A history of changes, new additions, bug fixes and rebalances made to Shattered PD over the course of its development.

v0.1.X Edit

v0.1.0 Edit

Improvements to potions/scrolls

v0.1.1 Edit

Added blandfruit, reworked dew vial

v0.2.X Edit

v0.2.0 Edit

Added artifacts, reworked rings

v0.2.1 Edit

Quests, Bosses, & Lore Pt.1 - the Sewers!

This update adds & reworks content in the sewers:

  • Added two new quests
  • Removed dried rose quest
  • Reworked the fight with Goo
  • Reworked story texts & tip texts
  • Visual reworks to sewer bosses
  • Numerous issues fixed

v0.2.2 Edit

Source code from 1.7.2 incorporated; full list of changes there.

v0.2.3 Edit

Artifact additions & improvements

v0.2.4 Edit

v1.7.5 Source implemented, with exceptions:

  • Degredation not implemented.
  • Badge syncing not implemented.
  • Scroll of Weapon Upgrade renamed to Magical Infusion, works on armor.
  • Scroll of Enchantment not implemented, Arcane stylus has not been removed.
  • Honey pots now shatter in a new item: shattered honeypot. A bee will defend its shattered pot to the death against anything that gets near.
  • Bombs have been reworked/nerfed: they explode after a delay, no longer stun, deal more damage at the center of the blast, affect the world (destroy items, blow up other bombs).

In addition, this update features the following changes:

  • The huntress has been buffed: starts with Potion of Mind Vision identified, now benefits from strength on melee attacks, and has a chance to reclaim a single used ranged weapon from each defeated enemy.
  • A new container: The Potion Bandolier! Potions can now shatter from frost, but the bandolier can protect them.
  • Shops now stock a much greater variety of items, some item prices have been rebalanced.
  • Going down stairs no longer increases hunger, going up still does.
  • Many, many bugfixes.
  • Some UI improvements.
  • In-game audio quality improved.
  • Unstable spellbook buffed.
  • Psionic blasts deal less self-damage.
  • Potions of liquid flame affect a 3x3 grid.

v0.3.X Edit

v0.3.0 - "The Wand Rework!" Edit

Mage reworked!: Edit

  • No longer starts with knuckledusters or a wand
  • Can no longer equip wands
  • Now starts with a unique mages staff, empowered with magic missile to start.
  • Battlemage reworked, staff now deals bonus effects when used as a melee weapon.
  • Warlock reworked, gains more health and fullness from gaining exp, but food no longer restores hunger.

General Wand Changes: Edit

  • Wand types are now known by default.
  • Wands now each have unique sprites.
  • Wands now cap at 10 charges instead of 9
  • Wands now recharge faster the more charges are missing, for all classes.
  • Self-targeting with wands is no longer possible.
  • Wand recharge effects now give charge over time, instead of instantly.
  • Wands can now be cursed!

All wands have been reworked!

Removed Wands: Edit

  • Flock
  • Blink
  • Teleportation
  • Avalanche

Reworked Wands: Edit

  • Magic Missile
  • Lightning
  • Disintegration
  • Fireblast (previously Firebolt)
  • Venom (previously poison)
  • Frost (previously Slowing)
  • Blast Wave (previously Telekinesis)
  • Corruption (previously Amok)
  • Regrowth

New Wands: Edit

  • Prismatic Light
  • Transfusion

New Artifacts: Edit

  • Ethereal Chains
  • Lloyd’s Beacon

Misc. Balance Changes: Edit

  • Blessed Ankhs now revive at 1/4hp, but also grant initiative.
  • Alchemist’s Toolkit removed (will be reworked) (bugged, can still drop atm, will patch)
  • Chalice of blood nerfed, now regens less hp at high levels.
  • Cape of Thorns buffed, now absorbs all damage, but only deflects adjacent attacks.
  • Sandals of nature adjusted, now give more seeds, less dew.
  • Hunger no longer increases while fighting bosses.
  • Floor 1 now spawns 10 rats every time, exactly enough to level up.
  • Scrolls of recharging and mirror image are now more common.
  • Mimics are now less common, stronger, & give better loot.

UI Tweaks: Edit

  • New app icon!
  • Shading added to main game interface
  • Buffs now have descriptions, tap their icons!
  • Visual indicator added for surprising enemies

v0.3.1 - "It's a Trap!" Edit

New traps!: Edit

  • Over 20 new traps (and tweaks to existing ones)
  • Trap visuals overhauled
  • Traps now get trickier deeper in the dungeon
  • Trap room reworked to make use of new traps

Balance Changes: Edit

  • Ethereal chains now gain fewer charges the more charge they have.
  • Staff of regrowth grants more herbal healing
  • Monks now disarm less randomly, but not less frequently
  • Invisibility potion effect now lasts for 20 turns, up from 15.

BIG UI Changes: Edit

  • Adjusted display scaling
  • Search and Examine merged into one button (double tap to search)
  • New max of 4 Quickslots!
  • Multiple toolbar modes for large display and landscape users
  • Ability to flip toolbar and indicators (left-handed mode)
  • Reworked settings menu with lots of new controls
  • All graphics settings are now accessible ingame
  • More consistent text rendering
  • Recent changes can now be viewed from the title screen

QOL Improvements: Edit

  • Quickslots now autotarget enemies
  • Resting now works while hungry and at max HP
  • Dew drops no longer collect when at full health with no dew vial
  • Items on the floor now stay visible in the fog of war
  • Many bugfixes

v0.3.2 - "The Prison Rework!" Edit

  • Tengu boss fight completely redone
  • Corpse dust quest overhauled
  • Rotberry quest overhauled
  • NEW elemental embers quest
  • NEW prison mob: insane prison guards!
  • Thieves can escape with a stolen item
  • Gnoll shaman attack speed increased


  • Mastery Book is not attainable until floor 10, even when unlocked
  • Many changes to compensate for Mastery Book changes (see below)
  • Hunger damage now increases with hero level, but starts out lower

Sewers Rebalance: Edit

  • Marsupial rat damage and evasion reduced
  • Gnoll scout accuracy reduced
  • Sewer crabs less likely to spawn on floor 3, grant more exp
  • Fly swarms rebalanced, moved to the sewers
  • Great Crab HP reduced
  • Goo fight rebalanced

Base Class Changes: Edit

  • Mage's staff base damage increased
  • Huntress now starts with 20 hp
  • Huntress no longer heals more from dew
  • Rogue's cloak of shadows now drains less while invisible

Subclass Changes: Edit

  • Berserker now starts raging at 50 % hp (up from 40 %)
  • Warden now heals 2 extra HP from dew
  • Warlock completely overhauled

Misc. Changes: Edit

  • Fixed 'white line' graphical artifacts
  • Floor locking now pauses all passive effects, not just hunger
  • Cursed chains now only cripple, do not root
  • Warping trap is now more likely to put you at a deeper floor
  • Various other bugfixes

v0.3.3 - "Google Play Games!" Edit

Support for Google Play Games:

  • Badges can now sync across devices
  • Five Google Play Achievements added
  • Rankings sync will come in future
Press the controller button in the main menu to learn more
Shattered remains a 100 % offline game if Google Play Games is not enabled

Gameplay Changes:

  • Tengu's maze is now different each time
  • Items no longer auto-pickup when enemies are near

Fixes: Edit

  • Fixed several bugs with prison enemies
  • Fixed some landscape window size issues
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Misc.: Edit

  • Added support for reverse landscape

v0.3.4 - "Translations!" Edit

General Changes: Edit

  • Shattered now supports multiple languages
  • New font
  • Bug fixes

Balance Changes: Edit

  • Hunger now builds ~10 % slower
  • Sad Ghost no longer gives tier-1 loot
  • Sad Ghost gives tier-4/5 loot less often
  • Burning now deals less damage at low HP
  • Weakness no longer discharges wands
  • Rockfall traps rebalanced

v0.3.5 - "The Warrior Rework!" Edit

Warrior Rework: Edit

  • Starting STR down to 10, from 11
  • Short sword dmg down to 1-10, from 1-12
  • Short sword can no longer be reforged
  • Now IDs potions of health, not STR
  • Now starts with a unique seal for armor
  • Seal grants shielding ontop of health
  • Seal allows for one upgrade transfer

Berserker Rework: Edit

  • Bonus damage now scales with lost HP, instead of a flat 50 % at 50 % hp
  • Berserker can now endure through death for a short time, with caveats

Gladiator Rework: Edit

  • Combo no longer grants bonus damage
  • Combo is now easier to stack
  • Combo now unlocks special finisher moves

Balance Tweaks: Edit

  • Spears can now reach enemies 1 tile away
  • Wand of Blast Wave now pushes bosses less

Misc: Edit

  • Can now examine multiple things in one tile
  • Classic font added for Russian language
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Translation Updates
  • Various bugfixes

v0.4.X Edit

v0.4.0 - "The Equipment Rework!" Edit

New Equipment Content: Edit

  • 13 new weapons, 12 rebalanced weapons
  • 3 new enchants, 10 rebalanced enchants
  • 8 new glyphs, 5 rebalanced glyphs
  • 12 new curse effects

Equipment Curses: Edit

  • Curses now give negative effects
  • Curses no longer give negative levels
  • Upgrades now weaken curses
  • Remove curse scrolls now affect 1 item

Equipment Balance: Edit

  • Tier 2-4 weapons do more base damage
  • All weapons gain more dmg from upgrades
  • Upgrades now remove enchants less often
  • Upgrades reduce str requirements less
  • All armors require 1 more str
  • Encumbered characters can't sneak attack

Droprate Changes: Edit

  • Powerful equipment less common early
  • +3 and +2 equipment less common
  • Equipment curses more common
  • Tier 1 equipment no longer drops
  • Arcane styli slightly more common
  • Better item drops on floors 22-24

Class Balance: Edit

  • Huntress now starts with knuckleduster
  • Assassin sneak bonus damage reduced
  • Fixed a bug where berserker was immune when enraged
  • Gladiator's clobber now inflicts vertigo, not stun

Enemy Balance: Edit

  • Tengu damage increased
  • Prison Guard health and DR increased

Misc: Edit

  • Scrolls of upgrade no longer burn
  • Potions of strength no longer freeze
  • Translation updates
  • Various bugfixes

v0.4.1 - "Balance Changes" Edit

Armor Balance Changes: Edit

  • Armor now has a min damage block value
  • Armor gains more blocking from upgrades
  • Prison+ enemy damage increased
  • Evil Eyes reworked

Wand Balance Changes: Edit

  • All wands damage adjusted/increased
  • Upgraded wands appear slightly less often
  • Wand of Lightning bonus damage reduced
  • Wand of Fireblast uses fewer charges
  • Wand of Venom damage increases over time
  • Wand of Pris-Light bonus damage reduced
  • Corrupted enemies live longer & no longer attack eachother
  • Wands in the holster now charge faster

Class Balance Changes: Edit

  • Mage's Staff melee damage increased
  • Mage's Staff can now preserve one upgrade
  • Cloak of Shadows buffed at lower levels
  • Some Battlemage effects changed

Ring Balance Changes: Edit

  • Ring of Force weaker at 18+ strength
  • Ring of Tenacity reduces more damage
  • Ring of Wealth secret rewards adjusted
  • Ring of Evasion now works consistently

Artifact Balance Changes: Edit

  • Dried Rose charges faster, ghost HP up
  • Horn of Plenty now charges on exp gain
  • Master Thieves Armband levels faster
  • Sandals of Nature level faster
  • Hourglass uses fewer charges at a time

Various Item Balance Changes: Edit

  • Many shop prices adjusted
  • Piranha rooms no longer give cursed gear
  • Brimstone glyph healing reduced
  • Lucky enchant deals max dmg more often
  • Dazzling enchant now cripples & blinds
  • Flail now can't surprise attack
  • Extra reach weapons no longer penetrate

Misc Changes: Edit

  • Added a new journal button with key display
  • Keys now exist in the journal, not inventory
  • Improved donator menu button visuals
  • Chasms now deal less damage, but bleed
  • Increased the efficiency of save data storage
  • Translation updates
  • Various bugfixes

v0.4.2 - "Performance Improvements!" Edit

Optimizations: Edit

  • Many general performance improvements
  • Game now uses 2 CPU cores, up from 1
  • Reduced hitching on many devices
  • Framerate improvements for older devices
  • Game size reduced by ~10 %

Balance Changes: Edit

  • Spear and Glaive damage reduced
  • Runic blade damage reduced
  • Grim enchant now procs more often
  • Glyph of stone adds more weight
  • Glyph of potential procs less often
  • Wand of Fireblast less dangerous to caster
  • Wand of Pris. Light reveal area reduced
  • Ring of Wealth slightly more effective
  • Ring of Sharpshooting gives more accuracy

v0.4.3 - "QoL Improvements" Edit

General Improvements: Edit

  • Added rankings and hall of heroes sync
  • Added Power Saver mode in settings
  • Install size reduced by ~20 %
  • Game now supports small screen devices
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved variety of level visuals
  • Adjusted mage staff visuals
  • Many bugfixes

Balance Changes: Edit

  • Flail damage increased
  • Wand of Frost chilled damage reduced
  • Ring of Furor speed bonus reduced
  • Reduced bleed on sacrificial curse

v0.5.X Edit

v0.5.0 - "New Dungeon Visual Style!" Edit

Graphics changes: Edit

  • Walls and some terrain now have depth
  • Characters and items are now raised and cast shadows
  • Added a visible tile grid in the settings menu

Balance Changes: Edit

  • Quarterstaff armor bonus increased by 50 %
  • Wand of Frost damage reduction against chilled enemies increased to 10 %
  • Wand of Transfusion self-damage per zap reduced to 10 % max hp
  • Dried Rose charges 20 % faster and the ghost hero is stronger, especially at low levels

Glyph Balance Changes: Edit

  • Entanglement activates less often but grants significantly more herbal armor
  • Stone armor bonus reduced by 2
  • Antimagic magical resist reduced from 1/2 to 1/3 of armor
  • Viscosity damage rate increased by 50 %

Languages Added: Edit

  • Esperanto
  • Indonesian

v0.6.X Edit

v0.6.0 - "Levelgen overhaul!" Edit

v0.6.1 Edit

v0.6.2 Edit

v0.6.3 Edit

v0.6.4 - "Challenge Rework" Edit

Challenges have received several major changes, with the goal of making them more fair and interesting:

  • Challenges now have descriptions
  • On Diet now provides small rations, rather than removing all food
  • Cloth armor is now allowed in Faith Is My Armor
  • Barren Land now allows seeds to drop, but they cannot be planted
  • Swarm Intelligence now draws nearby enemies instead of all enemies
  • Into Darkness now limits light more harshly, but provides torches
  • Forbidden Runes now removes 50 % of upgrade scrolls, and no other scrolls

Interface Overhaul: Edit

  • Game now supports four save slots of any hero class
  • Hero select and challenge select are now more streamlined and informative
  • Hero select is now a window, offering more flexibility of where games can be started
  • More details are now shown for games in progress before they are loaded

New Weapons: Edit

  • Throwing Spears
  • Crossbow
  • Stone Gauntlet

Buffs: Edit

  • Timekeeper's Hourglass
    • Number of charges halved
    • Time Freeze duration per charge doubled
    • 5x stasis duration per charge
    • Overall recharge speed increased at +0, but unchanged at +10
  • Talisman of Foresight
    • Charge speed increased by 20 % at +0, scaling to 50 % increased at +10
    • Charge gain when discovering traps unchanged

Changes: Edit

  • Inventory Changes
    • Wand Holster is now the Magical Holster, and can store missile weapons in addition to wands
    • Seed Pouch is now the Velvet Pouch, and can store runestones (aka Stones of Enchantment) in addition to seeds
    • Every Hero starts the game with an extra container
  • Miscellaneous
    • It is now possible to back up game data with ADB backup on android 4.0+ and android auto-backup on android 6.0+. Runs in progress are not backed up to prevent cheating.
    • Firebloom plants no longer appear in garden rooms. Accidentally running into them is massively more harmful than any other plant.
    • Mage and Warrior tutorial functionality removed
    • Added a new visual effect to the loading screen
    • Pirahna treasure rooms now have a one tile wide buffer.
    • Bags are now unsellable.
    • Dwarf King is now immune to blindness
    • Data usage should be slightly reduced due to adjustments to sending gameplay data.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Crashes involving corrupted mimics
    • Various rage crash bugs
    • Various minor visual bugs
    • Skeletons exploding when falling into chasms
    • Thrown weapons lost when used on sheep
    • Warden gaining benefits from rotberry bush
    • Unstable enchant not being able to activate venom
    • Rare cases where music wouldn't play

Nerfs: Edit

  • Chance to resist paralysis is now based on all recent damage taken while paralyzed
  • Enemies killed via chasms now award 50 % exp
  • Sungrass
    • Grants healing significantly slower, scaling to ~40 % speed at high levels
    • Taking damage no longer reduces healing
    • Healing no longer disappears at full HP
  • Earthroot now blocks up to a certain amount of damage, rather than 50 % damage
  • Health potion drops now lower in probability more quickly after potions have already been dropped from a given enemy type.

v0.6.5 - "The Berserker Rework!" Edit

Berserker changes Edit

  • Rage
    • Built by taking physical damage
    • Fades over time
    • Lasts longer at low HP
    • Builds faster with better armor (damage reduction is ignored when calculating rage)
    • Grants bonus damage, up to +50%
  • Berserking
    • Now requires full rage
    • No longer reduces max HP
    • Bonus shielding doubled
    • Bonus damage reduced to 1.5x, down from 2x
  • Exhaustion
    • No longer reduces damage
    • Instead prevents Berserker from gaining rage until recovered

Stone of Augmentation Edit

  • Replaces Weightstone
  • Can now also be used on armor to enhance speed or damage at the expense of the other
  • Can be stored in Velvet Pouch
  • Every shop now stocks a runestone of augmentation and an Ankh, instead of one or the other.

Curses Edit

  • Friendly curse makes weapons sometimes charm both you and the enemy
  • Elastic curse lets weapons apply knockback, but reduces damage to 0
  • Bulk curse makes armor large, slowing movement through doorways
  • Overgrowth curse causes random plant effects when you are struck
  • Wayward accuracy penalty reduced by 50%

Badges Edit

  • Added badges for winning with 3 challenges at once and 6 challenges at once
  • 'Death by glyph' badge is now 'Death by deferred damage'.
  • Removed rare monster slayer badge

Glyph Changes Edit

  • Entanglement now only roots if you stand still
  • Potential no longer self-damages and grants charge more consistently
  • Viscosity now always defers some damage, rather than sometimes deferring all damage
  • Stone reworked; it now sets evasion to 0 and grants armor in proportion to evasion
  • Swiftness reworked; it now grants movement speed when no enemies are near
  • Viscosity is now a common glyph, and Stone is now uncommon

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Various rare crash bugs
  • Anti-magic applying to elemental damage
  • 'Happy end' badge not appearing in rankings
  • 'Death from falling' badge not triggering
  • Hero rarely appearing alive when dead
  • Sungrass not interrupting resting at full hp
  • Timekeeper's Hourglass unusable at 1 charge
  • Artifacts appearing when blocked by a challenge
  • Hero spending a turn before actually opening a lock
  • Specific cases where an invisible hero would not surprise attack
  • Shields granting full defense when hero does not have enough strength

Lucky Edit

  • Base chance to deal 2x damage reduced to 50%, from 60%
  • Each time 0x damage is dealt, the next hit will be much more likely to deal 2x damage

Skeletons Edit

  • Bone explosion damage up to 6-12 from 2-10
  • Armor is now 2x effective against bone explosion, up from 0.5x
  • Loot drop chance reduced to 1/8, from 1/5

Smoke Bomb Edit

  • Now has a max range of 8
  • No longer goes through walls

Spectral Blades Edit

  • Now has a max range of 12

Miscellaneous Changes Edit

  • All bags now have 20 spaces.
  • Updated sprites for runestones and throwing stones
  • Loading screen transitions are now faster in many cases
  • Improved layout of translator credits in landscape

0.7.X Edit

0.7.0 Edit

Alchemy Overhaul Edit

  • Now "a full consumable crafting system"
  • Alchemical Energy
  • Alchemy Guidebook
  • Exotic Potions
  • Exotic Scrolls
  • New Recipes

Artifacts Edit

  • Cape of Thorns, Lloyd's Beacon removed
  • Unstable Spellbook now charges faster, has two more charges, and instead can use exotic versions of scrolls added to it, at the cost of an extra charge
  • Alchemist's Toolkit re-added
  • Master Thieves Armband now dropped normally, can be cursed
    • Thieves now drop a random ring/artifact

Consumables Edit

  • Scroll of Magical Infusion and Potion of Might removed from the game, replaced with alchemy
  • Potion of Haste added
  • Swifthistle added
  • Scroll of Transmutation added and corresponding well removed

Runestones Edit

  • Added 10 new runestones
  • Two or three runestones can be crafted via alchemy from a scroll
    • They can also drop in alchemy rooms and in special runestone rooms, as well as normally

Buffs Edit

  • Transfusion
  • Scroll of Teleportation
  • Scroll of Mirror Image
  • Scroll of Terror
  • Terror

Nerfs Edit

  • Blandfruit
    • Now exactly mirrors corresponding potion
    • Requires 3 energy to "cook"
  • Charm
  • Wand of Regrowth
  • Potion of Healing
  • Honeypot
  • Scroll of Psonic Blast (now Scroll of Retribution)

0.7.1 - "Huntress Reworked!" Edit

0.7.2 Edit

Enchantment overhaul Edit

  • Vorpal, venomous, dazzling, eldritch, stunning enchantments removed
  • Blocking, blooming, elastic, precise, enchantments added
  • Blazing, shocking, grim, vampiric enchantments nerfed
  • Chilling, lucky enchantments buffed
  • New curse - polarized.

Catalysts: Edit

  • 2 new alchemy recipes added

0.7.3 Edit

New thrown weapons: Edit

  • Kunai, heavy boomerangs, force cubes added

Enchantment changes: Edit

0.7.4 Edit

Wands: Edit

  • Wands of Living Earth and Warding added


0.7.5 - "Tengu Rework" Edit

Bosses: Edit

  • Tengu rework

Enemies: Edit

  • 3 enemies added: snakes and slimes to Sewers, and necromancers to the Prison
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