Shattered Pixel Dungeon retains the same classes as the original vanilla Pixel Dungeon, but many of the classes have received balance overhauls, some minor, and some major. This page contains the new or modified traits unique to the classes in Shattered PD. For the rest of the information about certain classes, it may still be beneficial to also view the corresponding "Hero/ine" page to see the traits of each class being carried over from Pixel Dungeon.

Contrary to Vanilla, all classes except for Warrior are locked initially, each one having a different unlock requirement. Additionally, all classes now automatically identify the scroll of identify, in addition to one type of potion and one type of scroll, which are specific for each class.

Warrior Edit

The only hero unlocked by default, the Warrior is focused around armor and general survivability. He starts with a Potion Bandolier and 3 throwing stones - a tier-1 thrown weapon. He no longer starts with an extra point of strength, and he now doesn't receive a disadvantage to using thrown weapons.

While Warrior can no longer reforge his shortsword (now a worn shortsword), he now starts with a Broken Seal that can be affixed to armor.

Broken Seal
Broken Seal
A wax seal, affixed to armor as a symbol of valor. All the markings on the seal have worn off with age and it is broken in half down the middle.

A memento from his home, the seal helps the warrior persevere. While wearing the seal the warrior will slowly generate shielding on top of his health based on the quality of his armor.

The seal can be affixed to armor, and moved between armors. It can carry a single upgrade with it.

The Seal gives shielding, based directly on the level and tier of the armor it is affixed to (as in a +1 tier-2 armor will cause the Broken Seal to grant a maximum of 3 shielding). The seal generates 1 point of shield every 30 turns. It can transfer a single upgrade, so it is highly recommended that the Warrior's first scroll of upgrade is used on the cloth armor. The Broken Seal can only be affixed to identified armor, and that armor cannot be cursed when affixing the Broken Seal; however, it will still work if the armor becomes cursed while it is attached.

Warrior now automatically identifies the scroll of rage and potion of healing, rather than the potion of strength.

Gladiator Edit

Instead of getting bonus damage with combos, Gladiator now gets combo finishers, which normally use up combo to deal a guaranteed-hit attack with special effects. This combo is always lost if the Gladiator misses twice in a row, but the Gladiator now always has four turns to hit the target before losing his Combo, barring the aforementioned missing. If the Gladiator misses and does not lose his combo from that, the four turns is reset. He can gain combo via using thrown weapons, and using items will not remove the combo unless the timer runs out.

Finisher Move Combo Damage Multiplier Damage Rolls Additional effects
Clobber 2 60% 1 Knocks back enemy one space, and inflicts 1-4 turns of Vertigo to it.
Cleave 4 150% 1 If this kills the enemy, Combo is increased by one, and the user now has ten turns until the combo is lost, rather than four.
Slam 6 160% 1 Gladiator gains shielding equal to half of the damage dealt.
Crush 8 250% 4 None.
Fury 10 60% Combo Every single damage roll is applied to the target.

Berserker Edit

The Berserker has been completely reworked, now gaining Rage as he takes damage. Rage gained is based off of the damage that would be dealt before armor is applied, so having a high-level plate armor will help the Berserker build his Rage. He loses Rage over time, but having lower health will cause it to decrease much slower. Having 100% Rage or higher will cause the Berserker to deal 50% bonus damage, and lower amounts of Rage will multiply this boost by their percentage (i.e. 90% Rage will deal 90% of 50% bonus damage).

If at 100% Rage when killed, the Berserker will temporarily refuse death and go Berserk, causing him to gain 10 times his regular maximum shielding amount, determined by his Broken Seal while giving all of his attacks 50% bonus damage. This shielding will decrease by 10% per turn while the Berserker is Berserking, and when the Berserker runs out of shielding, he will die. If the Berserker is healed by any means while Berserking, he will stop Berserking and lose all of his shielding. The Berserker will have to recover after Berserking, and will be unable to gain Rage until he gains the equivalent of two levels in experience. Something to note is that Berserking outprioritizes Blessed Ankhs, sharply limiting the Blessed Anhk's synergy with the subclass. Also, the Berserker cannot Heroic Leap while Berserking.

Mage Edit

Mage is the class focused around arcane magic and wands, unlocked by using 2 scrolls of upgrade in a single run. He starts with a Scroll Holder and a unique Staff as their initial melee weapon, replacing the knuckleduster. He also can no longer equip wands as melee weapons. The mage is able to partially identify any wand upon use, which tells the player its upgrade level and max charges; current charges remain unknown until fully identified.

Staff of Magic Missile
Crafted by the mage himself, this staff is a unique magical weapon.

Rather than having innate magical power in it, this staff is instead imbued with magical energy from a wand.

The staff can be imbued with the powers of any identified wand the Mage has in his possession, which provides the Mage's Staff with the magical bolts of the imbued wand. When imbued, the staff will emit particles at the end that align with the wand that is imbued, and will grant the wand one extra charge. Imbuing a wand of the same or greater level than the staff transfers the upgrade; a +3 wand imbued on a +2 staff results in a +3 staff. If both the wand and the staff are of the same level, then the resulting staff level is increased by 1. The only exception to this rule is imbuing a +0 wand into a +0 staff, which results in a +0 staff. In order to imbue any wand, you need to identify it and remove any existing curses it may have.

However, while this lets the Mage focus upgrades on his staff, allowing flexibility by indirectly applying those charges to wands found later in the dungeon, the wand that is imbued will be destroyed in the process. Also, the staff is treated as a tier-1 melee weapon with poor base stats (1-8 damage), making it a poor solution for a majority of the Mage's damage.

Mage automatically identifies potions of liquid flame and scrolls of upgrade.

Battlemage Edit

Imbuing wands into their staff will add special effects to its melee properties (often imitating the enchantments on weapons). Battlemage also still gains charges into their staff via melee attacks; every 3 melee attacks using the staff will restore 1 charge. Since the staff is classified as a melee weapon, it can be enchanted by a scroll of enchantment or a stone of enchantment, allowing for up to 2 effects to proc on each hit.

Imbue Melee Effect Proc Chance
Blast Wave Elastic Enchantment
Corrosion Inflict Caustic Ooze on target level+1level+3
Corruption Inflict Amok on target for 2(level+4) turns See Blast Wave
Disintegration Projecting Enchantment --
Fireblast Blazing Enchantment
Frost Chilling Enchantment
Lightning Shocking Enchantment
Magic Missile Apply Recharging buff to user for ½(level+1) turns.
Prismatic Light Cripple target for level+1 turns 100%
Regrowth Blooming Enchantment
Transfusion Next zap will not deplete user's health level+1level+10

Warlock Edit

Instead of automatically consuming a soul for hunger and HP by killing an enemy, the Warlock will need to soul mark a target by zapping it with a wand or staff.

Soul Marked
The warlock has tapped into the soul of this creature. He will heal and satisfy his hunger as it takes physical damage.

Attacking marked enemies will restore the Warlock's hunger and health by 50% and 40% of the damage inflicted, respectively. When a marked character takes melee damage from a source that is not the warlock, the warlock is instead healed and satiated for 16% and 20% of the damage inflicted, respectively. This can stack, but the game will only indicate the initial soul mark.

Inflicting Soul Mark*
Level Chance Duration Level Chance Duration Level Chance Duration
+0 10% 10 turns +7 57% 17 turns +14 79% 24 turns
+1 19% 11 turns +8 61% 18 turns +15 81% 25 turns
+2 27% 12 turns +9 65% 19 turns +16 83% 26 turns
+3 34% 13 turns +10 69% 20 turns +17 85% 27 turns
+4 41% 14 turns +11 72% 21 turns +18 87% 28 turns
+5 47% 15 turns +12 75% 22 turns +19 88% 29 turns
+6 52% 16 turns +13 77% 23 turns +20 89% 30 turns

*Percentage data rounded to the nearest integer

Rogue Edit

Rogue is a class focused on stealth and planning your attacks, unlocked by dealing 20 surprise attacks in a single run. He now starts with the Cloak of Shadows instead of a ring of shadows (which has been removed from the game), 3 throwing knives and a Velvet Pouch. He no longer has boosted satiety, and his runs will now spawn on average an extra 3 secret rooms. Additionally, Rogue's passive and active search radius was increased from 1 to 2, letting him inspect a 5x5 area around him instead of the original 3x3.

Rogue automatically identifies potion of invisibility and scroll of magic mapping.

Assassin Edit

Assassin no longer gets direct bonus damage from surprise attacks, instead "preparing an attack" while invisible. This Preparation gives him bonus damage, increasing based on how long the Assassin was invisible for. In addition, given enough time to Prepare, he will be able to teleport (or blink) to the target in order to attack*. Additional bonus damage will be awarded for prior damage on the target, and multiple damage rolls will be made, with the highest one being used. With maximum Preparation, the attack will instantly kill all non-bosses.

Turns Spent Invisible Base Damage Bonus Rolls Wounded Enemy Bonus Damage Additional Effects
1 10% 1 0% None
3 20% 1 0% Blink distance: 1
6 30% 2 0% Blink distance: 3
11 40% 2 60% Blink distance: 5
16 50% 3 100% Instantly kills non-boss enemies; Blink distance: 7

Freerunner Edit

The Freerunner no longer gets instantaneous speed and evasion boosts while moving, instead gaining Momentum while moving (+10% per tile moved), and losing it rapidly (-10% per turn) when not moving.

As he moves, the freerunner builds momentum, increasing his speed and ability to dodge.

The speed bonus is based purely on momentum, however the bonus to dodge is also affected by armor.

The freerunner will gain additional dodge from momentum for each excess point of strength he has over the requirements of his armor.

At 100% Momentum, the Freerunner gets +33% movement speed and 8 bonus evasion, along with an additional 2 points of evasion per point of excess strength for his armor. When not at full momentum, these boosts are multiplied by the momentum that the Freerunner has at the moment, so a Freerunner with 90% Momentum will get 90% of the boosted amount.

Huntress Edit

The Huntress is a class focusing on ranged attacks, thrown weapons and area control. The Huntress no longer starts with 15 HP, now having 20 HP like other classes. She also starts with a Velvet Pouch. The class is unlocked by defeating 20 enemies with the help of thrown weapons in a single run; a kill is counted when the enemy was hit at least once by a missile weapon before dying from any source.

The boomerang in its original form has been replaced by the Spirit Bow, which cannot be upgraded with scrolls of upgrade. Instead, its damage scales with the Huntress's current experience level, gaining an upgrade every five levels (thus peaking at +6 at level 30). The bow cannot be equipped, but instead has an unlimited supply of arrows, giving the huntress a constant ranged option throughout all playthroughs. Like the boomerang, the bow can be enchanted; however, due to the way the bow upgrades, it will never lose its enchantment unless it's manually overwritten.

One Huntress' similarity to her vanilla counterpart is her ability to see enemies that are 2 tiles away, even if they would normally be hidden by a wall.

The Huntress's thrown weapons have +50% durability, and she will furrow grass instead of trampling it. When furrowing tall grass, it will the grass will still block vision, but will not drop additional dew or seeds.

Additionally, Huntress automatically identifies potion of mind vision and scroll of lullaby.

Sniper Edit

The Sniper gains +50% vision range, and her thrown weapons and bow will ignore armor as long as their targets are not adjacent to her. After using a thrown weapon (other than the Bow itself), she will be able to use a special move corresponding to her bow's augment.

The sniper benefits greatly from rings of haste, as they allow her to keep enemies at range, where she is the most effective.

Augment Special Move General Usage Tips Notable Synergies
None Snapshot: Fire an arrow that does 66.7% of its regular damage. This attack uses 0 turns to execute. This is best used beside an alternate, reliable source of thrown weapons, especially darts from a crossbow or thrown weapons enhanced by a Ring of Sharpshooting.
  • Crossbow
  • Ring of sharpshooting
  • Ring of furor
  • Shurikens
  • Blooming
Speed Volley: Fire three arrows in quick succession. Each arrow does half their usual damage, but can proc their enchantments every time. Volley takes 1 turn to use. A speed-augmented bow always grants the maximum DPS possible between the three augments, so it is still viable to use by itself if neccessary.

Volley is best when it surprise attacks, so shurikens and wands of prismatic light and corruption. In addition, because it can proc its enchantment up to three times per volley, many enchantments are very powerful with this augment (notable ones are listed to the right).

  • Blazing
  • Chilling
  • Elastic
  • Unstable
  • Vampiric
  • Blooming

Thrown weapons:

  • Shurikens


  • Wand of corruption
  • Wand of prismatic light
  • Ring of haste
  • Ring of accuracy
Damage Sniper Shot: Fire an arrow that deals 0.1(10+distance)x damage and cannot miss. This takes 2 turns.
  • Do not quickslot a damage-augmented bow.
  • Before deciding to go this route, make sure that you have a distancing method synergy and a missile weapon synergy. Without these synergies, a damage augmented bow will quickly become a liability.
  • The idea is to deal massive damage with the missile weapon and then finish the enemy with sniper shot. Thus, the missile weapon that is used to trigger this should be heavily upgraded.
  • When pulled off properly, enemies should die in one combo (missile weapon -> sniper), and bosses will die in three or four.

Missile weapons:

  • Tomahawks
  • Tridents
  • Boomerang
  • Kunai


  • Ethereal Chains
  • Timekeeper's Hourglass
  • Ring of haste
  • Bolas


  • Ring of sharpshooting


  • Grim
  • Kinetic
  • Shocking

Warden Edit

The Warden gains the ability to see through grass, and her tipped darts have doubled durability. When she plants a seed, furrowed grass will erupt all around her, resulting in an effect much like using the rogue's cloak of shadows.

Warden-exclusive trample effects
Plant Effect
Furrowed Grass Grants level+5 barkskin that degrades by 1 every turn.
Blindweed 10 turns of invisibility. Repeated uses of blindweed will add their new invisiblity duration to the current, so if you have 4 turns of invisibility left, you will now be invisible for 14 turns.
Dreamfoil In addition to regular effect, grants 10 turns of blob immunity that can stack.
Earthroot Instead of regular effect, gives (depth+5)2 barkskin that degrades over intervals of 5 turns.
Fadeleaf Warps Huntress to the exit of the depth above.
Firebloom In addition to regular effect, gives 15 turns of fire imbue, granting immunity to fire and causing attacks to apply burning with a 50% chance each.
Icecap Grants 15 turns of frost imbue in addition to its regular instant freeze in a 3x3 area, giving the hero immunities to chill and freezing and causing attacks to each stack 2 turns of chilling onto targets, slowing them down.
Rotberry Grants 200 turns of adreneline surge, boosting the hero's strength by 1. Rotberry is incredibly useful due to its trait of dropping itself after you trample it, giving the warden easy access to furrowed grass while also keeping her strength 1 point higher than it would be otherwise.
Sungrass Grants healing instead of herbal healing; this heals 1 HP per turn for as many turns as you have total HP. For example, a 20 health hero will get 20 turns of 1 hp healing.
Sorrowmoss Grants 15 turns of toxic imbue, giving the hero immunities to poison and toxic gas while also causing the hero to produce toxic gas. It is very important to note that the toxic gas will still be there AFTER the effect wears off, so make sure to scram to keep the toxic gas from killing you.
Starflower In addition to standard effects, grants 20 turns of recharging (which cannot stack past 20). This trait alone makes the wand of regrowth have a very powerful synergy with the warden, as a single starflower will give many charges to the wand, allowing it to be zapped much more often, giving even easier access to warden effects and grass.
Stormvine Grants 10 turns of levitation instead of inflicting vertigo.
Swifthistle In addition to granting 5 turns of time bubble, grants 5 turns of haste, allowing easy kiting of enemies.
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