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Note: Any repeated icons are not placeholders; this is how they appear in-game.

Effects or durations of most buffs don't stack when re-applied, preferring to reset them to starting values most of the time.


Effects that are beneficial to their target. Most of the time they directly or indirectly help the Hero or their allies, but non-harmful or neutral effects are also included in this list.


A surge of physical power, adrenaline enhanced both attack and movement speed.

Adrenaline allows its target to run at 2x speed, and attack at 1.5x speed.

Turns remaining: 10

A unique buff, in that it cannot be applied to the Hero, as the only way of obtaining it is throwing Adrenaline Darts at the target. The intended use for them is to increase the battle power of any allies you might have; the Sad Ghost, Golden Bee, corrupted enemies, Prismatic Image, Mirror Image etc.

A single dart will grant 10 turns of the effect.

Adrenaline Surge

Adrenaline Surge
A surge of great might, but sadly not permanent.

Strength boost: +2

Turns until boost weakens: 800

The main source of this buff is the exotic version of potion of strength - potion of adrenaline surge. The potion will grant extra 2 points of strength for 800 turns; when that wears off, another 800 turns will be granted, but the strength boost will weaken to just 1 extra point of strength. After that buff ends, nothing more is granted to the player and the strength is lost permanently; this makes the potion one of the more situationally useful items with high risk and reward. If used correctly, it may let you equip stronger items until you secure their high strength requirement with more potions.

Additionally, Warden will receive 200 turns of 1 extra point of strength when stepping on a Rotberry plant, in addition to getting the seed back.


See also: Berserker
The severity of the berserker's injuries strengthen his blows. As the berserker takes physical damage, his rage will build, granting him bonus damage. Damage which is blocked by armor still counts towards building rage.

Rage will fade over time. The lower the berserker's health, the longer it will last.

If the berserker is brought to 0 hp while at full rage, and is wearing his seal, he will go berserk and refuse to die for a short time.

Current Rage: X%

+Y% damage

Arcane Armor

Arcane Armor
A thin shield is surrounding you, blocking some of the damage from magical attacks.

Your magical armor is currently boosted by: 0-X.

Turns until arcane armor weakens:

Artifact Recharge

Shattered-Artifact recharging
Artifact Recharging
Energy is coursing through you, increasing the rate your equipped artifacts charge.

Each artifact is affected a little differently, but they will all be less limited by their charge meter.

Aquatic Healing

Aquatic Healing
You have temporarily gained restorative properties similar to that of Goo.

While standing in water, you will recover a small amount of health per turn. The effect is paused when you are at full health or are out of water.

Healing left:

Effect gained by drinking a potion of aquatic rejuvenation.

Total amount of healing obtained is equal to roughly Hero's max HP * 1.5.


Your skin is hardened, it feels rough and solid like bark.

The hardened skin increases your effective armor, allowing you to better defend against physical attack.

Your armor is currently increased by:

Turns until barkskin weakens:


A durable bubble of force which blocks all damage.

The barrier will take damage for whatever it is protecting so long as there is shielding left. The shielding will also decay at a rate of 1 per turn.

Shielding remaining:


See also: Berserker
At the brink of death, fear and uncertainty bleed away, leaving only anger. In this state of near-death the berserker is extremely powerful dealing +50% damage, gaining bonus shielding, and refusing to die.

This bonus shielding is stronger the better the berserker's armor, and will deplete over time. When this shielding is reduced to 0, the berserker will give in and die.

Any form of healing will return the berserker to stability, but he will be exhausted. While exhausted, the berserker will need to gain experience before being able to build rage again.


A great burst of focus, some say it is inspired by the gods.

Blessing significantly increases accuracy and evasion, making the blessed much more effective in combat.

Turns of bless remaining:

Blob Immunity/Purification Barrier

Purification Barrier
Some strange force is encasing you in a thin protective barrier, blocking out all harmful airborne effects.

You are immune to all area-bound effects while this barrier lasts.

Turns of immunity remaining: 20

This buff will render you temporarily immune to most gases and other tile effects, such as fire, frigid air, fields of electricity, all gases, webs and wand of regrowth zaps etc. If one of those effects started affecting you however, the potion will not remove the harmful effect immediately.

A potion of purity will grant 20 turns of this effect.


See also: Gladiator
The gladiator builds momentum as they land successful blows. Each attack increases the combo counter by one, but taking too long between attacks or missing twice in a row will reset the combo counter to 0.

Building combo unlocks special finisher abilities: powerful attacks that cannot miss! A different finisher is available at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 combo count, and using a finisher will reset your combo.

  • At 2 combo, Clobber becomes available:
Clobber is currently available. This attack knocks an enemy back and dazes them, but deals reduced damage. It's excellent for buying a little time during a fight.
  • At 4 combo, Cleave becomes available:
Cleave is currently available. This attack deals increased damage, and if it kills an enemy, it will preserve combo instead of resetting it. It's great for building combo when fighting multiple enemies.
  • At 6 combo, Clobber becomes available:
Slam is currently available. This attack deals increased damage and shields you based on the blocking power of your armor. It's great for finishing a fight, letting you carry over endurance to the next one.
  • At 8 combo, Crush becomes available:
Crush is currently available. This devastating attack deals massive damage very consistently. It's great for taking down a powerful opponent from high health!
  • At 10 combo, Fury becomes available:
Fury is currently available. This devastating attack hits as many times as your current combo count, albeit at reduced damage. Fury is great if you have a weapon enchant, as the enchant will activate on each hit!

For the individual effects and informations, please refer to Gladiator.


A magical force is making it difficult to stay awake.

The hero can resist drowsiness by taking damage or by being at full health.

After a few turns, the target will fall into a deep magical sleep.

After 3 to 6 turns, all non-immune targets in Hero's sight (including the Hero themselves) will fall into Magical Sleep. Entities under this effect will not wake up automatically when something enters their line of sight.

If the Hero is not affected by any source of damage, they will fall asleep, and if they will not be interrupted further, they will regenerate to full HP and wake up automatically. While this effect usually is a buff to the player, it is worth noting that it can also be harmful at the wrong time, as falling asleep leaves the Hero vulnerable to attacks.

Fire Imbue

Imbued With Fire
You are imbued with the power of fire!

All physical attacks will have a chance to light enemies ablaze. Additionally, you are completely immune to the effects of fire.

Turns of fire imbue remaining: 50


This paragraph is about the effect of Scroll of Foresight. For the effect of Talisman of Foresight, see Artifacts.

Your senses are heightened, allowing you to immediately notice anything out of place.

While under the effect of foresight your search radius is increased, and anything that enters your search radius is immediately discovered.

Turns of foresight remaining: 600

Frost Imbue

Imbued With Frost
You are imbued with icy power!

All physical attacks will steadily stack chill on enemies. Additionally, you are completely immune to the cold.

Turns of frost imbue remaining: 50


Energy courses through your muscles, allowing you to run at incredible speeds!

While under the effects of haste you will run at 3x speed, but will perform all other actions at normal speed.

Turns of haste remaining:

Haste triples your current movement speed, stacking with other sources of this effect, including but not limited to glyphs of Swiftness or Flow, Ring of Haste, Stamina, Freerunner's Momentum etc.

A potion of haste grants 20 turns of this effect.


A magical remedy is causing wounds to close and flesh to knit.

Every turn health will steadily regenerate until the healing effect expires. The amount of healing may fade over time.

Next heal:

Healing remaining:


You can feel your stomach calling out for food, but it's not too urgent yet.

Hunger slowly increases as you spend time in the dungeon, eventually you will begin to starve. While starving you will slowly lose health instead of regenerating it.

Rationing is important! If you have health to spare starving isn't a bad idea if it means there will be more food later. Effective rationing can make food last a lot longer!


You are completely blended into the surrounding terrain, making you impossible to see.

While you are invisible enemies are unable to attack or follow you. Physical attacks and magical effects (such as scrolls and wands) will immediately cancel invisibility.

Turns of invisibility remaining:

Invisibility hides you from enemies for the duration of the effect, and turns your next attack into a surprise attack, as long as it is dealt before the duration ends. Effect is immediately dispelled upon attacking or using scrolls and wands (including non-offensive ones, or ones used with no enemies in sight).

This effect can be granted by frozen carpaccio, Cloak of Shadows and potion of invisibility.

A potion of invisibility grants 20 turns of this effect.


Even in the Darkest Dungeon, a steady light at your side is always comforting.

Light helps keep darkness at bay, allowing you to see a reasonable distance despite the environment.

Turns of illumination remaining: 300

This buff originating from lit torches temporarily returns the size of your field of view back to normal, after having it reduced by floors of darkness or Demon Halls.

A single torch will give 300 turns of illumination. Effects do not stack, and lighting another torch will only reset the duration back to 300.


A magical force is levitating you over the ground, making you feel weightless.

While levitating you ignore all ground-based effects. Traps won't trigger, water won't put out fire, plants won't be trampled, roots will miss you, and you will hover right over pits. Be careful, as all these things can come into effect the second the levitation ends!

Turns of levitation remaining:

A potion of levitation grants 20 turns of this effect.

Locked Floor

Shattered-Locked floor
Locked Floor
The current floor is locked, and you are unable to leave it!

While a floor is locked, you will not gain hunger or take damage from starving. In addition, if you do not work towards defeating this floor's boss, passive regeneration effects will also stop.

Additionally, if you are revived by an unblessed ankh while the floor is locked, then it will reset.

Kill this floor's boss to break the lock.

This buff is only activated when a boss fight was engaged.

Magical Sight

Magical Sight
Somehow you are able to see with your mind, rather than your eyes.

All terrain or effects which reduce or block vision are broken while magical sight is active.

Turns of magical sight remaining: 50

A potion of magical sight grants 50 turns of this effect.

Magical Sleep

Shattered-Magical sleep
Magical Sleep
This character has fallen into a deep magical sleep which they will not wake from naturally.

Magical sleep is similar to regular sleep, except that only damage will cause the target to wake up.

For the hero, magical sleep has some restorative properties, allowing them to rapidly heal while resting.

Magic Immune

Shattered-Magic immunity
Magic Immunity
All magical effects have lost their hold on you, you are completely impervious to them.

While magic immune all harmful and helpful magical effects will not apply to you, including curses, enchants, wands, scrolls, etc.

Turns of magic immunity remaining: 20

Magic Immunity is exclusive to Scroll of Anti-magic, the exotic version of Scroll of Remove Curse. The scroll grants the user 20 turns of the effect. In this time:

  • No magic damage will be applied, and effects of magical origin will temporarily stop affecting the Hero;
  • Enchantments, Glyphs and Curses will cease working (allowing Hero to unequip cursed items in this time);
  • Scrolls and wands (including the Mage's Staff) will become temporarily unusable

The high amount of magic-related hazards makes this a particularly useful buff (and, by extent, Scroll) to have in later stages, as it has a lot of uses as a "safety switch", making tough situations easier to manage.

Max Health Boost

Max Health Boost
Your body feels unnaturally strong and healthy.

Your maximum health is boosted for an extended period of time. As you gain levels, the boost will steadily fade.

Current boost amount:

Levels remaining: 5

This buff is provided exclusively by the elixir of might, and the amount of health boost depends on your maximum health (and thus indirectly by Hero's experience level).

Due to the way experience system works, it may be a good idea to brew an elixir of might late in the game, because while the level cap is equal to 30 levels, in practice the highest level Hero can achieve by killing enemies alone is 26. Thus, drinking said elixir at this point will make the buff last effectively forever, though it will still weaken if potions of experience are drunk or starfruits are eaten.

Mind Vision

Mind Vision
Somehow you are able to see all creatures on this floor through your mind. It's a weird feeling.

All characters on this floor are visible to you as long as you have mind vision. Seeing a creature through mind vision counts as it being seen or nearby for the purposes of many magical effects.

Turns of mind vision remaining:


See also: Freerunner
As he moves, the freerunner builds momentum, increasing his speed and ability to dodge.

The speed bonus is based purely on momentum, however the bonus to dodge is also affected by armor.

The freerunner will gain additional dodge from momentum for each excess point of strength he has over the requirements of his armor.

Current momentum power:


See also: Assassin
The Assassin is waiting patiently, preparing to strike from the shadows.

Prismatic Guard

Shattered-Prismatic guard
Prismatic Guard
You are being guarded by a prismatic image which is currently inactive. When enemies are present the prismatic image will spring to action and protect you!

While inactive, the prismatic image will steadily recover from any damage it has taken.

Current HP: X/X

An unique buff provided by the Scroll of Prismatic Image, the exotic version of Scroll of Mirror Image. It will cause a Prismatic Guard to spawn when an enemy is within view. When the threat is gone, the ally will be reduced back to its buff form.

As the description mentions, the Guard will regenerate HP when no enemy is nearby, at the speed of 1 HP per 10 turns, regardless of whether the Hero is starving or not.


Energy is coursing through you, improving the rate that your wands and staffs charge.

Each turn this buff will increase current charge by one quarter, in addition to regular recharge.

Turns of recharging remaining:


You are blended into the shadows around you, granting you invisibility and slowing your metabolism.

While you are invisible enemies are unable to attack or follow you. Most physical attacks and magical effects (such as scrolls and wands) will immediately cancel invisibility. Additionally, while shadowmelded, your rate of hunger is slowed.

You will remain shadowmelded until you leave the shadows or an enemy comes into contact with you.

This effect is functionally similar to Invisibility, but is restricted to Garden rooms. It also decreases your field of view to only the nearest tile, but unlike blindness it does not prevent from reading scrolls or books.

Sniper's Mark

See also: Sniper
Sniper's Mark
The Sniper is honed in on the target she most recently attacked. She is able to perform a special attack with her bow which will vary based on how the bow is augmented.

An unaugmented bow will fire a snapshot, which deals reduced damage but does not take any time to fire.

A bow augmented for speed will fire a volley of three arrows. Each arrow will deal reduced damage, but can still activate enchantment. This volley takes 1 turn to shoot.

A bow augmented for damage will fire a sniper shot. This shot is guaranteed to hit, deals bonus damage based on distance from the target, and takes 2 turns to fire.

Soul Mark

See also: Warlock
Soul Marked
The warlock has tapped into the soul of this creature. He will heal and satisfy his hunger as it takes physical damage.

Turns of soul mark remaining:


You have unending stamina, allowing for faster movement!

While under the effects of stamina you will run at +50% speed, but will perform all other actions at normal speed.

Turns of stamina remaining: 100

Effect provided by drinking the exotic variant of potion of haste - potion of stamina. It grants 100 turns of less potent speed boost, but for a 5 times longer duration.

Time Bubble

Time Bubble
You are in a small bubble of accelerated time, allowing you to perform actions instantly. Attacking or using magic will break this effect however.

Turns remaining:

Toxic Imbue

Imbued with Toxicity
You are imbued with poisonous energy!

As you move around toxic gas will constantly billow forth from you, damaging your enemies. You are immune to toxic gas and poison for the duration of the effect.

Turns of toxic imbue remaining: 50

Well Fed

Shattered-Well fed
Well Fed
You feel quite satisfied and full.

While well fed, your hunger will not increase, and you will heal an additional amount of health over time.

Turns remaining: 450

A special effect obtained by eating a Meat Pie. Fully restores hunger, prevents it from increasing for the next 450 turns and boosts natural regeneration rate, healing 25 HP in total over the duration of the buff.


Effects that are harmful to whoever happens to be their victim. They may directly injure the target or make it more vulnerable to others' attacks.


Amok causes a state of great rage and confusion in its target.

When a creature is amoked, they will attack whatever is near them, whether they be friend or foe.

Turns of amok remaining:

Amok enemies will actually prioritize hitting their allies over their enemies and in addition will not attempt to avoid hazards. This means that they will walk into chasms if there is a chasm between it and its target.


That wound is leaking a worrisome amount of blood.

Bleeding causes damage every turn. Each turn the damage decreases by a random amount, until the bleeding eventually stops.

Current bleed damage:


Blinding turns the surrounding world into a dark haze.

While blinded, a character can't see more than one tile infront of themselves, rendering ranged attacks useless and making it very easy to lose track of distant enemies. Additionally, a blinded hero is unable to read scrolls or books.

Turns of blindness remaining:


Few things are more distressing than being engulfed in flames.

Fire will deal damage every turn until it is put out by water or it expires. Fire can be extinquished by stepping into water, or from the splash of a shattering potion.

Additionally, the fire may ignite flammable terrain or items that it comes into contact with.

Turns of burning remaining:

Caustic Ooze

Caustic Ooze
This sticky acid clings to flesh, slowly melting it away.

Ooze will deal consistent damage over time, but can be immediately washed off in water.

Turns of ooze remaining:

Caustic ooze will deal constant damage every turn until it is washed away, or until the target waits through a maximum of 20 turns. The debuff can be detached by standing in water for a full turn, or by throwing a potion (preferrably non-harmful one) on the target.

Sources include: Rotting Fist, Fetid Rat, Caustic Brew, Rot Darts, Battlemage's corrosion-imbued staff.


A charm is manipulative magic that can make enemies temporarily adore eachother.

Characters affected by charm are unable to directly attack the enemy they are charmed by. Attacking other targets is still possible however. The shock of pain will lessen the duration of charm.

Turns of charm remaining:

While a charmed Hero may not attack the enemy it was charmed by with melee attacks, they can still deal damage and kill them by other means, such as using thrown weapons, wands or consumable items.


Not quite frozen, but still much too cold.

Chilled targets perform all actions more slowly, depending on how many turns are left in the effect. At its worst, this is equivalent to being slowed.

Turns of chill remaining:

Speed is reduced by:


Powerful acid melts away flesh, metal, and bone at an alarming rate.

Corrosion damage increases over time, as the target continues to melt away.

Turns of corrosion remaining:

Current corrosion damage:


Corruption seeps into the essence of a being, twisting them against their former nature.

Corrupted creatures will attack their allies, and ignore their former enemies. Corruption is damaging as well, and will slowly cause its target to succumb.

Corruption is permanent, its effects only end in death.


You're pretty sure legs aren't meant to bend that way.

Crippled halves movement speed, making moving a tile usually take two turns instead of one.

Turns of cripple remaining:

Deferred Damage

See also: Glyph of Viscosity


It's hard to keep going when it seems like the universe wants you dead.

Doomed characters will receive double damage from all sources.

Doom is permanent, its effects only end in death.

A special-case buff, it can only be applied to bosses and minibosses.


Not to be confused with freezing solid, this more benign freezing simply encases the target in ice.

Freezing acts similarly to paralysis, making it impossible for the target to act. Unlike paralysis, freezing is immediately cancelled if the target takes damage, as the ice will shatter.

Turns of freeze remaining:


Oftentimes the worst thing to do is nothing at all.

Paralysis completely halts all actions, forcing the target to wait until the effect wears off. The pain from taking damage can cause characters to resist paralysis, breaking them out of the effect.

Turns of paralysis remaining:


Poison works its way through the body, slowly impairing its internal functioning.

Poison deals damage each turn proportional to how long until it expires.

Turns of poison remaining:


See also: Berserker
Inner strength has its limits. The berserker must rest before using his rage again.

While recovering the berserker does not build any rage from taking damage.

Levels until recovered: X


Roots (magical or natural) grab at the feet, forcing them down to the ground.

Roots lock a target in place, making it impossible for them to move, but other actions are not affected.

Turns of root remaining:

Roots prevent the target from moving. For the Hero, attempting to move under duration of this effect will trigger a screenshake visual effect and cancel the action without a turn penalty.

Sources of this debuff: Wand of Regrowth, stepping in Cave Spinners' webs, very rare cursed wand effect - forest fire.

The effect can be broken by drinking a potion of levitation.


Slowing magic affects the target's rate of time, to them everything is moving super-fast.

A slowed character performs all actions in twice the amount of time they would normally take.

Turns of slow remaining:


You're so hungry it hurts.

Hunger slowly increases as you spend time in the dungeon, eventually you will begin to starve. While starving you will slowly lose health instead of regenerating it.

Rationing is important! If you have health to spare starving isn't a bad idea if it means there will be more food later. Effective rationing can make food last a lot longer!

Starving will periodically deal 1 point of damage until enough satiation is restored to reach the "Hungry" state again. The debuff will damage the Hero more often at higher experience levels (and thus at higher maximum HP) in order to remain a relatively relevant threat for the whole game.


Terror is manipulative magic which forces its target into an uncontrollable panic.

Terrified characters are forced to run away from their opponent, trying to put as many doors and walls between them as possible. The shock of pain will lessen the duration of terror, however.

Turns of terror remaining:


Walking in a straight line can be difficult when the whole world is spinning.

While under the effects of vertigo, characters who attempt to move will go in a random direction, instead of the one they intended to go in.

Turns of vertigo remaining:


Everything suddenly seems much heavier.

Weakening magic reduces a character's physical strength. The hero will lose 2 points of effective strength, while enemies will deal reduced damage.

Turns of weakness remaining:


  • The capitalisation in the phrase "Darkest Dungeon" in illuminated buff description is a reference to the Darkest Dungeon, a gothic roguelike turn-based RPG.
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