Scroll of Identify Edit

Shattered-Scroll identify2
Scroll of Identify
This scroll permanently reveals all of the secrets of a single item.

Scroll of Lullaby Edit

Shattered-Scroll lullaby
Scroll of Lullaby
Reading this scroll emits a soothing melody which will lull all who hear it into a deep magical sleep. For the reader and their allies the sleep is restorative.

Affects all mobs in sight with Drowsiness, which will make them fall into Magical Sleep in 3 to 6 turns. The effect can be resisted if any damage is taken

Scroll of Magic Mapping Edit

Shattered-Scroll magic mapping
Scroll of Magic Mapping
When this scroll is read, an image of crystal clarity will be etched into your memory, alerting you to the precise layout of the level and revealing all hidden secrets. The locations of items and creatures will remain unknown.

Scroll of Mirror Image Edit

Shattered-Scroll mirror image
Scroll of Mirror Image
The incantation on this scroll will create two illusory twins of the reader. These mirror images act as weaker clones of the reader, and will chase down their enemies. They have no durability however, and will fade upon taking damage.

Scroll of Rage Edit

Shattered-Scroll rage
Scroll of Rage
When read aloud, this scroll will unleash a great roar that draws all enemies to the reader, and enrages nearby ones.

Scroll of Recharging Edit

Shattered-Scroll recharging
Scroll of Recharging
The raw magical power bound up in this parchment will, when released, charge up all the users wands over time.

Scroll of Remove Curse Edit

Shattered-Scroll remove curse
Scroll of Remove Curse
The incantation on this scroll will instantly strip any curses from a single weapon, ring, wand, armor, or artifact.

Scroll of Retribution Edit

Shattered-Scroll retribution
Scroll of Retribution
This scroll contains destructive energy wich channels the reader's suffering outward into a blast of power. The weaker the reader is, the more damage they will deal. At very low health this scroll can kill most enemies instantly.

Using the scroll takes a toll on the user however, blinding and weakening them.

Scroll of Teleportation Edit

Shattered-Scroll teleportation
Scroll of Teleportation
The spell on this parchment instantly transports the reader to a different location on the dungeon level. The scroll prioritizes areas the reader hasn't been to before, through it is not able to teleport past locked doors or barricades. It can, however, reveal hidden doors that lead to new areas.

Teleports the user to a random location on the floor. Does not work on boss floors (depths 5, 10, 15, 20, 25) and floor 26. If a previously undiscovered tile in any non-locked place is present on the floor (indicated by black fog of war), the Hero will first be teleported into it. If a hidden room is still undiscovered, the scroll will put the Hero at the secret door location.

Scroll of Terror Edit

Shattered-Scroll terror
Scroll of Terror
A flash of red light will overwhelm all creatures in your field of view with terror, and they will turn and flee. Attacking a fleeing enemy will shorten the effect.

This scroll will inflict all enemies in sight with the Terror debuff for 20 turns, making them attempt to escape as far away from the Hero as possible.

Scroll of Transmutation Edit

Shattered-Scroll transmutation
Scroll of Transmutation
This scroll contains powerful transmutation magic. When used on an eligible item it will transform it into a different item of the same type. The magic will even preserve upgrades, enchantments, and glyphs.

Scroll of Upgrade Edit

Shattered-Scroll upgrade
Scroll of Upgrade
This scroll will upgrade a single item, improving its quality. A wand will increase in power and number of charges, weapons and armor will deal and block more damage, and the effects of rings will intensify.

This scroll is even able to mitigate or sometimes totally dispel curse effects, though it is not as potent as a scroll of remove curse.

The magic of the scroll may also interfere with and erase enchantments on weapons and glyphs on armor. The chance for this begins when upgrading from +4, and will be guaranteed at +8 or higher.

  • Strength requirement for armors, weapons and thrown weapons is reduced by 1 extra point on each of the following thresholds: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15.
    • Strength requirement will also be lowered by an extra 6th point at the upgrade level of +21, which is a multi-step process, achievable only with rings and Mage's Staff.
  • Wands will gain an extra charge with each upgrade until they get 10 maximum charges
    • Different wands have different starting max charge values.
  • Thrown weapons will triple in their durability with each upgrade, and upon reaching 100 durability will become effectively indestructible.
  • Upgrades have a 33% chance to remove curses.
  • For the chance to remove enchantments and glyphs, see Shattered PD Enchantments.
  • As this scroll is a progression item alongside potions of strength, it cannot be destroyed with fire.
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