzzles, which in their turn were a feature from the roguelike Nethack (which feature is itself a loan from the Sokoban arcade game). It was noted that this mod is not a roguelike, because all the combat-related features of Sprouted PD have been removed and the only other characters in the game are the sheep, which are all non-aggressive and must be moved around for the puzzle to be completed. 

The logic of solving the Sokoban puzzles and the function of the different sheep are explained with details in the Sprouted PD page linked above, but also the mod includes an in-game tutorial, so no details about them will be presented here. Apart from the removed combat elements and the inclusion only of its puzzle depths, there are some additional differences from Sprouted PD:

  • As a consequence of the removal of combat, there are no armor, ring, wand, weapon etc. items. This has a major further consequence, that the puzzles can be solved only as puzzles by moving around the sheep provided by the game, because there is no wand of Flock to disarm traps with sheep-on-demand. An extra minor difference is that the hero has no armor, so when he steps on a trap, the game just asks him if he wants to die and start over the the puzzle and there is no annihilation of the armor item.
  • The only items available in the game are different types of crystals, that have the same color in each puzzle and are found inside chests or generated by item switches. Obtaining all of the crystal types grants a badge (all the familiar badges of Sprouted PD are also removed).
  • There are no different hero classes, but only one hero character dressed as a Mage, who is assumably Sprouted PD's Otiluke. The introductory messages of each familiar puzzle are also changed.
  • One extra original Sokoban puzzle is added.
  • Well-designed animations have been added and the hero's sprite has an also well-designed new texture.
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