[This wiki page describes the recently released version "Halloween 2019", in which no significant changes were made in the Challenge Book depths.]

Overview - Challenge depths Edit

Challenge Boook SPS-PD

As it is displayed in the image above, the Challenge Book of SPS-PD stores all the portals to the former Key and Book depths of Sprouted PD, but they are all renamed to either challenges or trials, and with the specific Book depths also having their names changed. The hero receives the Challenge Book from the NPC Ren in Dolya Town (for details see below).

While the former key depths themselves are not particularly different from Sprouted PD, there are many minor changes that have been made to them, and to the items found in them. For one, the keys have been retextured into portals, which look like posters showing the face of the depth's main enemy, as well as a logo of a key and they are also renamed to challenges. These posters drop from the familiar enemies of Sprouted PD (Gnoll Archer, Mossy Skeleton, random giant piranha after depth 10, Gold Thief), are stored in the scroll holder, but cannot be used as portals by themselves.

Any challenge portal not added to the Challenge Book
This paper has lost its magic power. You can see some word at the back of this paper: "Hello, my name is Ren. Because of the developer's time magic, a transportation item like this can't work now. Find me in Dolya Town and I will help you fix that."

The hero must first visit Dolya Town, find the NPC Ren standing near the temple, and if the hero has at least one poster portal with him/her, Ren will give him/her a Challenge Book, in which the hero will add each poster portal, so he/she will be able to visit the relevant challenge depth. It is stored in the Key Ring.

Challenge book image SPS-PD
Challenge Book
A simple notebook with some alien magic.

So here is some tutorial for you. Add that challenge paper into this book and you will be free to come and go in that place. I also want to write some other things but I can't understand your language. There is some secret reward in each challenge. If you find all of them I will give you a weapon from my East Project Pixel Dungeon.

As promised in the challenge book message, Ren gives also a unique weapon, a Reimus Goei, after the hero meets him having obtained all four special reward bags from the challenges (the hero doesn't have to keep the bags unopened and bring them all to Ren, the reward bags just need to have been all already dropped as loot). The hero can visit the challenge depths with regular enemies as many times as he/she wants (but the enemies will become a little more difficult after each kill). On the other hand challenge boss depths (Gnoll King, Skeleton King etc.) and also the Tengu depth are not repeatable, while their portals (Ancient Coin, Bone, Conch Shell, Tengu Key, Treasure Map) are stored in the key ring, can not get added in the Challenge Book and get spent after being used twice, to go to a challenge boss depth and return from it. On all non-boss challenge depths the 25th defeated enemy drops the aforementioned teleportation portals to the specific challenge's boss, the 50th a scroll of Sacrifice (which after being read adds 15 HP / 1 Str. but will also reduce the hero's HP, if it is read for the third and fourth time, visit the link for details), and the 100th a [name of challenge] reward bag, which contains a different unique reward for each challenge:

Sewer reward SPS-PD
Sewers reward bag
Reward of Sewers challenge
  • 20 Stone Ores
Prison reward SPS-PD
Prison reward bag
Reward of Prison challenge
  • 1 Full Moon Berry
Cave reward SPS-PD
Caves reward bag
Reward of Caves challenge
  • 10 Black, 10 Blue, 10 Cloud, and 10 Moon berries
City challenge reward SPS-PD
City reward bag
Reward of City challenge
  • 16 Crystal Nuclei (sold for 1,000 gold pieces each = 16,000 gold pieces)

Additionally, the rate of dew dropping for all enemies has been greatly increased in comparison to Sprouted PD. Instead of one or two yellow and/or one or two red dew, and only purple dew dropped from Protectors, now all enemies from these depths often drop one or two red and/or one or even two purple dew. Also, as all the non-boss challenge depths are repeatable/revisitable and the hero, when he/she goes back, finds the depth just as he/she left it, there is absolutely no reason for him/her to spend dew randomly, in order for it not to get wasted: he/she can leave the dew on the depth's floor, proceed with his/her adventure, and when he/she collects some new items that need upgrading, he/she can revisit the depth with the unused dew and upgrade these items.

Protectors in these depths have different names, depending on the special depth: Protectors in the Forest depth are named “Forest Protectors”, in the Prison depth “Grave Protectors”, in the Caves depth “Cave Protectors”, and in the City depth “Vault Protectors”, but without any special characteristic to differentiate them (Forest Protectors are just weaker than Grave Protectors, which are weaker than Cave Protectors etc.), or any other difference from Sprouted PD. In almost all the forrmer Key - now Challenge depths a medium to high level pet can be very useful (apart from the City, where all melee-attack pets become a serious problem, see the City Challenge for details) but gains little XP in the first two and the fourth depth, as enemies will give only 1 XP each to it (only the piranhas of the Caves challenge give 5 XP each). Pets do not follow automatically to the key depths like in Sprouted PD, when they are in a tile next to the hero, but have to be stored into the Lantern of Soul Collect and get released in the challenge depth or get called by the Sokoban Whistle. They follow the hero back to the dungeon though, without the need of a lantern (they must stand next to the hero to teleport with him/her, but as the depths are repeatable, there is no fear like in Sprouted PD for the hero to leave the depth without the pet and lose it - he/she will just go back to the challenge depth, find the pet waiting patiently, and try teleporting again). On the other hand, pets follow without a problem the hero to the challenge boss depths (Tengu, Crab King etc.). As lanterns are rather limited, and one gets spent each time the hero visits a challenge depth and releases a pet, they should be used only when the hero intends to spend a lot of time in the challenge depth.

Challenge (former Key) depths Edit

In the part of this page that follows directly afterwards the reader will find presentations in continuous form about each challenge depth along with some game tips for each one of them. Readers who are interested in more details can proceed to the last part of the page, that displays the stats for all the enemies encountered in each challenge and also for all of their respective bosses.

Gnoll Archers / Sewers Challenge (depth 27) Edit

Sewers portal SPS-PD

This is the area with the biggest amount of changes in it. Most notably, the rewards are completely different. Instead of the Safe Room page being dropped, which gets sold in the prison shop instead, a Treasure Map (for its image see next image below to the right) is dropped by the 25th dead Gnoll Archer, which can take the hero to a whole new challenge boss, who drops a third Adamant Ring. Heroes are also allowed to keep all of their Lucky Throwing Knives (renamed from Forest Darts and also retextured), instead of only 30. The Lucky Throwing Knives are enchanted by default with the Lucky enchantment (a weak second hit always), which is otherwise removed from SPS-PD, and also deal increased damage against enemies of the type Beast, Boss, Human, Gnoll, Orc and Plant everywhere in the dungeon, but deal somewhat low damage, so the hero can either keep them after finishing with this challenge depth, or sell the remaining of them for 2 gold each. Gnoll Archers also never drop any money at all, unlike their Sprouted PD version, even when an upgraded Lucky Badge is equipped. An upgraded melee weapon with 2 or more range, an upgraded tier 2 or higher gun and also some of the unique skin-related ranged weapons (Boomerang, Centaur Bow, Thousand Knives) can be very handy in this depth, as the Gnoll Archers flee quickly only when they get in melee – one tile distance, but not when they get hit. Lastly, apart from the Treasure Map dropped by the 25th Archer, the 50th defeated Gnoll Archer will drop a scroll of Sacrifice, and the 100th Gnoll Archer will drop a "Sewer reward bag", which contains 20 stone ores.

Gnoll King and Gnoll Keepers/Treasure Map (depth 43) Edit

Treasure map SPS-PD

Upon use, the Treasure Map teleports the hero to a totally new depth, which is the den of the Gnoll King, a tanky boss that takes low physical and magical damage even from very highly upgraded weapons or wands and summons comparatively weak Gnoll Keeper minions to his side. He has a ranged and also melee attack that either Cripples, Roots or Weakens the hero and he can be also fast and runs away a lot, so the fight may be tricky to someone who isn't able to keep up with the fleeing king (very often he hides in a depth corner among the bushes, so Mind Vision becomes useful). However, once the Gnoll King is lowered to half of his health, he stops running away due to his anger, and instead secretes Demon Blood gas when he gets hit, like the Bokoblins in the Power Trial depth. This dangerous gas causes heavy Bleeding damage per turn as well as the Vertigo and Cripple debuffs to anything caught inside apart from the Gnoll King, so if a player ends up trapped within, the situation can quickly become dangerous. Fortunately, as long as the player can keep up with the damage, the fight will be over before too long. Upon defeat, the Gnoll King drops from 1,000 to 1,500 gold, an Adamant Ring, and Gnoll Clothes, that can be given to Oldnewstwist in Dolyahaven to complete his quest.

Treasure map depth SPS-PD

Mossy Skeletons/ Prison Challenge (depth 28) Edit

Prison challenge SPS-PD

Mossy Skeletons are as strong as they are in Sprouted PD, with high resistance to physical attacks from low level heroes. The 50 Holy bombs that are available in a chest somewhere on this depth (they are the Holy Hand Grenades of Sprouted PD renamed) should be better used against them in early levels, and also offensive wands, especially Firebolt, or the Glass Totem's Attack Up buff, if it is available, can also be rather helpful, if the hero decides to visit this challenge depth as soon as he/she gets the Challenge Book from Ren. The Holy bombs cause Blindness and also deal increased damage against enemies of the type Boss, Demonic, Dragon, Elemental, Miniboss and Unknown everywhere in the dungeon, so the hero should better keep them after finishing with this challenge depth, but he/she can also sell the remaining of them for 20 gold each. The 25th destroyed Mossy Skeleton will drop a Bone that can teleport the hero to the Skeleton King boss depth, the 50th defeated Mossy Skeleton will drop a scroll of Sacrifice, and the 100th Mossy Skeleton will drop a "Prison reward bag", which contains a Full Moon berry.


All other aspects of this depth along with its boss depth, the Skeleton King depth (37), which is rather easy to complete, remain the same with Sprouted PD (players should just have in mind that all enemies in the Skeleton King depth are immune to fire damage). This challenge boss drops the Adamant Weapon and from 1,900 to 4,000 gold.

Albino Giant Piranhas / Cave Challenge (depth 29) Edit

Cave challenge portal SPS-PD

Apart from the renaming of the 50 “Dumpling bombs” to "Fishing Bombs" and of the “Flying Protectors” to “Caves Protectors”, the only important difference from Sprouted PD is the availability of the Ethereal Chains artifact and also of weapons with extra range (a +10 Ring of Accuracy also gives this attribute to all weapons), guns and of the unique skin-related missile weapons (Boomerang, Centaur Bow, Thousand Knives). If the hero has any of these items, he/she can farm safely piranhas by stepping one tile in the sea, attracting piranhas, going two tiles back, and pulling them with the chains to the ground, where they die instantly, or hitting them from a safe distance with the weapon or gun. The same approach will work with fishing bombs, as the piranhas don't leave, when the hero steps on land but remains close to him/her. An upgraded ring of Accuracy will also heIp much the hero to hit and not miss the piranhas with his/her melee attacks and an upgraded ring of Sharpshooting with the the hero's gun or missile weapon shots. As piranhas get killed, almost all of their stats (max HP, Accuracy, Damage, Armor, Evasion) get increased, so killing them with a weapon will become more and more difficult. In the curent version of SPS-PD they have become easier to hit, the damage they take still gets lower and lower as more piranhas get killed though (fishing bombs or use of the ethereal chains will become almost obligatory, as the kill count aproaches 100, unless the hero has highly upgraded weapons and rings both equipped). This is a good depth for farming meat (from the beginning) and to a lesser extent Eatable Nut Plants (more of them drop the more piranhas get killed, but none from the start - they start dropping somewhat regularly but still randomly appr. after the 60th to 70th piranha gets killed), especially with an upgraded Lucky Badge equipped (in previous versions the piranhas were dropping mushrooms like in Sprouted PD but they don't anymore).

In high hero levels (appr. above 40) though and even without a highly upgraded ring of Accuracy or Sharpshooting piranhas' evasion will stop being a challenge for the hero, and he/she will be able to finish this depth easily and quickly. As this is a more straightforward approach, players can just contiue with the game (finish the Trial depths, beat Shadow Yog etc.) and leave this depth for when they reach level 40 or a little earlier if the hero has suitable equipment.

The 25th dead Albino Piranha will drop a Conch Shell that can teleport the hero to the Crab King boss depth, the 50th defeated Albino Piranha will drop a scroll of Sacrifice, and the 100th Albino Piranha will drop a "Caves reward bag", which contains 10 Black, 10 Blue, 10 Cloud, and 10 Moon berries.

Conch shell SPS-PD

The Crab King depth (38) remains similar to Sprouted PD, but it can be a lot easier, as the only important difference is that the Lightning Shell doesn’t electrocute back when hit by physical attacks when it gets hit from behind, and generally deals much less damage if the Hermit Crabs are left unharmed before killing it, so the hero can have this depth completed easily and with little damage dealt to him/her (it is better not to take a powerful pet along in this fight, or put it in passive mode if it comes along by accident, as it will attack randomly the Hermit Crabs, get the Ligthning Shell highly charged and so make its attacks very powerful). This challenge boss, the Crab King, drops the Adamant Armor and from 1,900 to 4,000 gold and each of the Hermit Crab minions a Crystal Key, that can open any of the dual crystal chests left unopened in the regular dungeon. In most of the heroes' runs the chests that remain unopened will be 4 or less, which is the number of the crystal keys dropped by these crabs, but rather rarely the chests are 5 or more, so if you are not sure that their number is 4 or less in the specific run, better start with the chests that their type of items (artifact, ring etc.) interests you more.

Gold Thieves / City Challenge (depth 30) Edit

City challenge SPS-PD

This depth has turned from grinder’s Paradise to Hell, in comparison to Sprouted PD. Gold Thieves’ armor and evasion has been greatly increased, and they are now much more difficult to get killed. In addition they also don't drop the gold they have stolen anymore (they very rarely drop 50-100 gold as loot though, apart from the 1 gold they always drop after each succesful hit while they flee), so players that want to finish the depth Sprouted-style by killing thieves with melee attacks and earn money at the same time just can't.

From early to medium levels (appr. before 40) the only available tactic to all players for gathering and keeping gold from this depth is: a) the hero to go first on a shopping spree in every dungeon shop and as a consequence then visit this depth penniless, b) not to pick any gold at first, c) kill enough thieves for dew to be scattered all around the depth (there will be messages about thieves stealing from 100 to 300 gold, but they will practically just hit the hero for some turns and flee), d) use many times the “Light/Invisibility” ability of the Dew vial to get charged up to 200 or so, start picking up all the gold and renew the Invisibility turns with the scattered dew, when he/she sees that they are not many turns left, e) teleport away after picking up all the gold. The hero who was lucky to find an Energy enchanted weapon or a ring of Accuracy in the dungeon and has upgraded it at least to +10, or heroes with ranged weapons and a highly upgraded ring of Sharspshooting will manage to kill Gold Thieves in the beginning, but as their armor increases with each Gold Thief killed, he/she will face the same problem after the 30th Gold Thief killed or so. For the same reason this depth can take tediously long to reach the +100 kills goal apart from heroes in very high levels that their Accuracy is also in a very high level, as the thieves take minimum physical damage and run around endlessly (the only means to keep killing them rather easily till the 100th is equipping a +10 Glass Totem, which grants +75% to Accuracy, and the hero will still have some problems with their high armor after appr. the 60th gets killed, as some hits against them will be dealing less than 5 damage). But even with a +10 ring of Accuracy and Glass Totem both equipped, or in very high hero levels, heroes should not try to start picking up gold from the beginning, as the Gold Thieves will be getting killed much more easily, but they will still manage to steal gold from the hero and won't drop it after getting defeated.

Many upgraded offensive wands (as their beams can’t be dodged), especially wands of Firebolt, can certainly help in this depth, but even with their help this depth will take long to finish, except from rather high level Battlemages, who can breeze through it and finish it quickly with their higher wand damage Sprouted-style. A high level pet with only or mostly a powerful melee attack and not a ranged attack constantly available sounds like a good idea for this depth, but it isn’t: the pet can't kill thieves as they dodge all of its attacks, thieves gather around it, hit it many times each, the pet if it has a rather high level doesn’t take much damage either but also doesn’t deal damage and the game takes many seconds before it allows the hero to take his/her next turn (practically it functions as a moderate softlocking bug, although the depth doesn't have this problem without a pet present).

In the same way as the Albino Giant Piranhas In high levels (appr. above 40) though and especially with a highly upgraded ring of Accuracy in the case of a melee weapon equipped or Sharpshooting in the case of a ranged weapon equipped, Gold Thieves will stop being a challenge for the hero, and he/she will be able to finish this depth easily and quickly Sprouted-style, as the thieves will amost always get hit and wil take decent amounts of damage. Again, as this is a more straightforward approach, players can just contiue with the game (finish the Trial depths, beat Shadow Yog etc.) and leave this depth for even later, and after they finish it, use that gold to buy scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion from the Dolya Town shop.

The 25th dead Gold Thief will drop an Ancient Coin that can teleport the hero to the Thief King boss depth, the 50th defeated Gold Thief will drop a scroll of Sacrifice, and the 100th Gold Thief will drop a "City reward bag", which contains 16 Crystal Nuclei, an edible item without nutritional value, but that is sold for 1,000 gold each (which basically means that the City challenge reward is 16,000 gold).

Ancient coin portal SPS-PD

Lastly, in the Thief King’s Lair (depth 40), the challenge boss depth that follows, there is no way for the hero to fall in the basement and gather loot like in Sprouted PD anymore, as the depth holes have been changed into chasm traps, that only harm the hero and don't allow falling. Nevertheless, if the hero manages to avoid/kill the thieves in the City depth and gather the gold that lies there without it getting stolen, along with the crystal nuclei and the gold dropped from the Thief King (1,900 - 4,000 gold pieces) he/she will leave these depths having:

from 8,000 to 9,000 City gold loot + 16,000 gold form crystal nuclei + from 1,900 to 4,000 Thief King gold loot = from 24,900 to 29,000 gold pieces. This amount of gold will alllow him/her to buy all the Trial Books at their discounted price without any need for gold grinding.

Golden Nut Bless by Developer reward Edit

Golden Nut (SPS-PD)

The Golden Dungeon Nut reward from Sprouted PD, for completing all key depths with over 100 enemy kills in each, is also given in SPS-PD, but retextured into a box with a smiling face, which is the logo that the developer uses in the "About" screen of SPS-PD, and renamed to “Golden Nut Bless by Developer” (after getting eaten it adds permanently either +1 Str. and +60 HP or +2 Str. and +30 HP). It doesn't spawn in the inventory but drops from the 100th enemy killed in the fourth challenge that the 100 enemy kills goal is fulfilled.

Note also that unlike Sprouted PD the order in which the depths are completed plays no role, and even if a player starts completing the goals with the City challenge and leaves the Sewers challege last, the hero will still get the golden nut reward, but it will drop from the 100th Gnoll Archer.

Overview - Trial depths Edit

Challenge Boook SPS-PD

The former Book depths of Sprouted PD have also been given a new theme: the books themselves are renamed from Book of Life, Book of the Heavens, and Book of Death to Power Trial, Wisdom Trial, and Courage Trial respectively, while retaining their book form as items. They are still sold in the Imp shop on depth 20 at outrageous prices at first (225,000 gold each), but after the hero has defeated Yog-Dzewa they get sold for 35,000 gold in sum (the Courage Trial for 7,500, the Power Trial for 12,500 and the Wisdom Trial for 15,000 gold). They are stored in the scroll holder, but they must be also added to the Challenge Book for each trial to become accessible (as items they just display the message "This book has lost its magic power. It is Courage/Power/Wisdom Trial"). As in the Challenge depths, the hero can come and go from them as much as the player likes and whenever he/she likes, and there is no need anymore of reading books on pedestals like in Sprouted PD. The San-Chikarahs have also been renamed to Triforce pieces, specifically Triforce of Power, Triforce of Wisdom, and Triforce of Courage, but they retain their original sprite and are still found on a pedestal in each depth. Like in current Sprouted PD, the Troll Blacksmith will not need his quest fullfilled in order to forge the Triforces in one piece.

Triforce of [name of Trial]
[Name of Trial] part of the Triforce

The combined Triforce now has a sprite of its own, instead of just a glowing San-Chikarah sprite, but its functionality has not changed and it still teleports the hero to the Shadow Yogs boss depth.

Triforce SPS-PD
The puzzle is complete. The force will open a portal to the final boss. You will be immediately transported when the portal is opened.

Trial (former Book) depths Edit

In the part of this page that follows directly afterwards the reader will find presentations in continuous form about each book depth along with some game tips for each one of them. Readers who are interested in more details can proceed to the last part of the page, that displays the stats for all the enemies encountered in each book.

Courage Trial (depth 31) Edit


Blue Wraiths are now called Wraith Warriors, but the level has no other difference with Sprouted, apart from the general differences of all three trial depths, nevertheless some extra differences are caused in the gameplay by the the availability of specific SPS-PD's items. Offensive wands apart from the wand of Firebolt is the received way from Sprouted PD to take down Black Wraiths (especially the wand of Lightning, which unlike Sprouted PD though will not destroy all 4 wraiths of this depth with one zap, even with an upgraded ring of Magic equipped), nevertheless the availability of the Ankh Shield in SPS-PD and the Wraiths' low HP allows players alternatively to break the tombs, stun the Wraiths with the Ankh Shield, and kill each one of them with one hit (the Warrior class can also use the Jumps Shoes in the same way). A highly upgraded ring of Accuracy can also make melee weapons hit Wraiths, and a highly upgraded ring of Sharpshooting can do the same for guns and the unique missile weapons of the huntress skins. As it is also stated in the Rings page of SPS-PD, the ring of Wealth is removed from SPS-PD and its equivalent "Lucky Badge" can't get upgraded above +15, so it doesn't guarantee scroll of Upgrade/Magical Infusion drops from Wraiths as two +14 or one +28 Ring of Wealth do in Sprouted PD, but grants just a 50% to 75% drop rate on average from a group of four wraiths at +15 level of the Lucky Badge (drops can be even 0% or reach 100% though). With the chance of drops of scrolls of Magical Infusion and scrolls of Upgrade from Wraiths without a Lucky Badge equipped being 6% Infusion and 9% Upgrade, the hero with a Lucky Badge equipped will leave this depth with approximately 30 new scrolls of Upgrade and 20 new scrolls of Magical Infusion (there is no fixed number of tombstones spawning on the depth and the scroll drops are somewhat random, so in specific runs the scrolls loot can be better or worse, the aforementioned numbers are just based on players' experience). On a side note, a high level hero that wants to farm XP or seeds can do it successfully in this Trial depth, as the Wraith Warriors grant 20 XP and with a Lucky Badge equipped they always drop a seed each.

Due to the abundance of tombstones, the Raise Dead climate has a higher chance of appearing on this depth. Also, most of the tombstones in this depth drop good amounts of gold as loot, so if a hero hasn't got the 35,000 gold needed to buy all three Trial Books from the Imp at once, he/she should start from this trial, which also needs the cheapest book from all three to become available (7,500 gold, half the price of the other trial books), as he/she will leave the depth after breaking all the tombstones approximately 12,000 to 15,000 gold richer, which is about the price of each one of the two more expensive books. As all trial depths, this is also repeatable, but it doesn't respawn its loot, only its enemies.

Power Trial (depth 32) Edit


This is a Book / Trial with many changes. Steel Honeypots are no longer found here as this item is removed from the game in general. All the Honeypots are simply regular Honeypots. The Grain of Magic Rice is also removed from the game, so the hero can't craft Dumpling bombs any more, and the item is also removed from the game in general.

Onis have been replaced by Bokoblins, which look like the Kupuas from Sprouted PD and will release Demon Blood gas after taking damage, but only IF the damage of a specific hit is above 12,5% of their HP. This is a case when an upgraded to +10 Spork or Drawing Extract Long Sword (but not upgraded to higher level that that) can be very useful: they deal relatively little damage per hit compared to the +10 tier 4 and tier 5 weapons, but for this exact reason they will often not make the Bokoblins release Demon Blood, and both also have vampiric abilities that heal the hero with each hit, which will be very useful as the fights with the Bokoblins will last longer with them (as a matter of fact, when highly upgraded most of the times these weapons will be replacing the HP lost while the hero is in the Demon Blood's area of effect and will not need any healing). Besides that, a highly upgraded Mortar, Boomerang, Centaur Bow or Thousand Knives will most of the times kill the Bokoblins before they manage to get close to the hero, and will release their Demon Blood gas at a safe distance as a consequence. But even without these weapons available, several factors make Bokoblins much easier to handle than Kupuas: they don't resist damage from lower tier weapons, open rooms are plentiful, so it's much harder to get stuck between two Bokoblins, Jump Shoes are always handy for escaping the Demon Blood area of effect, and the Bokoblin stats are much lower than the Kupuas in Sprouted PD, so they can be fought without too much worry of suddenly taking 1,000 or so damage from just a few melee hits. If the hero has +6 Boots or +10 Greaves of Nature available, the tactic of constant “Light/Invisibility” + Refilling the Dew Vial with dew, which is necessary to gather gold from the City challenge, can be also handy here, due to the abundance of high grass and in consequence of dew drops. The depth spawns many Ankhs and Honeypots as loot, but little gold and few other items, so the aforementioned poor hero, that has no gold to buy all three trial books from the Imp at once, should buy this trial's book last, as he/she will return from the depth with little gold and few items he/she will be able to sell (also due to the changes in the Book of Heavens / Wisdom Trial depth's layout, the extra Levitation ability of the Dew Vial that is acquired in this depth is no longer necessary). This Trial depth has also the peculiarity that its specially colored wall tiles with the description "Several tiles are missing here" can be mined for Dark Gold (the same does not happen with the identical specially colored tiles of the Metropolis though). As all trial depths, this is also repeatable, but it doesn't respawn its loot, only Bokoblins.

This trial depth is also related with a major game bug that was reported in previous versions of SPS-PD. When the hero would try to teleport to this trial depth and either his/her pet was standing next to him/her, or he/she was carrying a Lantern with Some Soul in the backpack, the game was crashing and the save file was getting corrupted. This bug could also be triggered randomly, but less often, without the hero carrying a Lantern or having a pet with him/her, when the hero was belonging to the Soldier class. This bug has not been reported yet for the recent "Halloween" version, but players should have it in mind, and decide if they will take their chances or not by taking a pet along with the hero.

Wisdom Trial (depth 33)Edit


It is the book / trial depth with the most changes. The most important difference in the gameplay in comparison to Sprouted PD is that falling in chasms is no more available: the empty chasms of Sprouted PD are changed into areas of chasm traps like those in the Thief King's depth, dealing some damage to the hero, if he/she steps on them, and not allowing falling (see image below). The depth is still repeatable, but by just coming and going after using the Challenge Book, and it is the only trial depth that respawns as a whole in each visit with new loot, apart from its Triforce piece, which is only obtainable once. Animated Statues are renamed to “Animated Steels” and Flying Protectors to “Wisdom Protectors”, but have no other difference from their equivalents in Sprouted PD. The layout of the level is very similar to Sprouted PD, but the rooms are closer to each other, so with clever use of the Jump Shoes and the occasional stepping on a chasm trap there will far less need for potions of Levitation or the upgraded Speed function of the dew vial like there would be in Sprouted PD. The depth’s item generation of artifacts / wands / rings / potions of Might / scrolls of Magical Infusion / gold chests etc. even with an upgraded to +15 Lucky Badge equipped before visiting has been extremely nerfed in comparison to Sprouted PD, and the only similarity in the loot that remains is that the hero will most probably leave with some transmutation-related items, but for a somewhat different reason. Phase Pitcher seeds as separate loot on the dungeon floor spawn randomly on the depth and there might be depth generations that won't spawn even one seed, but in current SPS-PD all wells spawn also either a Blandfruit plant, a Phase Pitcher plant, or an Upgrade Eater plant in the same room with them and this depth is always filled with wells. Even when a well on this depth is empty (like in Sprouted PD only 3 functioning wells spawn in each depth generation, 1 Awareness, 1 Health and 1 Transmutation), it will always spawn either one of these plants. So if the hero visits all the wells of the depth, he/she will leave for sure with some blandfruits, upgrade eaters and transmutation items from the trampled Phase Pitcher plants.

Wisdom trial depth SPS-PD

The only guaranteed income from this depth is selling the enchanted and upgraded weapons that the Animated Steels will drop after getting defeated by the hero. Therefore, the poor hero of the previous paragraphs should buy this trial's book second, as he/she will be able to make gold repeatedly by selling the enchanted upgraded weapons and probably by finding a gold chest or two in the trial depth, but this gold most of the times won't be more than 2,000 pieces in sum after each visit.

Enemies' stats (Challenge depths, respective Boss depths, Book depths) Edit

Sewers Challenge & Treasure Map Edit

Gnoll Archer Edit

Gnoll Archer SPS-PD
Gnoll Archer
This Gnoll is camouflaged and hidden in the foliage. He's pretty upset you are here.
  • Gnoll
  • First encountered on depth 4 of the dungeon, it is the basic enemy in the Sewers challenge.
  • HP: 25 + number of Gnoll Archers killed
  • Damage: 1-8 (+number of Gnoll Archers killed/10 - +number of Gnoll Archers killed/5)
  • Accuracy: 30
  • Armor: 0
  • Evasion: 5
  • Speed: 0.9
  • Has only a ranged attack. Hits and flees very quickly, when the hero tries to get it into 1-tile melee range. Due to its increased speed, it is impossible to get it into melee range without invisibility, use of the Ankh Shield, Jump Shoes etc. Melee weapons with extra range are very useful against it, as it doesn't consider the range melee and does not flee, and also ranged missile weapons, guns, wands etc.
  • XP: 1
  • Drops always dew and Lucky Throwing Knives, the Treasure Map portal (25th killed), a scroll of Sacrifice (50th) and the Sewer Reward Bag (100th)

Forest Protector Edit

Protector SPS-PD
Forest Protector
It is a Forest Protector.
  • Elemental
  • It is an infrequent enemy of the Sewers challenge. Renamed and slightly retextured from Sprouted PD's Flying Protector.
  • HP: 250
  • Damage: 5-10 (+number of Gnoll Archer killed/10 - +number of Gnoll Archers killed/5)
  • Accuracy: 16
  • Armor: 0-5
  • Evasion: 10
  • Zaps with Lightning bolts
  • Resistant to Electricity and Lightning
  • XP: 1
  • Drops always a Violet Dew drop.

Gnoll King Edit

Gnoll King SPS-PD
Gnoll King
Gnolls have a lot of tresure and he can summon his protectors to hep him in battle. He has more than 11 different names, but the most famous name is Hagger.
  • Gnoll Boss
  • New enemy, he is the boss of the Treasure Map depth.
  • HP: 1,000
  • Damage: 15-25 (he deals most of his damage with the Bleeding debuff of his Demon Blood gas)
  • Accuracy: 100
  • Armor: 0-5 (but like the bosses of BossRush, he can take only from 10 to 20 damage)
  • Evasion: 0
  • Speed: Slow in movement when he attacks (0.75), and very quick when fleeing (4).
  • Produces Demon Blood Gas when he receives damage higher than 15, has a ranged and melee attack, causes Rooting and Weakness to hero.
  • Resistant to Poison and Immune to Amok, Bleeding, Burning, Charm, Dark Enchantment, Demon Blood Gas, Paralysis, scroll of Psionic Blast, Sleep, Terror, Toxic Gas, Vertigo,
  • XP: 30
  • Drops always the Gnoll Clothes quest item, an Adamant Ring and from 1,000 to 1,500 gold.

Gnoll Keeper Edit

Gnoll Keeper SPS-PD
Gnoll Keeper
Treasure Guard for the Gnoll King.
  • Gnoll
  • New enemy, the minion of the Gnoll King.
  • HP: 5
  • Damage: 0
  • Accuracy: 36
  • Armor: 1
  • Evasion: 10
  • As they deal no damage, they are basically a distraction for the hero, to help the Gnoll King flee.
  • No XP, drops nothing

Prison Challenge Edit

Mossy Skeleton Edit

Moss-Covered Skeleton SPS-PD
Mossy Skeleton
This skeleton is covered by moss.
  • Undead
  • First encountered on depth 9 of the dungeon, it is the basic enemy in the Prison challenge. Renamed from Sprouted PD's Moss-Covered Skeleton.
  • HP: 160-190
  • Damage: 20-45 (+number of Mossy Skeletons killed/10 - +number of Mossy Skeletons killed/5)
  • Accuracy: 28
  • Attack Delay: 1.5 (but might decrease down to number of Mossy Skeletons killed/50)
  • Armor: 10 + number of Mossy Skeletons killed/5
  • Evasion: 20
  • Movement Speed: 0.5-2 (increases with Skeletons killed: 0.5 + Kills/50)
  • Immune to the Dark enchantment
  • XP: 1
  • Has a 50% chance to drop Yellow Dew and a 10% chance to drop Red Dew. It also drops the Bone portal (25th killed), a scroll of Sacrifice (50th) and the Prison Reward Bag (100th).

Prison Protector Edit

Protector SPS-PD
Prison Protector
It is a Prison Protector.
  • Elemental
  • It is an infrequent enemy of the Prison challenge. Renamed and slightly retextured from Sprouted PD's Flying Protector.
  • HP: 350
  • Damage: 8-15 (+number of Mossy Skeletons killed/10 - +number of Mossy Skeletons killed/5)
  • Accuracy: 20
  • Armor: 0-8
  • Evasion: 15
  • Zaps with Lightning bolts
  • Resistant to Electricity and Lightning
  • XP: 1
  • Drops always a Violet Dew drop.

Skeleton King Edit

Skeleton King SPS-PD
Skeleton King
This ancient giant skull belongs to the King of Skeletons.
  • Undead Boss
  • He is the boss of the Prison challenge.
  • HP: 2,000
  • Damage: 20-40
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Armor: 10-25
  • Evasion: 30
  • Causes Weakness to the hero.
  • Immune to Burning, Fire, wand of Firebolt.
  • XP: 50
  • Drops always an Adamant Weapon and from 1,900 to 4,000 gold and has a 10% chance to drop a potion of Liquid Flame.

Giant Hand Edit

Skeleton Hand SPS-PD
Giant Hand
This ancient giant hand belongs to the King of Skeletons.
  • Undead Boss
  • One of the two Skeleton King minions. Renamed from Sprouted PD's Skeleton Hand.
  • HP: 1,000
  • Damage: 10-30
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Armor: 0-15
  • Evasion: 30
  • Roots the hero.
  • Immune to Burning, Fire, wand of Firebolt.
  • XP: 10
  • Has a 10% chance to drop a potion of Liquid Flame.

Skeleton Hand Edit

Skeleton Hand SPS-PD
Skeleton Hand
This ancient giant hand belongs to the King of Skeletons.
  • Undead Boss
  • One of the two Skeleton King minions. Renamed from Sprouted PD's Skeleton Hand.
  • HP: 1,000
  • Damage: 10-30
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Armor: 0-15
  • Evasion: 30
  • Ignites the hero.
  • Immune to Burning, Fire, wand of Firebolt.
  • XP: 10
  • Has a 10% chance to drop a potion of Liquid Flame.

Caves Challenge Edit

Albino Giant Piranha Edit

Albino Giant Piranha SPS-PD
Albino Giant Piranha
The albino giant piranha living in this place have been degenerating for hundreds of years. However, their other senses are unusually sensitive, and they can feel the changes of water flow around them, and they are also very ferocious.
  • Beast
  • The basic enemy of the Caves Challenge
  • HP: 20 (+number of Albino Giant Piranhas killed*2)
  • Damage: 0-4 (+number of Albino Giant Piranhas killed/2 - +number of Albino Giant Piranhas killed)
  • Accuracy: 20 +number of Albino Giant Piranhas killed
  • Armor: 0 +number of Albino Giant Piranhas killed
  • Evasion: 40 (+number of Albino Giant Piranhas killed/5)
  • Speed: 1
  • XP: 5
  • It senses the hero as soon as he/she gets into water and swims to his/her location. On the hero's first spawning all Albino Giant Piranhas are sleeping, but all the newly spawned after these get killed will be awake.
  • Immune to Burning, Corurption, Freezing, Paralysis, Rooting, Toxic Gas (that does not mean that it doesn't get damage from the relevant wands or enchanted weapons, just that it is immune to their debuffs or effects)
  • Drops always Dew, there is a 10% chance to drop meat, and a random chance to drop an Eatable Nut Plant as more piranhas are killed, but players should not expect this drop before at least the 50th is killed. Drops also the Conch Shell portal (25th killed), a scroll of Sacrifice (50th) and the Caves Reward Bag (100th)

Caves Protector Edit

Protector SPS-PD
Cave Protector
It is a Cave Protector.
  • Elemental
  • It is an infrequent enemy of the Caves challenge. Renamed and slightly retextured from Sprouted PD's Flying Protector.
  • HP: 300
  • Damage: 12-20 (no scaling)
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Armor: 0-15
  • Evasion: 25
  • Zaps with Lightning bolts
  • Resistant to Electricity and Lightning
  • XP: 1
  • Drops always a Violet Dew drop.

Crab King Edit

Sprouted Adamantite Armor
Crab King
The Crab King collects protective magical items to protect its children from danger. He is hiding himself in a powerful suit of armor.
  • Beast Boss
  • He is the boss of the Caves challenge.
  • HP: 1,300
  • Damage: 20-50
  • Accuracy: 35
  • Armor: 5-10
  • Evasion: 30
  • Speed: 2
  • Has a weak ranged attack and from the beginning of the fight teleports around the depth.
  • Resistant to the Dark enchantment, Poison and Toxic Gas.
  • XP: 20
  • Drops from 1,900 to 4,000 gold and always the Adamant Armor.

Lightning Shell Edit

Lightning shell
The lightning shell crackles with electric power. Its powerful lightning attack is drawn to all living things in the lair.
  • Mechanical Boss
  • One of the two types of the Crab King's minions. This is only one.
  • HP: 500
  • Damage: Totally dependent on the charges.
  • Accuracy: 100
  • Armor: 0
  • Evasion: 0 (It is also immobile)
  • Attacks against the Hermit Crabs of the depth charge the Shell and then it zaps the hero with Lightning bolts, that deal damage totally dependent on the charges gathered, and give increased (1,5*) damage when the hero is standing on water. It also shocks the hero when he/she hits it in melee range. It is far easier than its Sprouted PD version as neither zapping it wands, shooting it with missile weapons or guns, nor hitting it with melee attacks from behind makes it fight back.
  • Resistant to the Dark Enchantment, Lightning, and Electricity. Immune to Terror and Toxic Gas.
  • XP: 50
  • Drops always a Red Dew drop.

Hermit Crab Edit

Hermit Crab
Minions of the Crab King, these tough crabs absorb all but the weakest attacks with their shells. The damage they absorb is used to charge the lightning shell.
  • Beast Boss
  • One of the two types of the Crab King's minions. It comes in a group of 4.
  • HP: 200
  • Damage: 25-50
  • Evasion: 22
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Zaps with Lightning bolts that deal increased damage (1,5*) to the hero while standing on water. It is highly advised that the hero has the Levitation buff constantly, until the Lightning Shell and all Hermit Crabs are taken down.
  • If it takes damage higher than 25% of its max HP, it adds chages to the Lightning Shell, making it zap lightning bolts with increased damage the more it gets charged.
  • Resistant to Lightning and Electricity.
  • XP: 60
  • Drops always a Golden Skeleton Key that opens one locked crystal chest in the regular dungeon, and has a 33% chance to drop a common berry.

City Challenge Edit

Gold Thief Edit

Gold thief SPS-PD
Gold Thief
Unlike other types of thieves, these only care for one specific thing: shiny, golden money. Be careful about letting them steal from you, as recovering lost gold from the tides of these like-minded thieves will be rather difficult.
  • Elf
  • He is the main enemy of the City challenge. Slightly renamed from Sprouted PD's Crazy Gold Thief.
  • HP: 100 +number of Gold Thieves killed
  • Damage; 20-30 (+number of Gold Thieves killed/2)
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Attack Delay: 0.75 (two attacks every fourth turn)
  • Armor: 14 +(number of Gold Thieves killed+1/10)
  • Evasion: 26
  • Steals and flees
  • XP: 1
  • He does not drop the gold he stole, but can drop randomly 50-100 gold pieces. Drops also Dew and the Ancient Coin (25th killed), a scroll of Sacrifice (50th) and the City Reward Bag (100th).

Vault Protector Edit

Protector SPS-PD
Vault Protector
It is a City Protector.
  • Elemental
  • It is an infrequent enemy of the City challenge. Renamed and slightly retextured from Sprouted PD's Flying Protector.
  • HP: 400
  • Damage: 20-40 (no scaling)
  • Accuracy: 35
  • Armor: 10-20
  • Evasion: 10
  • Zaps with Lightning bolts
  • Resistant to Electricity and Lightning
  • XP: 1
  • Drops always a Violet Dew drop.

The Thief King Edit

The Thief King SPS-PD
The Thief King
Leader of this City, a legendary thief.
  • Elf Boss
  • He is the boss of the City challenge.
  • HP: 2,000
  • Damage: 20-70
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Armor: 6-14
  • Evasion: 28
  • Has a ranged attack and two Life Bandits as minions.
  • Resistant to Electricity and Lightning.
  • XP: 60
  • Drops always an Adamant Ring, a common scroll and from 1,900 to 4,000 gold.

Life Bandit Edit

Life Bandit SPS-PD
Life Bandit
This thief can put bombs on your body.
  • Elf Miniboss
  • He is the minion of the Thief King in depth 40. It comes in a group of 2. Renamed from Sprouted PD's Shadow Bandit.
  • HP: 300
  • Direct damage, Accuracy: 0. It deals all of his damage with his "Countdown" debuff.
  • Armor: 10-20
  • Evasion: 20
  • Speed: 2
  • Has a "Countdown" debuff, which is actually a delayed vampiric attack, that after five turns subtracts 25% of the hero's max HP and heals the Life Bandit.
  • XP: 10
  • Unlike Sprouted PD it doesn't have any chance to drop the Master Thieves' Armband.

Courage Trial Edit

(Black) Wraith Edit

Wraith gif
A wraith is a vengeful spirrit of a sinner, whose grave or tomb was disturbed. Being an ethereal entity, it is very hard to hit with a regular weapon.
  • Undead
  • Space permitting, it spawns in groups of 4 after a tombstone gets broken by the hero. It is one of the two main enemies of the Courage Trial.
  • HP: 32
  • Damage: 1-34
  • Accuracy: 41
  • Armor: 0
  • Evasion: 205
  • Immune to Amok, Burning (not wands of Firebolt), Charm, Dark enchantment, Freezing (not wands of Frost), Paralysis, Sleep, scroll of Psionic Blast, Rooting, Terror, Toxic Gas, Vertigo.
  • Has a ranged attack that causes Vertigo and Terror.
  • XP: 1
  • Without a highly upgraded ring of Accuracy or Sharpshooting equipped, they are very evasive to get hit or shot by the hero, but a single use of the Ankh Shield will stun the 4 wraiths spawned from a grave for enough turns for the huro to take them down easily. Highly upgraded wands of Lighting due to their chain effect can also take down a group of 4 Wraiths of this depth with two zaps.
  • Without a Lucky Badge equipped, it has a 6% chance to drop a scroll of Magical Infusion and a 9% chance to drop a scroll of Upgrade.

Dwarf Lich Edit

Dwarf Lich SPS-PD
Dwarf Lich
A powerful wizzard sacrificed to sustain the undead Dwarf King. The wizzard calls on the power of death to damage opponents.
  • Undead Dwarf
  • In the regular dungeon it is a common emey, but in this depth it spawns rarely.
  • HP: 125-127
  • Damage: 20-32
  • Armor: 5-15
  • Accuracy: 37
  • Evasion: 25
  • Has a ranged Avalanche attack that can also Stun. It also spawns Chaos Wraiths when cornered.
  • Resistant to Poison
  • XP: 14
  • Its chances to drop a potion of Healing or a black berry are both 30%.
  • Has high evasion against physical attacks but not magical attacks, and because of its constant fleeing wand zaps especially from the wand of Firebolt should be prefered against it, or at least shooting it with an upgraded missile weapon or gun.

Wraith Warrior Edit

SproutedPD blue wraith
Wraith Warrior
A wraith warrior has been dispatched to avenge the dungeon.
  • Undead
  • It is one of the two the main enemies of the Courage Trial. Renamed from Sprouted PD's Blue Wraith.
  • HP: 250
  • Damage: 20-90
  • Accuracy: 46
  • Armor: 10-25
  • Evasion: 24
  • Speed: 2
  • It has a ranged attack that causes Vertigo and Terror.
  • XP: 20
  • Drops always a random seed.

Power Trial Edit

Bokoblin Edit

A creature that lives in the Power Trial.
  • Orc
  • It is the Kupua/Gullin of Sprouted PD renamed, but with many differences in it stats, abilities and drops. It is the only enemy of the Power Trial.
  • HP: 520
  • Damage: 50-90
  • Accuracy: 35
  • Attack delay: 1.5 (it will skip a turn every two attacks)
  • Armor: 16-32
  • Evasion: 34
  • Immune to Amok, Demon Blood Gas, Terror and Vertigo debuffs.
  • Bokoblins do the most damage by the Demon Blood that they produce, and not by physical damage. They produce this gas when the damage dealt against them is higher than 12.5% of their max HP, which is rather expected from a hero that has survived to reach their depth. Using the Jump Shoes will be essential for the hero, in order to avoid spending time in the Demon Blood area of effect. An upgraded ring of Haste and a highly upgraded gun / missile weapon / offensive wand can also be used efficiently to attack Bobkoblins while keeping a safe distance from Demon Blood.
  • XP: 22
  • Drops nothing.

Wisdom Trial Edit

Animated Steel Edit

Animated Steel
You would think that it's just another one of this dungeon's ugly steel statues, but its red glowing eyes give it away.

While the statue itself is made of stone, the [enchanted weapon] it's wielding looks real.

  • Mechanical
  • It is one of the two enemies in the Wisdom Trial depth. It uses the sprite of YAPD's Blackguard and is also renamed from Sprouted PD's Animated Statue.
  • Mechanical
  • HP: 477
  • Damage: that of its equipped weapon
  • Accuracy: 42 * Accuracy of its equipped weapon
  • Armor: 0-33
  • Evasion: 70
  • It has always an upgraded (up to +3 but usually not more, with rare exceptions of +4 level) enchanted weapon equipped, and as a consquence it can cause a variety of debuffs.
  • Resistant to the Dark Enchantment, Poison, and Toxic Gas.
  • XP: 18
  • Drops always its equipped weapon.

Wisdom Protector Edit

SproutedPD flying protector
Wisdom Protector
Protector of the Wisdom Trial.
  • Elemental
  • It is one of the two enemies in the Wisdom Trial depth. It uses the sprite of Sprouted PD's very similar Flying Protector but is renamed.
  • HP: 182
  • Damage: 20-30
  • Accuracy: 42
  • Armor: 0-33
  • Evasion: 37
  • Zaps with Lightning bolts.
  • Resistant to Electricity and Lightning
  • XP: 5
  • Drops nothing
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