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Potions are single-use consumable items that provide various effects, usually temporary effects. There are 12 potions in the game, and each one has an exotic counterpart. Like scrolls, besides for various improvements to their mechanics and balance changes, they remain similar in theme.

  • Potion of might was removed from the game
    • A similar - but also slightly stronger, yet temporary - effect can now be achieved with an elixir of might, obtainable through alchemy.
  • Potion of haste was added
  • There is now a constant number of potions of strength in any given run: 10, up from original's 8 to 9.

Potion of Experience Edit

Potion of Experience
The storied experiences of multitudes of battles reduced to liquid form, this draught will instantly raise your experience level.

Raises Hero's experience level by 1, improving their chances in combat.

Enhanced stats:

  • Max and current HP increased by 5;
  • Accuracy and evasion both increased by 1.
  • Additionally, all calculations & formulas, such as those for allies or blob clouds will use the new Hero level and stats.

Enemies can only award EXP up to a certain point, determined individually for each enemy; because of that, the maximum level one can achieve just by killing monsters alone is 26, by defeating scorpios and acidic scorpios. Potion of experience and starfruit are the only items allowing to bypass the soft cap and eventually reach level 30, the maximum EXP level in Shattered PD.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of holy furor.

Potion of Frost Edit

Potion of Frost
The chemical contained in this potion will evaporate into a freezing cloud upon exposure to open air.

When drank or thrown, it will spawn a cloud of frigid air in a 3x3 area, chilling everything inside. If a target stands inside the cloud for too long or is over a water tile, they may end up getting frozen. If the Hero is frozen, there's also a chance that mystery meat or random potions in their inventory will freeze over or shatter, respectively.

Frigid air can:

  • Defuse ignited bombs and make them safe to pick up
  • Shatter potions laying on the ground (with the exception of potion of strength)
  • Turn mystery meat into frozen carpaccio
  • Deal damage to enemies with a fiery property, such as the fire elemental.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of snap freeze.

Potion of Haste Edit

Potion of Haste
Drinking this oddly sweet liquid will imbue you with tremendous energy for a short time, allowing you to run at high speeds.

Gives a haste buff, which temporarily triples Hero movement speed. This effect can stack with other sources of speed, including but not limited to glyphs of swiftness or flow, ring of haste, potion of stamina, Freerunner's momentum etc.

A single potion grants 20 turns of this effect. The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of stamina.

Potion of Healing Edit

Potion of Healing
This elixir will rapidly restore your health and instantly cure many ailments.

Restores Hero's HP to full over the course of the next couple of turns. The healing effect will be the most potent right after drinking, and slowly weaken over time.

Additionally, removes the following debuffs:

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of shielding.

Potion of Invisibility Edit

See also: Invisibility
Potion of Invisibility
Drinking this potion will render you temporarily invisible. While invisible, enemies will be unable to see you. Attacking an enemy, as well as using a wand or a scroll before enemy's eyes, will dispel the effect.

Invisibility hides you from enemies for the duration of the effect, and turns your next attack into a surprise attack, as long as it is dealt before the duration ends. Effect is immediately dispelled upon attacking or using scrolls and wands (including non-offensive ones, or ones used with no enemies in sight).

A single potion grants 20 turns of this effect. The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of shrouding fog.

Potion of Levitation Edit

Potion of Levitation
Drinking this curious liquid will cause you to hover in the air, able to drift effortlessly over traps and pits. Throwing this potion will create a cloud of unrefined gas, disorienting anything caught in it.

Lets the user float above terrain for the next 20 turns. While levitating:

  • Plants and tall grass will not be trampled,
  • Ground-based effects will cease to work; that includes:
    • Washing off fire or caustic ooze in water
    • Glyph of flow speed boost
    • Ground-based traps, such as gripping traps
  • Hero will not fall down chasms or trigger any traps.

Warning: when levitating, the game will still attempt to autopath the Hero to the designated tile using the shortest path available, which can lead to falling down a chasm if the potion effect wears off.

Throwing the potion will create a cloud of confusing gas, which applies the vertigo debuff to anything inside.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of storm clouds.

Potion of Liquid Flame Edit

Potion-Liquid Flame
Potion of Liquid Flame
This flask contains an unstable compound which will burst violently into flame upon exposure to open air.

Sets a 3x3 area ablaze, applying burning debuff to targets and spreading fire over adjacent flammable tiles. The debuff will be removed automatically over time, by standing on a water tile or by shattering any potion over Hero tile. If the Hero had been burning for several turns straight, there is a chance that scrolls (except the scroll of upgrade) will burn up or mystery meat will turn into chargrilled meat, respectively.

Fire can:

  • Burn flammable tiles: doors, barricades, trampled grass, tall grass, furrowed grass, plants.
  • Burn most scrolls and turn mystery meat into chargrilled meat
  • Make bombs on the ground explode instantly
  • Evaporate dew drops
  • Instantly kill rotberry heart, providing no rotberry seed drop and rendering the quest reward locked.

1 potion of liquid flame is guaranteed to appear per any barricade room or a secret runestone room spawned on a floor.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of dragon's breath.

Potion of Mind Vision Edit

See also: Mind Vision
Potion-mind vision(s)
Potion of Mind Vision
After drinking this, your mind will become attuned to the psychic signature of distant creatures, enabling you to sense biological presences through walls. Also this potion will permit you to see through nearby walls and doors.

Allows the Hero to see up to 2 tiles through walls and displays the position of all enemies on the current depth, revealing a 3x3 area around them.

Effects depending on having enemies in sight will work as if the monsters were encountered within normal field of view; scroll of psionic blast will deal less damage to the hero, most special Hero armor (with the armor kit applied) functions will work as intended.

A single potion grants 20 turns of this effect. The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of magical sight.

Potion of Paralytic Gas Edit

Potion-Paralytic Gas
Potion of Paralytic Gas
Upon exposure to open air, the liquid in this flask will vaporize into a numbing yellow haze. Anyone who inhales the cloud will be paralyzed instantly, unable to move for some time after the cloud dissipates. This item can be thrown at distant enemies to catch them within the effect of the gas.

When drank or thrown, this potion will emit a cloud of paralysing gas, temporarily preventing targets from taking any action and stopping their animation. Paralysed targets will not move, attack or track the player, and any attacks against them will count as surprise attacks. When enough damage was taken, the pain can "snap you out of paralysis" and give control over the body back.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of earthen armor.

Potion of Purity Edit

Potion of Purity
This magical reagent will quickly neutralize all harmful effects in a large area. Drinking it will give you temporary immunity to such effects.

When shattered, removes all ground or airborne effects in a 5x5 / 7x7 (to verify) area.

When drank, grants 20 turns of immunity to such effects.

List of blobs affected by the potion:

  • Blizzard (gas)
  • Confusion gas
  • Corrosive gas
  • Electricity sparks
  • Fire
  • Frigid vapors
  • Inferno (gas)
  • Paralytic gas
  • Stench gas
  • Toxic gas

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of cleansing.

Potion of Strength Edit

Potion of Strength
This powerful liquid will course through your muscles, permanently increasing your strength by one point.

One of the progression items. Permanently raises Hero strength stat by 1 point, bringing them closer to the strength requirement for most higher-tier items.

  • Only a maximum of 10 potions of strength can be obtained per run, 2 in each chapter
    • Of those 2, one will be found in either the 1st or 2nd floor, and the second one in either 3rd or 4th floor of the area.
  • As this potion is a progression item alongside scrolls of upgrade, it cannot be destroyed with frost.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of adrenaline surge.

Potion of Toxic Gas Edit

Potion-Toxic Gas
Potion of Toxic Gas
Uncorking or shattering this pressurized glass will cause its contents to explode into a deadly cloud of toxic green gas. You might choose to fling this potion at distant enemies instead of uncorking it by hand.

When drank or thrown, this potion will emit a cloud of toxic gas, which will deal damage over time to all targets within the range. The damage dealt per turn scales with depth and is equal to 1 + depth/5.

The exotic variant of this potion is the potion of corrosive gas.

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