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The Sad Ghost has a few new baddies that it may want the Hero to avenge for it. Along with the fetid rat (which has been graphically reworked), Heroes can now be pitted against the cunning gnoll trickster, or the hardy great crab. All of these minibosses have mechanisms which emphasize using the environment to your advantage; a change made in hope of helping new players get a feel for that.

Additionally, the Dried Rose quest has been removed, as the Dried Rose item itself has been turned into an artifact, and the curse personification quest has not been added from the original Pixel Dungeon.

Uniquely to the NPC sidequests, the miniboss that your Hero fights depends on which depth the Sad Ghost appears:

  • Depth 2 - Fetid rat
  • Depth 3 - Gnoll trickster
  • Depth 4 - Great crab

Fetid rat Edit

Fetid rat
Something is clearly wrong with this rat. Its greasy black fur and rotting skin are very different from the healthy rats you've seen previously. Its blood red eyes make it seem especially menacing.

The rat carries a cloud of horrible stench with it, it's overpoweringly strong up close.

Dark ooze dribbles from the rat's mouth, it eats through the floor but seems to dissolve in water.

HP Armor Accuracy Evasion Damage EXP EXP Cap Properties
20 2 12 5 1 - 4 4 5 Miniboss, Demonic

Compared to a marsupial rat, the fetid rat has 12 more points of health, 1 more point of armor, 4 more points of accuracy, and grants 3 more experience on death.

  • Surrounded by a cloud of fetid stench, which can paralyze.
  • Its bites have a 25% chance to inflict with the caustic ooze debuff.
  • Considered by the game to be Demonic, making it take bonus damage from the Wand of Prismatic Light.
    • This makes it the first Demonic enemy the player can encounter.

To defeat the rat, stand diagonally to the rat while fighting it and step away from it every few turns in order to keep out of the paralytic gas. Step in water to wash the caustic ooze away.

Alternatively, you can drink a potion of purity to temporarily become immune to the gas and fight the rat while standing in water.

Gnoll trickster Edit

Gnoll Trickster
A strange looking creature, even by gnoll standards. It hunches forward with a wicked grin, almost cradling the satchel hanging over its shoulder. Its eyes are wide with a strange mix of fear and excitement.

There is a large collection of poorly made darts in its satchel, they all seem to be tipped with various harmful substances.

HP Armor Accuracy Evasion Ranged damage EXP EXP Cap Properties
20 2 16 5 1 - 6* 5 8 Miniboss

The gnoll trickster shoots different types of darts including regular, poison, and finally incendiary darts. These are based on pre-0.6.3 darts.

It can be lured into melee range by going around corners, or through doors. Unlike most enemies, gnoll trickster will not attack when cornered and in melee distance, even if there is no other way to act. Upon defeat, it can drop half a stack of any missile weapon, except for darts.

While this enemy can be slain using ranged weapons like wands and projectiles, it is not recommended unless the wand or ranged weapon is reasonably powerful. This is because the gnoll trickster will shoot at you while you are attempting to attack it, and its attacks get more dangerous as they land, going from regular darts to poison darts to incendiary darts.

Blinding it using a Wand of Prismatic Light or blindweed can also be a good strategy, for it won't be able to throw darts at you if it can't see you.

Great crab Edit

Giant Crab
This crab is gigantic, even compared to other sewer crabs. Its blue shell is covered in cracks and barnacles, showing great age. It lumbers around slowly, barely keeping balance with its massive claw.

While the crab only has one claw, its size easily compensates. The crab holds the claw in front of itself whenever it sees a threat, shielding itself behind an impenetrable wall of carapace.

HP Armor Accuracy Evasion Damage EXP EXP Cap Properties
25 4 12 0* 1 - 7 6 9 Miniboss
  • The giant crab moves one tile every other turn, but this does not impact its detection speed or attack speed in any way.
  • It blocks all attacks that would be not surprise attacks, including magic attacks that don't surprise it.
    • The great crab can only block attacks from one source at a time; using an ally to help will allow one to be able to land hits effectively.
  • To slay it, hide around corners and doors to perform surprise attacks, which are guaranteed hits. Stunning, paralyzing, burning, or poisoning it via planted seeds or traps is also effective. It will block any physical damage the traps would inflict, however.
  • The crab can be hit with a ranged attack upon first entering the player's vision.
  • Upon death, it drops 2-3 mystery meat.
  • It is otherwise identical to a regular crab, with the only stat-based difference being its increased health (25 to a crab's 15).

Reward Edit

Upon talking to the Sad Ghost after defeating the required enemy, the Ghost will ask you if you want either a weapon or armor. The probabilities of what you will get are as follows:

Tier Odds
2 50 %
3 30 %
4 15 %
5 5 %

The item has a 10% chance to be enchanted.

Upgrade level Odds
+0 50 %
+1 30 %
+2 15 %
+3 5 %

A side benefit of completing the Sad Ghost's quest and accepting its reward is that the Hero will gain the ability to equip and use the Dried Rose if and when they have one.

Old Wandmaker Edit

Wandmaker gif
Old Wandmaker
This old yet hale gentleman wears a slightly confused expression. He is protected by a magic shield.

The Old Wandmaker's quests were reworked as well; The first thing that will be notice is that he has different quotes, with an additional one that's determined by the Hero class.

Corpse dust Edit

Somewhere on the level, a room blocked by a barricade has spawned. Inside, there will be one or two skeletons and many remains, one of which will contain corpse dust. All gold found in these remains are always found in a quantity of 1, and the remains with the corpse dust will always spawn a Wraith.

Corpse dust
Corpse Dust
The ball of corpse dust doesn't differ outwardly from a regular dust ball. But you can feel a malevolent energy lurking within it.
Getting rid of it as soon as possible would be a good idea.

Upon picking up the corpse dust, the game will notify you that "a chill runs down your spine". At this point, the corpse dust will begin rapidly spawning wraiths (in accordance with the table below) within your field of vision until the item is given to the Wandmaker and the quest is completed. Completing the quest will destroy all wraiths on the current depth.

The corpse dust cannot be dropped or thrown, and its curse cannot be removed.

Corpse dust spawn rate
Current number of wraiths 0 1 2 3 4+
Turns until next spawn 1 4 9 16 25

Rotberry seed Edit

Rot Lasher
Rot Lasher
The Rot Lasher is a part of a mature Rotberry plant's root structure, and also their primary means of defence. Lashers are stuck into the ground, but will violently assault anything that gets near to them. When there is no nearby prey, they stand motionless, attempting to blend in with surrounding vegetation.
Rot Heart
Rot Heart
A Rotberry's fruit is very unique. Instead of rotting away and providing nutrients, the fruit grows, hardens, and encompasses the seed. It provides protection for the internal organs which grow inside the fruit. This giant orb is referred to as the heart of an adult Rotberry plant.

The depth with the Old Wandmaker contains a locked room. In it, there are several rot lashers (based on its size) covered with tall grass and a rot heart. The rot lashers will always be spaced 1 tile apart from each other or the heart. Finally, the lashers can cripple their target on hit. Your target is to avoid the deadly roots and kill the heart. However, every attack based on fire will destroy the seed and render the quest impossible to complete. Killing the rot heart with a Wand of Disintegration has the same effect of destroying the seed, as well as bombs.

A good way to get past the rot lashers is to use a potion of invisibility.

Rot heart will create blobs of toxic gas when attacked, but otherwise it's passive to the player. Upon its death, all remaining rot lashers will die and drop a random seed.

Elemental embers Edit

Newborn Elemental
Fire elementals are a byproduct of summoning greater entities. They are too chaotic in their nature to be controlled by even the most powerful demonologist

This fire elemental is freshy summoned, and is weakened as a result. In this state it is especially vulnerable to the cold. Its offensive capabilities are still great though, caution is advised.

There are four ceremonial candles scattered across the depth. The Hero has to place them in a cardinal formation on the corners of the ritual marker (a 3x3 tile with a red star symbol) inscribed in one of the rooms. A newborn fire elemental will spawn; it has less HP than the elementals found in the Dwarven Metropolis stage, but can be even more deadly considering lower Hero experience level. Once it's defeated, it will drop the elemental embers. The quest ends once the embers are brought to the Old Wandmaker.

The newborn elemental will instantly die when exposed to any freezing or chilling agent. A good way to kill it is to use a potion of frost. The newborn elemental is a flying enemy, so icecap plants will not be trampled and must be manually activated, instead.

Reward Edit

Upon bringing the requested item to him, the Old Wandmaker will offer one of his 2 wands. Unlike in the original Pixel Dungeon, the wands offered will be completely random and will not be divided into battle/non-battle wands. However, their names will be visible when choosing. The wand level ranges from +1 to +3.

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The reforging works similarly to how it did before; 2 items of the same type can be merged for an upgrade. The item with the most upgrades on it in the process will be kept, while the other one will be destroyed. Reforging will keep the enchantment or glyph and augment of the item of the highest level. Unique items, such as armor with Warrior's broken seal or Mage's staff cannot be reforged.

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