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Potion Probability
Strength* 0 0 %
Healing 45/151 29.8 %
Mind Vision 20/151 13.25 %
Toxic Gas 15/151 9.93 %
Liquid Flame 15/151 9.93 %
Purity 12/151 7.95 %
Paralytic Gas 10/151 6.62 %
Levitation 10/151 6.62 %
Invisibility 10/151 6.62 %
Frost 10/151 6.62 %
Experience 4/151 2.65 %
Might 0 0 %


Raises the Hero's strength by 1 point. This is a progression item, and as such cannot be shattered by Frost. There will always be 2 of these in every floorset or chapter, one somewhere on the first two floors of the area, and another one somewhere on the next two floors.


Regenerates Hero's HP over the course of several next turns, gradually

Mind Vision

Allows the Hero to see up to 2 tiles through walls and all enemies on the current depth.

Toxic Gas

Releases a cloud of toxic gas, which damages most enemies in the area of effect.

Liquid Flame

Sets a 3x3 tiles area in flames, and burns all enemies, terrain or flammable items in range.


See also: Purification barrier (buff)

Paralytic Gas




Creates a frigid air cloud in the 3x3 tiles area that freezes over some items and can chill or freeze enemies.


Instantly raises the Hero's level by 1. If the Hero is level 30, will instead Bless the Hero.



Main article: Shattered Pixel Dungeon Scrolls
Scroll Probability
Upgrade* 0 0 %
Identify 5/22 22.73 %
Remove Curse 5/33 15.15 %
Recharging 5/44 11.36 %
Magic Mapping 5/44 11.36 %
Rage 1/11 9.09 %
Teleportation 5/66 7.58 %
Mirror Image 5/66 7.58 %
Terror 2/33 6.06 %
Lullaby 2/33 6.06 %
Psionic Blast 1/33 3.03 %
Magical Infusion 0 0 %



Remove Curse

Reading this scroll will allow you to completely remove curses from a selected item.

Magic Mapping




Mirror Image



Psionic Blast



Stones, or runestones are a new type of consumable items in Shattered Pixel Dungeon.

"Runestones are a companion item to scrolls, just like how seeds are a companion to potions. They have similar effects, and are generally less powerful, but more plentiful. Similarities with seeds begin to end there though, as they are found and used in different ways."
~Excerpt from Shattered Pixel blog post "Coming Soon to Shattered: Runestones!"

Their use and functions vary drastically, usually paralleling the function or idea of the corresponding scroll in a different way. Unlike seeds, they can't be planted on ground, nor is the Hero able to craft scrolls using 3 stones.

They can be created by imbuing a scroll's magic at an Alchemy Pot with no extra energy cost, or found in selected special rooms (with an extra special case for stone of intuition and stone of enchantment)). Combining a scroll with 2 random stones results in an exotic version of the selected scroll. They can also be used to create catalysts, used as ingredients for further recipes.

The stones will be stored in the Velvet Pouch, if one is available.


Shattered-Affection stone
Stone of Affection
When this stone is thrown on or next to an enemy they will be temporarily charmed, and will attempt to target your allies instead of you.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Terror, yielding 3 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Shattered-Aggression stone
Stone of Aggression
When this stone is thrown at an ally or enemy, all nearby enemies will be forced to attack that character for a short time.

When used on enemies, the magic will only last for a few moments, but when used on yourself or allies it will last significantly longer. Powerful enemies will resist the effect as well.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Rage, yielding 3 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Stone of Augmentation
This runestone possesses potent magic which can augment equipment to enhance one property at the cost of another.

Using on a weapon will allow you to enhance either speed or damage.

Using on armor will allow you to enhance either defense or evasion.

Augmenting a weapon for damage will multiply its unmodified damage roll by 1.5 while reducing its attack speed by slightly more than 40%. Augmenting speed will increase the weapon's attack speed by just under 50%, but will also impose a 30% penalty on its unmodified damage roll.

Augmenting armor will either raise or lower its effective tier by 1, adding +0/±2 to its base damage reduction and adding +0/±1 to its scaling, while either raising or lowering the Hero's evasion by the corresponding amount in the table. Augmenting defense will raise the armor's effective tier by 1 but reduce evasion, while augmenting evasion will raise evasion but reduce the effective tier by 1.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Transmutation, yielding 2 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot. This stone can be bought at any shop.

Amount of evasion gained/lost by augmenting armor (depending on the armor level)
+0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18 +19
3 4 6 7 9 10 12 13 15 16 18 19 21 22 24 25 27 28 30 31


Shattered-Blast stone
Stone of Blast
This runestone will instantly explode at the location it is thrown to. Just like a bomb, the explosion will deal damage to anything nearby.

Essentially a bomb with no fuse, this runestone can be used to injure several enemies in a 3x3 area, dealing regular depth + 5 to 10 + (depth * 2) damage, and destroying unupgraded or non-unique items and flammable tiles in the process. This stone can be used to instantly deal damage to enemies while in time bubble from Swiftness plant or Timekeeper's Hourglass time freeze.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Retribution, yielding 2 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Shattered-Blink stone
Stone of Blink
This runestone will teleport the user to the location it is thrown to.

Essentially a single-use Wand of Blink with unlimited range and no requirement to have the target location within line of sight. This is the only method of teleporation that works on boss floors, making it a really powerful repositioning tool, as these floors are usually big, open-space areas. The stone will even work if the area it is thrown to has not been previously discovered.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Teleportation, yielding 2 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Shattered-Clairvoyance stone
Stone of Clairvoyance
This stone will instantly reveal all tiles in a very wide area around where it is thrown. Its effect will even reach through walls.

This runestone will search the whole area in an enormous 12-tile radius, revealing any traps and hidden doors it encounters.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Magic Mapping, yielding 3 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.

Deepened Sleep

Shattered-Deepened sleep stone
Stone of Deepened Sleep
When this stone is thrown near a sleeping enemy, it will magically deepen their sleep. Magically slept enemies will sleep forever until disturbed.

Affects nearby sleeping enemies with a Magical Sleep debuff, preventing them from ever waking up unless attacked.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Lullaby, yielding 3 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Shattered-Disarming stone
Stone of Disarming
This runestone holds magic that can disable malicious traps hidden throughout the dungeon. It will disarm up to 9 traps around the area it is thrown at.

Turns up to 9 traps within the area of effect into their disabled variant. Can disable infinite-use traps, such as gripping trap or flashing trap. The traps within the range of effect do not have to be discovered in order to be disarmed.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Remove Curse, yielding 2 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Shattered-Enchantment stone
Stone of Enchantment
This runestone possesses enchanting magic. Unlike a scroll of upgrade, it will not increase the direct power of an item, but will instead imbue a weapon or armor with an enchantment, granting it a new power.

Adds a random glyph or enchantment to selected weapon or armor.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Upgrade, yielding 2 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot. There is a guaranteed stone of enchantment to be found somewhere on floors 6-19, with the exception of depths 10 and 15 - boss floors.


Shattered-Flock stone
Stone of Flock
This runestone summons magical sheep for a short time around the location it is thrown to.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Mirror Image, yielding 3 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


Shattered-Intuition stone
Stone of Intuition
This runestone holds a weaker version of the magic found in scrolls of identification. Rather than directly identifying an item, it will work on your intuition, allowing you to attempt to identify a potion or scroll by guessing.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Identify, yielding 3 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot. There is a guaranteed stone of intuition to be found somewhere on floors 1-3.


Shattered-Shock stone
Stone of Shock
This runestone unleashes a blast of electrical energy which briefly stuns all nearby targets, and grants the thrower wand charge for each target hit.

Paralyses enemies around the area it was thrown to for 1 turn, and recharges wands in backpack.

This stone corresponds to the Scroll of Recharging, yielding 2 stones when imbuing into an Alchemy Pot.


See also: Food in Alchemy

Mystery Meat

Frozen Carpaccio

Chargrilled Meat

Stewed Meat

Small Ration



Meat Pie


Main article: Plants



A crystal clear dewdrop.

Due to the magic of this place, pure water has minor restorative properties.

Dewdrop occasionally drops from tall grass tiles, spawns upon stepping on the Dewcatcher or defeating Evil Eyes.

When picked up, the game will attempt to store it inside a Dew Vial. If it is unavailable or full, it regenerates 5% of Hero's max HP instead.  It cannot be picked up when HP is full.


A fairly hefty black powder bomb. An explosion from this would certainly do damage to anything nearby.

Upon lighting & throwing, bomb will explode in 2 turns, dealing depth + 5 to 10 + (depth * 2) damage. Additionally, all flammable tiles will turn to embers, and unupgraded and non-unique items will be destroyed.

The bomb will bounce on a random nearby tile if it's thrown directly at an enemy, and will explode instantly if it catches on fire. The bomb can be safely picked up before it explodes, and will be extinguished if it gets chilled.

Bombs can be found in some special rooms and bought in Shops, also in stacks of 2 for the price of 1. Bombs can be used for Alchemy, for the specific recipes see Alchemy/Bombs.



This large honeypot is only really lined with honey, instead it houses a giant bee! These sorts of massive bees usually stay in their hives, perhaps the pot is some sort of specialized trapper's cage? The bee seems pretty content inside the pot with its honey, and buzzes at you warily when you look at it.
Golden bee
Golden Bee
Despite their small size, golden bees tend to protect their home fiercely. This one is very mad, better keep your distance.

Instead of protecting the player, the golden bee will now protect the remains of the shattered pot, attacking whatever is closest to it. If a character, such as the Crazy Thief is holding the shattered pot, the bee will attack that character.

Shattered Honeypot
Shattered Honeypot
The pot has been shattered, only the sticky honey that lines its walls is holding it together, and it is slowly coming apart.

Despite its broken state, the bee still seems to want to protect the pot.


Merchant's Beacon

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