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Current Version0.4.2

Overview Edit

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Sprouted PD Main menu (v 0.4.2)

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon (also known as Sprouted PD and Sprouted) is an inactive (possibly dead) fork of Shattered Pixel Dungeon, and was first created and released in 2015, by reddit user /u/dachhack.

The major focus of this modification is the farming and grinding system, using new methods to upgrade weapons and armor, for boosted stats and effects. Less about the race against diminishing resources, and more about pushing the limits of what you can do within the game, Sprouted encourages you to attempt the impossible.

Featuring greatly enlarged maps; challenging bosses and mini-bosses; new quests, enemies, items, AND secrets; the revamped Dew Vial; with pixel art by /u/PavelProvotorov - this is one more addition to the Pixel Dungeon collection you won't want to put down.

Notable Features & Massive Changes Edit

Pets Edit

Monster eggs can be found throughout the dungeon, and if you find one and take care of it, it might just hatch into a pet! Your pet will follow you and help you fight your way through the dungeon. You can feed it, and play with it, and talk to it - actually, you can only feed it. But, if it dies, there are surely more eggs to be found.. Main article: Pets

Upgrade Your Way Edit

In Sprouted, there are multiple ways to upgrade your gear:

  • Dew Blessing - Upgrade weapons and armor up to +13/+14 via dew farming using two special techniques of the Dew Vial
  • Reforging and Disenchanting - Transfer up to +13 from the Warrior's Short Sword or Mage's Wand of Magic Missile, and apply those points to different weapons
  • Upgrade Goo - The new Upgrade Eater plant allows you to convert spare items into Upgrade Goo that you can use to upgrade your gear
  • Scrolls - You can get many extra scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion, by finding them scattered throughout the dungeon, or defeating Wraiths

These new and expanded methods allow you to take your gear to extreme levels, and the game is balanced with the assumption that you will do just that; however, you are slightly restrained by the upgrade cap that is set in place for items that are not reinforced.

Upgrade Cap Edit

Weapons and armor in Sprouted cannot be upgraded past +15 with coventional means (specifically Scrolls of Upgrade and Upgrade Goo), unless they are first reinforced with different pieces of Adamantite, all of which can be found in various yet specific places throughout the dungeon, and are an in-game essential.

See the Adamantite and Reforging section for more details!

Once you get past the upgrade cap, the possibilties are endless - and there must be some reason to get gear higher than +15..

Items Edit

The Dew Vial Edit

Main article: Dew Vial

The Dew Vial is the key to a successful Sprouted run. With multiple uses, and the option for players to choose from one of two distinct methods of filling and utilizing the tool, this revamped item is one that no adventurer should pass up.

See main article for full details.

Miscellaneous Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Items

Sprouted Pixel dungeon features several unique items, as well as new uses or features for existing ones.

Artifacts Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Artifacts

Most Artifacts in Sprouted are identical to their counterparts in Shattered PD, with a few exceptions, noted on the Sprouted Artifacts main page.

Armor Edit

  1. Cloth Armor
  2. Leather Armor
  3. Mail Armor
  4. Scale Armor
  5. Plate Armor
  6. Class Special Armor

All classes start with Cloth Armor. Each class of armor has better initial stats and stat gain per level, with Plate armor having the highest stats of them all. After slaying the Floor 20 boss, you will get an "Epic Armor Kit" that will reset the upgrade level of your armor but keep the stats, stat gain per level and your current enchantment if you have one. It will also give every class a special ability that takes some hp to use. It is recommended to max dew blessing your main armor before applying the kit.

Weapons Edit

Missile Edit

Melee Edit

Main article: Sprouted Pixel Dungeon/Melee Weapons

Apart from the fact that weapons do not degrade in Sprouted, they are mostly identical to the ones in Classic PD. They can, of course, be upgraded to much higher levels than is possible in Classic.

Sprouted features multiple new melee weapons, including new Tier-6 weapons that deal up to 4x damage against enemies found in Dolyahaven Mines.

Reforging the Short Sword Edit

You can transfer all upgrades from a Warrior's Short Sword to another weapon. The more Dark Gold Ore you have when you do this, the more likely upgrades past +1 will be transferred. Reforging the Short Sword does not consume the ore, so you can use it for other purposes afterwards.

Note that you will be unable to raise a weapon above +15 by reforging the Short Sword unless it has first been reinforced with the Adamantite Weapon.

It is also highly recommended that you save your maxed shortsword for the Tier-6 Dolyahaven weapons, as you will need much higher level weapons (100+) to defeat Zot in floor 99.

Wands Edit

Most of the Wands in Sprouted PD are unchanged from the original versions in Classic PD, except that charges cap at 14 rather than 9, and it is impossible to target yourself by shooting at a wall.

Changed Wands Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Wands

Unchanged Wands Edit

Main article: Classic PD Wands

Disenchanting the Mage's Wand Edit

You can transfer all upgrades from a Mage's Wand of Magic Missile to another wand.

The more dark gold ore you have when you do this, the more likely upgrades past +1 will be transferred. Disenchanting the MM wand does not consume the ore, so you can use it for other purposes afterwards.

Note that you will not be able to upgrade any wand above +15 by disenchanting, unless you first reinforce it with the Adamantite Wand

Potions Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Potions

Potions are based on v0.2.4 of Shattered PD, and thus are very slightly different than the ones in Classic PD. In addition, there are two new potions available in Sprouted: Mending and Life.

Scrolls Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Scrolls

Sprouted PD scrolls are basically similar to the ones in Shattered or Classic PD, with a few exceptions and tweaks.

Food and Hunger Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Food

Food is relatively plentiful in Sprouted PD, which is helpful for exploring the larger levels, and for grinding. You should never be at serious risk of starving to death.

Hunger Edit

The basic Hunger mechanic is most similar to that in Classic PD, however it takes approximately twice as long to reach the point of starvation in Sprouted. When fully sated, the hunger counter is at zero. When the hunger counter reaches 600, the Hero enters the Hungry state. When it reaches 700, S/he enters the Starving state, and will periodically lose a point of Health.

Food Edit

Eating food lowers the hunger counter by some set amount. Some foods are more satisfying than others. Click the link above for detailed information on each type.

Dungeon Produce Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Produce

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon comes with an astonishing variety of plants, seeds, nuts, and berries. They can be put to multiple uses, from simple nourishment to powerful alchemy.

Plants and Seeds Edit

These are fairly similar to the seeds and plants in Shattered PD, but there are some differences.

Nuts and Berries Edit

Nuts and Berries are unique additions to Sprouted PD. They have all manner of uses. There is also a Golden Dungeon Nut that raises strength and max health by either 2/20 or 5/50 respectively when eaten. You will be granted a Golden Dungeon Nut if you have slain 100 enemies on each of the Key floors.

Mushrooms Edit

Another unique feature of Sprouted, mushrooms can have some interesting effects. It's fun to come up with creative ways of using them.

Pets Edit

As in many other RPGs and roguelikes, the hero in Sprouted PD can also have a pet along with him/her to help him/her against the various dungeon enemies. There are 12 different pets available in Sprouted: Blue Dragon, Bunny, Fairy, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Spider, Scorpion, Shadow Dragon, Steel Bee, Sugarplum Fairy, Velocirooster and Violet Dragon.

Main article: Pets

Enemies Edit

In Sprouted, there is not a level cap, and enemies never stop giving XP; and they will continue to drop loot until your Hero/ine reaches very high levels.

The strength of most enemies on regular depths is adjusted upward according to the depth. Thus you will find that unlike in other versions of PD, a depth 4 Marsupial Rat is more daunting than a depth 1 Marsupial Rat.

Standard Enemies Edit

Main article: Sprouted PD Enemies

Some appear in more than one section of the dungeon; they will be listed where they are first commonly encountered.

Sewer Edit

Prison Edit

Caves Edit

Dwarven City Edit

Demon Halls Edit

Other Standard Enemies Edit

Book Floor Enemies Edit

Shadow Yog Enemies Edit

Otiluke's Journal Enemies Edit

Bosses Edit

Mini-Bosses Edit

Adamantite and Reforging Edit

Overview Edit

As of version 0.3.0, weapons, wands, rings, and armor have a "soft" upgrade cap of +15. Once an item reaches that level, you can no longer use Scrolls of Upgrade on it, or Upgrade Goo. Attempting to transfer upgrades via reforging or disenchanting will also only work up to the cap, unless the item has been 'reinforced' with Adamantite. Reinforced items can be upgraded by all normal means, without limit.

There are five pieces of Adamantite available in the game, which can only be obtained by completing certain floors and quests. Each piece will reinforce a specific type of item when you take it to the second Troll Blacksmith - but every troll has his price.

IMPORTANT: In order to beat the game you will almost certainly need your endgame weapon well above +15, unless you are relying on a wand for offense (in which case you would likely need that above +15). It is therefore nearly essential to get the Adamantite Weapon, and it is possible to miss getting it by leaving the Prison Battlefield level too early. The only alternative would be to use a weapon that comes already reinforced, meaning the Spork or the Chainsaw Hand.

Do not leave the Key Floors until you claim the Boss Portal drops. You need them to obtain the Adamantite gear. The special portal items drop randomly after a set amount of special enemies are defeated.

Note: The upgrade cap is "soft" because there are two ways around it: Scrolls of Magical Infusion continue to work on all weapons and armor, even if they are not reinforced; and Dew Blessing can actually raise all items to +16 or +17, but not until your Hero/ine reaches Depth 35.

Adamantite Weapon Edit

On the Prison Battlefield floor, the game tracks how many Moss-Covered Skeletons have been slain. Somewhere between 51 and 101 Skeletons defeated, a random Skeleton will drop an Inscribed Bone - be sure to pick it up. After returning to the dungeon, reading the inscription on the Bone will teleport your Hero/ine to lair of the Skeleton King, who will drop the Adamantite Weapon upon defeat.

Adamantite Armor Edit

On the Flooded Mine floor, the game tracks how many Albino Piranhas have been slain. Somewhere between 51 and 101 Piranha defeated, a random Piranha will drop a Conch Shell - be sure to pick it up. After returning to the dungeon, blowing through the Conch will teleport you to the lair of the Crab King, who will drop the Adamantite Armor upon defeat.

Adamantite Wand Edit

Mages Edit

The Old Wandmaker (always appearing on Depth 7) leaves the Adamantite Wand behind when he teleports away, after his quest is completed. For Mages, this happens automatically, with no extra requirements.

Non-Mages Edit

Non-Mages can obtain the Adamantite Wand if they complete the Old Wandmaker's quest without defeating any enemies from the time they leave the Sewers. This means you will have to pass Depth 6 and at least part of Depth 7 - and complete the Old Wandmaker's quest - without defeating a single enemy. The game records total number of enemies defeated as you enter the Prison. If that number is unchanged when you receive a Wand from the Wandmaker, he also will drop the Adamantite Wand as an extra reward.

Adamantite Ring (1) Edit

On the Golden Vault floor, the game tracks how many Crazy Gold Thieves have been slain. Somewhere between 51 and 101 Thieves defeated, a random Thief will drop an Ancient Coin - be sure to pick it up. After returning to the dungeon, reading the inscription on the Coin will teleport you to the lair of the Thief King, who will drop an Adamantite Ring upon defeat.

Adamantite Ring (2) Edit

After you defeat the Tengu on Depth 10, he reappears and attempts to escape to his Hideout. If you can defeat him a second time before he jumps 5 times around the floor, he will drop the Hideout key. If you use the Key to follow him to his Hideout and defeat him a third and final time, he will drop an Adamantite Ring.

If you somehow fail to defeat the Tengu the second time before he escapes, it may still be possible to get the Hideout Key, but only in the unlikely event that you have not yet done the Forest Depth.

On the Forest Depth, the game tracks how many Gnoll Archers have been slain. If you have passed Depth 10 but not obtained the Hideout Key, then somewhere between 51 and 101 Gnoll defeated, a random Archer will drop it.

Reinforcing Edit

To reinforce your items with the Adamantite Ore, you need to take them to the second Blacksmith, "Bip". Not to worry, he can be found in the same room as the first Blacksmith ("Bop"). If you have an Adamantite item and 50 dark gold, he will reinforce a corresponding item of your choosing.

Troll Blacksmith Reforging Edit

As in Original and Shattered PD, you can take an item to the Troll Blacksmith, "Bop", (usually appearing on Floor 11 in Sprouted) to be reforged. What is different in Sprouted is that you can transfer most of your upgrades from one item to another, and the items don't have to match. You are guaranteed to get at least one upgrade transferred. After that, the chance for each level of upgrade being transferred increases according to how much dark gold ore you have at the time, and decreases with each level past +1, with a floor of 50% per point.

To ensure the maximum transfer of upgrades, it was recommended that you have 100 pieces of ore when reforging; however this consumes the ore, which you may prefer to use for reinforcing other items. Without using any ore, you are still likely to get most of the upgrades transferred (unless you are transferring high amounts). If you chose Water with Dew, you can make up the difference with upgrade goo. Those who chose Draw Out Dew would still probably be best advised to use up the 100 pieces on their weapon, as they are unlikely to find very many Upgrade Eater seeds.

Note: It is recommended to save your reforge for when you get a Tier-6 weapon from Dolyahaven Mines, as you can only reforge once per game.

Dark Gold Consumption Edit

As of the current update (0.3.5c), Bop will take all the ore you have when reforging gear; however, Bip will only take 50 pieces when reinforcing with Adamantite. There is a finite amount of ore available, so be careful not to waste it. Choose carefully which items you want to reinforce.

Pit Rooms Edit

Sectioned off pits that contain piles of bones and empty wells. A small sign has writing scrawled on the wood; maybe it points to the way out..

The only entrance to pit rooms is via the collapsed floor rooms from the Depth above. Falling in can be dangerous - so watch your step.

The pile of bones in the vault always contains a Scroll of Teleport, a Seed of Fadeleaf, and an Ankh. Other items like scrolls, potions, food, gold, and artifacts can be found in the piles.

A Red Wraith may spawn from the skeletal remains. If you don't have some kind of magical attack, it's wise to make sure that you have access to Invisibility in one form or another, to allow you to make a surprise attack. Failing that, standing on the remains before searching them will instantly destroy any Wraith that spawns - at the cost of half your health.

Key Floors Edit

Also known as "Dew Levels", Key Floors allow those who chose "Draw Out Dew" to fill their Dew Vials very quickly, because mobs will drop multiple colorful dew drops on death. Standard mobs drop yellow and red drops, worth 2 and 5 dew, respectively; Flying Protectors drop violet drops, worth 50.

Mobs on Key Floors become stronger, the more of them you defeat, so lingering there can be dangerous. But it is worth staying long enough to defwat at least 100 on each one, as you will get rewards for doing so. In addition, on most of the Key Floors, a special item will drop sometime after 50 enemies are defeated, which will allow you to obtain the Adamantite that you need to reinforce your gear.

Note that on those Key Floors that have grass, the grass regenerates spontaneously, giving you an additional source of dew.

Ancient Forest Edit

Accessible by using the Ancient Sewer key dropped by the Gnoll Archer on depth 4, this secret floor is home to Gnoll Archers and Flying Protectors. The goal is to slay 100 Gnoll Archers, and upon exit, you will be rewarded with 30 Forest Darts.

If you chose to Draw Out with your Dew Vial, Gnoll Archers will drop multiple yellow and red dew droplets upon defeat.

Gnoll Archers will attack you from afar with Forest Darts and flee from melee combat; they drop 3 Forest Darts upon defeat. The most effective way to slay them is with their own darts.

Flying Protectors shoot lightning but have a weak melee attack; they always drop violet dew droplets, which are worth 50 dew points.

In the unlikely event that you have not completed this depth before defeating Tengu, sometime after 50 Gnoll are defeated an Archer will drop the Tengu's Hideout Key. This will allow you to follow him to his hideout and obtain an Adamantite Ring.

Some time after 50 Gnoll are defeated, the Journal Page for the Safe Room will be dropped by a Gnoll Archer.

Gnoll Archer
This gnoll is camouflaged and hiding in the foliage. He's pretty upset you are here.

Prison Battlefield Edit

Accessible by using the Ancient Prison key dropped by the Moss-Covered Skeleton on depth 9, this secret floor is home to Moss-Covered Skeletons and Flying Protectors. The goal is to slay 100 Skeletons, and upon exit, you will be rewarded with 20 Holy Hand Grenades.

IMPORTANT: Sometime after 50 Skeletons are defeated, a skeleton will drop the Inscribed Bone, which will take you to the lair of the Skeleton King, where you can obtain the Adamantite Weapon. You need this to complete the game. Do not exit the Prison Battlefield until you have the Inscribed Bone.

If you chose to Draw Out with your Dew Vial, Moss-Covered Skeletons will drop multiple yellow and red dew droplets upon defeat. Even if you chose Water With Dew, the Skeletons will still occasionally drop a red or yellow droplet.

100 Holy handgrenades can be found in a chest on the secret floor and frighten, damage, or destroy the Moss-Covered Skeletons.

Moss-Covered Skeletons attack with a strong melee strike, but the first 50 are slow-moving and easily kited. The more you slay, the faster and stronger they get, however. After 50, it is best (unless equipped with an upgraded Ring of Haste) to use a combination of grenades and ranged attacks to slay them as they approach you.

Moss covered Skeleton
Animated remains from an epic battle on this level. This skeleton rose from the ground covered in moss. It is angry you have disturbed this place.

Flooded Mine Edit

After descending to depth 11, the Ancient Caves key to the mines can be found by slaying any Giant Piranha, anywhere in the dungeon - it doesn't have to be in the Caves. This secret floor is home to Albino Piranhas and Flying Protectors.

Inside the chest is a Potion of Levitation and 99 Dumpling Bombs. Use the bombs to teleport the sleeping Piranhas to dry land, where they will die. Once they are awake, they are difficult to target with the bombs, but there are other ways to slay them. See here for a tip on getting the Piranhas to respawn quickly.

The goal is to slay 100 Albino Piranhas, and upon exit, you will be rewarded with 10 of each common berry. In addition, if the depth is completed at night, you will receive the Full Moon Berry as a bonus.

Sometime after 50 Piranha are defeated, a Piranha will drop a Conch Shell, which can be used to access the lair of the Crab King. There you will be able to obtain the Adamantite Armor - assuming you survive.

Albino Piranhas have a strong bite and are very fast, but they are blind and only become alerted to the splashing of prey in the water. They cannot detect you when you are on land or levitating.

If you chose to Draw Out with your Dew Vial, Albino Piranhas will drop multiple yellow and red dew droplets upon defeat. They will occasionally drop mushrooms or monster meat.

Flying Protectors on this depth also do not notice you when you are on land but will attack you if they catch you in the water.

Albino Giant Piranha
These huge blind cave fish inhabitant pools of underground water. Vibrations in the water alert them to prey. They look ferocious and hungry.

Golden Vault Edit

Accessible by using the Ancient City key dropped by the Crazy Gold Thief on Floor 19, this final key floor is home to Crazy Gold Thieves.

Crazy Gold Thieves don't do much damage when they hit, but they do try to steal your gold and then flee with it. They drop their own gold upon defeat, as well as yours if they have stolen any.

The goal is to slay 100 Thieves, and upon exit, you will be granted a Golden Dungeon Nut, but only if you have already slain 100 enemies on each of the other Key floors.

The other main reward on this depth is the massive quantity of gold, much of it just lying on the ground, the rest dropped by the Thieves. By the time you have slain 100 Thieves, you should have more than enough gold for the rest of the game if you dont want to go to the dolyahaven mines.

Sometime after slaying 50, one of the Thieves will drop an Ancient Coin, which will give you access to the lair of the Thief King, where you can obtain the second Adamantite Ring.

If you chose to Draw Out with your Dew Vial, Crazy Gold Thieves will drop multiple yellow and red dew droplets upon defeat.

Crazy Gold Thief
This thief has gold dust covering his robes and skin. He has a crazy glint in his eye.

Book Floors Edit

The books are too expensive to buy before defeating Yog-Dzewa, but afterwards the Imp offers them at a steep discount. The main goal of each floor is to obtain one of the SanChikarahs. When you have all three, you can take them to the Troll blacksmith to be reforged, allowing you access to the final boss fight.

Besides the main goal however, there are other things of interest to do or acquire on each floor. It is best to do the levels in the following order:

Book of the Dead Edit


Book of the Dead

Discounted price: 7500

Enemies: Wraiths, Blue Wraiths, Dwarf Liches, occasionally Red Wraiths

Features: Graves. Lots and lots of graves. Also random loot.

The main benefit of this level is that disturbing graves will spawn wraiths, which have a base 15% chance of dropping scrolls of Upgrade or Magical Infusion on defeat. Having a Ring of Wealth (+13 or above is recommanded) equipped improves the chances dramatically. Be sure to leave enough room around you for all 4 wraiths to spawn, to maximize your chances.

Blue Wraiths are very fast, and drop red dew upon defeat.

When ready, take the SanChikarah of Death, stand on its pedestal, and read the Book again to return to the dungeon.

Blue Wraith
A Blue Wraith has been dispatched to avenge the dungeon.

Book of the Living Edit


Book of the Living

Discounted price: 12500

Enemies: Onis

Features: Garden rooms, lots of grass, honeypots, ankhs, grain of Magic Rice, random loot, a Toadstool, and the Tinkerer

Give the Toadstool to the Tinkerer to receive your final Dew Vial upgrade. After that, your vial will hold up to 300 drops, and splashing will also give you Levitation in addition to Haste and Invisibility.

Picking up the grain of Magic Rice will sound an alarm, but the Onis are alerted to your presence as soon as you arrive anyway, so it doesn't matter. The grain itself is not terribly useful at this point, but you may want it for the novelty factor.

Many of the garden rooms will contain ankhs, so this is your chance to stock up. If you have been unlucky enough not to find the chain before now, it should appear on this level. In addition, several of the garden rooms are likely to contain Blandfruit bushes, so you can gather some fruit while you are here. You may also want to stock up on honeypots.

The Onis are fairly tough, but your gear should be highly upgraded before you ever come here, so they should not be difficult to deal with. In fact, if you can find a 3x3 or 3x5 garden room, there's no reason not to farm dew in it to fill your vial.

When ready, take the SanChikarah of Life, stand on its pedestal, and read the book again to return to the dungeon.

Oni are wicked trolls who dwell in places of great power. They are quite lazy unless there is food near by...

Book of the Heavens Edit


Book of the Heavens

Discounted price: 15000

Enemies: Flying Protectors, Animated Statues

Features: Wells, Phase Pitcher seeds, random loot

It's best to splash yourself with dew as soon as you arrive. Assuming that you've got the final upgrade, this will let you navigate the level easily, while avoiding mobs until you choose to attack them. You will also find a Potion of Levitation nearby when you arrive.

There are several useful things you can do here. The level usually features a complete set of wells, including Transmutation, and you can almost always find several Phase pitcher seeds lying around. In addition, Animated Statues drop upgraded weapons (at least +3) upon defeat. Of course you already have your endgame weapon by this point, but you can collect these weapons to turn into upgrade goo, to upgrade your gear even more.

The most significant thing about this floor is that you can do it as many times as you like, as long as you don't pick up the SanChikarah of Transcendence. Simply wait until your Levitation wears off, and allow yourself to fall into the chasm. You will end up in a small room with a ladder. Climbing out, you will find yourself on depth 1. You can read the book again to repeat the level, which will be all new and restocked. The main benefit is getting enough PP seeds for your purposes, and enough identified weapons to turn into upgrade goo. You will also pick up minor loot, or major loot if you happen to be wearing a Ring of Wealth.

When ready, pick up the SanChikarah of Transcendence, stand on its pedestal, and read the book again to return to the dungeon.

It is recommended that you do not pick up the SanChikarah until you are ready to read the book and move on. If you fall into the chasm with it in your backpack, it should disappear and respawn on the pedestal when you return; however, according to some players' reports, this may occasionally trigger game-breaking bugs. Better safe than sorry!

Flying Protector
These sentinant statues guard this level from the unclean. That means you.

FAQ Edit

How do I exit the book floors? Edit



Stand in the room where the pedestal you found the SanChikarah on is at and read the book again.  

What do I do with the three SanChikarah? Edit

Take them to the blacksmith, and he will reforge them into one glowing piece, which you can activate to get to Shadow Yog. You do not need any gold ore for this, but as of v0.3.0, you have to have first done the blacksmith's quest (defeat a bat or mine 15 pieces of ore) and collected your reward from him (getting an item reforged) before he will reforge the SanChikarah.

Tips and Tricks Edit

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