Exotic alchemy is the branch of alchemy involving crafting exotic variants of standard potions and scrolls. Such exotic consumables possess different powers and have different uses than their regular counterparts, or are a direct upgrade.

Turning potions or scrolls into these foreign items can be done by mixing any potion or scroll with 2 seeds or runestones, respectively; the process does not use up alchemical energy. Alternatively, using a scroll of transmutation or the Recycle spell allows Hero to switch the state of selected item back and forth at will.

Potions Edit

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Alchemy Guidebook Page
Exotic Potions
Potions can be augmented with two seeds to create exotic potions. They have more powerful effects, but are often useful in different ways.
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Exotic Potion
This round flask contains a grainy colorful liquid. It seems to be foreign to this land, who knows what it might do when drunk or thrown?

If a scroll of transmutation is used on a potion, it will transform into its respective exotic potion, and vice versa. However, exotic potions cannot be converted back into their regular variants via alchemy.

Adrenaline Surge Edit

Potion of Adrenaline Surge
This powerful liquid will give you a greater boost of strength that withers after an extended period of time.

Applies adrenaline surge to the Hero increasing their strength by 2 points for 400 turns and then by 1 for 800 turns.

Unlike a potion of strength this does NOT provide a permanent stat boost.

Shielding Edit

Potion of Shielding
Rather than heal, this potion will instead project a durable shield around the user's body, blocking a considerable amount of damage.

Gives the Hero 10 + 0.6 * max HP shielding, which decreases by 1 every turn. The shielding is granted immediately, but the amount of shielding is equal to just about 75% of a potion of healing.

Magical Sight Edit

Potion-Magical Sight
Potion of Magical Sight
After drinking this, your senses will be briefly heightened to incredible levels, allowing you to see through walls!

Applies 50 turns of magical sight. It allows the Hero to see through walls and other obstacles within 8 tiles.

Snap Freeze Edit

Potion-Snap Freeze
Potion of Snap Freeze
The chemical contained in this potion will rapidly react with the air, instantly freezing and rooting all within its effect.

Freezes any character in 3x3 area for 5 to 7 turns (25 to 38 turns if the character is standing in water) and roots for 10 turns. Does not leave a chilling blob on affected tiles, unlike a potion of frost.

Dragon's Breath Edit

Potion-Dragon's Breath
Potion of Dragon's Breath
This flask contains an unusual compound which bursts into flame shortly after mixing with saliva. Quickly spitting the liquid will allow the user to spew flame from their mouth!

Allows the Hero to shoot a fire cone (akin to the wand of fireblast) with a 6 tile reach.

Corrosive Gas Edit

Potion-Corrosive Gas
Potion of Corrosive Gas
Uncorking or shattering this pressurized glass will cause its contents to explode into a deadly cloud of corrosive rust-colored gas. The gas is less concentrated however, and will not last for very long.

Creates 200 units of corrosive gas. While it creates much less gas than a potion of toxic gas (in terms of volume), damage dealt by corrosive gas increases over time and inorganic enemies are not immune to the effect.

Stamina Edit

Potion of Stamina
Drinking this oddly sweet liquid will imbue you with a long-lasting boost of energy, allowing you to run at a quickened pace for an extended period of time.

Applies 100 turns of stamina, increasing Hero's movement speed by 50%. The buff is much weaker than the one applied by potion of haste, but it also lasts significantly longer.

Shrouding Fog Edit

Potion of Shrouding Fog
When exposed to air, the liquid in this flask will produce a thick smoky fog which completely blocks vision.

Creates 1000 units of smoke blob which completely blocks vision.

  • This cannot be used to get past piranhas, as they are completely immune to blobs.

Storm Clouds Edit

Potion-Storm Clouds
Potion of Storm Clouds
Throwing this potion will create a cloud of concentrated vapor, which will condense and pour down onto the environment. Most terrain will be converted to water, and traps will be overwhelmed and break.

Creates 1000 units of storm clouds blob. The cloud covers any floor tile it reaches with water and safely deactivates any active trap.

Earthen Armor Edit

Potion-Earthen Armor
Potion of Earthen Armor
Rather than paralyze, this liquid has a hardening effect on the skin which will turn it into temporary natural armor.

Applie barkskin to Hero, blocking up to 2 + level/3 damage. This amount decreases by 1 every 50 turns.

Cleansing Edit

Potion of Cleansing
This powerful reagent will completely neutralize all harmful effects on the drinker when quaffed. It can be thrown at a target to cleanse them as well.

Removes most negative effects from Hero/target. When used by the Hero, it also fully restores hunger. Unlike its counterpart, this does not provide any lasting protection.

Holy Furor Edit

Potion of Holy Furor
The power of holy energy reduced to liquid form, this draught will bless you for an extended period of time.

Applies 100 turns of blessing, increasing Hero's accuracy and evasion by 20%.

Scrolls Edit

See also: Shattered PD - Scrolls
Alchemy Guidebook Page
Exotic Scrolls
Exotic scrolls can be made with two runestones and a scroll. They're a bit stronger than exotic potions, but stones are also harder to come by.
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Exotic Scroll
A glowing indecipherable magical rune is written on this black parchment. It seems to be foreign to this land, who knows what it will do when read aloud?

Affection Edit

Scroll of Affection
Reading this scroll will emit an alluring laugh which charms all who hear it.

Applies 20 turns of Charm to all characters within Hero's FOV.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of lullaby

Anti-magic Edit

Scroll of Anti-magic
The incantation on this scroll will surround you with a magical aura that temporarily blocks all magical effects, harmful or helpful.

For 20 turns, nullifies all damage from:

Magical Attacks Traps Buffs*
  • Gnoll Shaman
  • Dwarf Warlock
  • Evil Eye
  • Burning Fist
  • Disintegration trap
  • Grim trap
  • Weakness
  • Charm

However, while the buff is active, the hero is unable to use scrolls and wands, and enchantments and glyphs will be temporarily nullified.

It's worth noting that this means that curses will be rendered powerless for the duration of the buff, allowing you to unequip cursed items while it is active.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of remove curse

Confusion Edit

Scroll of Confusion
When read aloud, this scroll will unleash confusing magic on all targets in sight, blinding and disorienting them.

Applies 10 turns of vertigo and blindness to all enemies within Hero's FOV. Unlike the scroll of rage this doesn't alert all enemies to Hero's position.

Divination Edit

Scroll of Divination
This scroll will permanently identify four random item types. The types identified can be a potion's color, a scroll's rune, or a ring's gem. The items identified won't necessarily be ones you're carrying.

Reveals a combination of 4 items, between ring types, potion colors, or scroll inscriptions.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of identify

Enchantment Edit

Scroll of Enchantment
This scroll will infuse a weapon or armor with powerful magical energy. The reader even has some degree of control over which magic is imbued.

After you've selected the weapon/armor to enchant, it will give you THREE choices of enchantments: 1 common, 1 uncommon, and 1 random. You can also cancel the scroll, but canceling the scroll will consume it, as you've effectively chosen "no enchantment".

This scroll is very useful alongside Magical Infusion spells, which remove the risk factor of losing the enchantment while upgrading (thus wasting the scroll of enchantment).

This scroll does not upgrade your item!

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of upgrade

Foresight Edit

Scroll of Foresight
When this scroll is read, the detail of nearby terrain will be constantly fed to the reader's mind in crystal clarity. For the duration of this effect, searching will not be necessary, as the reader will automatically detect everything within an enhanced search radius.

Applies 600 turns Foresight to the Hero. The buff increaes search radius by 1 and automatically detects any secrets in the radius.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of magic mapping

Mystical Energy Edit

Scroll-Mystical Energy
Scroll of Mystical Energy
The raw magical power bound up in this parchment will, when released, charge a user's equipped artifacts over time.

Applies 30 truns of Artifact Recharging to the Hero.

This restores:

  • 15 energy to Alchemist's Toolkit
  • 7.5 charges to Cloak of Shadows
  • 7.5% to Dried Rose
  • 15 charges to Ethereal Chains
  • 7.5 charges to Horn of Plenty
  • 300 charges to Master Thieve's Armband
  • 120% to Talisman of Foresight
  • 7.5 charges to Timekeeper's Hourglass
  • 3 charges to Unstable spellbook

For Sandals of Nature the amount of charges restored depends on Hero's current health. Chalice of Blood has no charges, but Artifact Recharging will instead restore (30 + 6 x depth) health to the Hero if he has it equipped. This effect can be extremly powerful with the right artifacts equipped.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of recharging

Passage Edit

Scroll of Passage
The spell on this parchment instantly transports the reader to the nearest region entrance above them. Very handy for quickly getting to a shop.

Teleports Hero to entrance of the first floor of the area Hero is located in, nearby a merchant.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of teleportation

Petrification Edit

Scroll of Petrification
A flash of red light will overwhelm all creatures in your field of view with such great terror that they will be frozen on the spot.

Applies 10 turns of Paralysis to all enemies within Heroe's FOV. If the Hero has Mind Vision, all characters on the same floor will be affected.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of terror

Polymorph Edit

Scroll of Polymorph
This scroll contains powerful transmutation magic. When invoked, all enemies in the reader's sight will be transformed into magical sheep!

The transformation is permanent, eliminating all enemies affected. Powerful enemies will resist the effect though, and any items affected enemies were carrying are lost.

Transform all enemies within Heroe's FOV into magical sheeps exept bosses and minibosses. If the Hero has Mind Vision, all characters on the same floor will be affected. However, any items carried by transformed enemies will be lost and you will be awarded only half the experience for dealing with enemies that way.

Prismatic Image Edit

Scroll-Prismatic Image
Scroll of Prismatic Image
The incantation on this scroll will create a colorful illusory twin of the reader. This prismatic image acts as a weaker clone of the reader, with similar defence but lower hp and damage.

The prismatic image will show itself when enemies are present, and will attempt to defend the reader.

If a prismatic image already exists, using this scroll will fully heal it.

  • Regular counterpart: scroll of mirror image

Psionic Blast Edit

Scroll-Psionic Blast
Scroll of Psionic Blast
This scroll contains incredible destructive energy that can be channeled to destroy the minds of all visible creatures.

There is significant feedback however, and the reader will also be damaged, blinded, and weakened. The more targets the scroll hits, the less self-damage will be taken.

All characters within Hero's FOV will take damage equal to their current health. If the Hero has Mind Vision, all characters on the same floor will be affected. The Hero will take damage equal to it's maximum health multiplied by a factor depending on number of enemies affected.

Damage factor mased on number of enemies hit (n)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 n
0.5 0.45 0.41 0.36 0.33 0.30 0.27 0.24 0.22 0.19 0.5*0.9n

The hero will be also blinded for 10 turns and weakend for 100 turns like afrer reading Scroll of Retribution

  • Regular counterpart: Scroll of Retribution

History Edit

Version Change
0.7.0 Added: Added exotic scrolls

Changed: Scroll of Enchantment and Scroll of Psionic Blast are now exotic scrolls and can only be obtained via Alchemy

0.7.2 Changed: Scroll of Passage now removes Time Bubble
0.7.4 Changed: Scrolls of Confusion, Petrification and Polymorph no longer target allies
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