Skillful Pixel Dungeon
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Skillful PD is a mod made from the original game Pixel Dungeon. This game adds features to PD like:

- Difficulty settings

- New enemies

- New weapons

- New scrolls & potions

- Storage that holds up to 5 items that persist if resurrected by ankh

- Champions

- Skill System

Item Degradation

Given how many dislike the item degradation feature in vanilla PD, an option to disable item degradation in game has been added. It can be disabled and enabled at any time should you like the challenge


Even if you are resurrected by an Ankh, you tend to find yourself stripped form everything you had. Including any scrolls or extra weapons you had saved for later. Skillful Pixel Dungeon introduces the concept of Storage.
A chest that spawns in each level near the entrance. The chest stores up to 5 items that are not lost if you are resurrected by an Ankh. This also means that you get 5 extra storage spaces for those items you don't want to drop!
To use: Stand on the same tile as Storage chest and click on it.
Known Bugs: Chest sometimes overlaps with sign or stairs preventing its use properly

Difficulty settings

Don't get fooled by the name of this game. This game lets you set the difficulty level on which you want. There is way more replay value because these settings change the way you are going to play

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