Modified Badges
Shattered Pixel Dungeon adds a few new badges, and modifies the obtaining criteria for some of the pre-existing ones from original Pixel Dungeon.

General changes Edit

Removed badges Edit

  • "Ring of Thorns obtained" and "Ring of Haggler obtained";
    • These rings are effectively removed from the game in their original form.
  • "All rare monsters slain" badge removed;
  • "15 monsters killed at nighttime" badge removed;
    • The gameplay is no longer different at night; the nighttime mechanic was reused for a darkness depth feeling.
  • "Supporter" badge removed
    • Main screen's icon for donating still changes from gold to the badge's icon, though. The badge itself is not required to fill 100% of badge slots anymore.

Changed badges Edit

  • "Challenge won" badge icon now used for the "6 Challenges beaten" badge
  • Because of the addition of 3 new "All [type of item] identified" badges, the "All items identified" superbadge was changed to include them;
  • "Death by glyph" badge was changed to "Death by deferred damage";
    • This is the only remaining glyph that can deal damage to the player, as multiplicity was reworked into a curse and potential was changed to no longer damage the hero.
  • All identification-based badges are now tied to the item catalogue listing most item types, and the progress persists between runs;
    • Obtaining a badge in respective category however now requires fully Identifying each type of item at least once, and the last missing item does not get identified automatically.
  • "7-hit combo" badge was turned to "10-hit combo", and the requirement for this badge was changed to reflect this change;
    • This was due to Gladiator rework, which made it easier to stack combo.
  • "Item of level 3/6/9/12 acquired" badge does not work on artifacts, as they're upgraded in alternative ways;
  • "10/100/500/2000 games played" badge was changed to "10/50/250/1000 games played"
  • "Death from fire, poison, toxic gas & hunger" badge was changed to "Death from fire, poison, toxic gas, hunger, glyph and falling" and now requires the 2 missing death types badges to be unlocked.

New badges Edit

  • All weapons identified
  • All armors identified
  • All artifacts identified
  • Unlocked the Mage
  • Unlocked the Huntress
    • Class and badge unlocked by defeating 20 enemies with the help of thrown weapons in a single run
  • Unlocked the Rogue
    • Class and badge unlocked by dealing 20 surprise attacks in a single run.
  • 1 Challenge beaten
  • 3 Challenges beaten
    • Win the game with any 3 challenges active at once
  • 6 Challenges beaten
    • Win the game with any 6 challenges active at once

Badge list Edit

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