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SproutedPD dew vial
The Dew Vial plays a central role in Sprouted Pixel Dungeon. No longer is it merely a source of healing or resurrecting like it does in Original PD or for blessing an Ankh like it does in current Shattered and its recent mods - instead, it is the engine that drives the game.

The most notable change is the capacity of the Vial, which is increased from 10 drops to 100 drops. Late in the game, this capacity can be increased again to 300.

Powerful new functions rest in the menu of the Vial, and the player must even choose one of two ways to utilize this tool. Either choice will result in very different outcomes for every game.

Another change is that dew drops go directly into the Vial until it is full. Dew will not heal the character upon pickup until the Vial is full or has been removed from the hero's inventory.

Sprouted Dew Vial-0

The Dew Vial is always found on depth 1. Throwing the Dew Vial into a Well of Health in Sprouted will add 50 drops to its total amount.

Functions Available from Depth 1 Edit

Sprouted Dew Vial

Drink Edit

This function is available when there are at least 10 drops in the Vial. It always consumes 10 drops, and fully heals the hero, completely filling the HP bar (10 drops will be consumed regardless of the amount of the healing, and in late-game when heroes have hundreds of HP points, the Drink function will still need 10 drops for a full healing).

Sip Edit

This function is available when there are at least 3 drops in the Vial. It consumes 3 drops, and heals the hero for the equivalent amount of HP that consuming 3 drops from the ground would for the current stage he/she is in. For example, while in the Sewers this would be 3 HP, while in the Prison this would be 6 HP, and so on. Huntresses will have the bonus healing applied to dew drops also while using this function. Most heroes will choose to Drink instead of Sip from the Dew Vial to gain a full healing, but Berserkers might prefer to Sip, in order to keep their HP low, but not dangerously low, and retain their Fury buff.

Splash Edit

This function is available when there are at least 30 drops in the Vial. It consumes 10 drops, and grants the Haste buff for 20 turns and Invisibility for 25 turns. This form of Haste applies to both movement speed and attack speed, so it is very powerful.

After the final Dew Vial upgrade from the third Tinkerer on the Book of the Living depth, Splash will also grant Levitation for approximately 30 turns. Players should note that specifically on the Book of the Heavens depth all these buffs have the double duration.

Bless Edit

This function is available when there are 100 drops (or more in late-game) in the Vial. Technically blessing is available also from the start (but only uncurses items, without upgrading them yet), so it is mentioned in this section, but until the hero meets the first Tinkerer and chooses the manner that he/she will be collecting dew, he/she will have no other ways to fill quickly his/her Dew Vial up to 100 drops, apart from finding Wells of Health and/or seeds of Dewcatcher, so practically blessing gets available only after the hero meets the Tinkerer. Blessing with dew consumes either 90 or 50 drops from the vial, depending on which method of gathering dew the hero has chosen (Draw out - 90, Water - 50).

Upgrading with Blessings Edit

Bless is the real game-changer. It allows the hero to upgrade all equippable items (armors, rings, wands, weapons) apart from artifacts up to +1 with each blessing without using scrolls, up to a point. There is a cap on how high the hero can Bless weapons, armors, wands and rings and it depends on the deepest depth he/she has reached at the time of upgrading. The formula for the upgrade cap is 5 + (deepest depth ÷ 3), and Mages get a +1 bonus. For example, if the hero has reached depth 12, he/she will be able to Bless his/her gear up to +9 (+10 for Mages) - the equation for that example is 5 + (12 ÷ 3) = 9 (or 10 from the +1 Mage bonus). An alternative, and perhaps more simple way to calculate the upgrade cap, is to know that until depth 2 it will be +5 (+6 for Mages) and it will increase by 1 point every 3 depths: +6 at depth 3, +7 at depth 6, +8 at depth 9 etc. (while Mages will have a +1 bonus).

Until late-game, the maximum the hero will be able to Bless any item will be up to +13 (+14 for Mages), which will only be achievable after the hero reaches depth 24. Upon reaching depth 35 (where the hero will fight Shadow Yog), blessing items up to +16 (+17 for Mages) will become available, even if they are not reinforced with Adamantite.

Blessing allows heroes to upgrade multiple items within a short amount of time, to a much higher degree than they would otherwise be able to do with Scrolls of Upgrade or Magical Infusion. And since dew is renewable, there is no need for them to limit upgrades to only end-game gear. It is practical and necessary for the hero to upgrade interim gear via Blessings, in order to survive.

Blessing also allows heroes to save their Scrolls of Upgrade for reinforced, end-game gear and especially for Tier-6 weapons, rings and wands, which cannot get upgraded by Scrolls of Magical Infusion.

Manner of Upgrading/Uncursing with Blessings Edit

If the hero chooses Draw out Dew, blessings will upgrade one item of the hero's choosing each time, and will also remove a curse, if the specific item is cursed (but if the item is not upgradeable with dew, like an artifact, it won't be available for uncursing). If the hero chooses Water with Dew, blessings will upgrade random items in the inventory each time (ranging from all to 0), without the hero being able to choose which, but will also always remove curses from the entire inventory, even when they upgraded no items at all (practically, after a "water with dew" blessing and until the hero picks a new item, all items in the inventory will be uncursed and safe to get equipped). Artifacts get also uncursed by Water with Dew blessings, as the entire inventory gets uncursed.

Upgrades with Blessing will never erase a weapon enchantment or armor glyph and they will always remove curses, reversing also the negative stats of cursed items to positive.

The Tinkerer and a Choice - Functions Available from Depth 2 Edit

SproutedPD tinkerer
J. Mertens, dungeon explorer extraordinaire. Delver of dungeon and magical tinkerer. He is protected by a magical shield.

The Tinkerer is an NPC who is always looking for a Toadstool. The hero meets him three times in the dungeon, but for the purposes of this page we are only interested in two of these times, on depths 2 and 32.

SproutedPD toadstool2
Toadstool Mushroom
A Toadstool mushroom! Growing here in this dank dungeon! Who would have imagined such a thing!

When the hero gives him the Toadstool Mushroom on depth 2, he/she will be offered a choice between two different methods of filling the Dew Vial for the rest of the game: "Draw out Dew" or "Water with Dew". The player's choice will have a huge impact on the rest of his/her game.

Note that the Tinkerer will offer a choice to the hero, only when he/she is carrying both the Dew Vial and the Toadstool Musshroom. If he/she is carrying only the Dew Vial, he will say : "Oh wow, have you seen this dungeon! This is an awesome dungeon. I'm here checking things out of course, but also scavenging for toadstool mushrooms. Could you bring me any toadstool mushrooms you find?", and if he/she is carrying none of these two, or only the Toadstool Mushroom, he will still be friendly, but just say: "Oh wow, have you seen this dungeon! This is an awesome dungeon."

Sprouted Tinkerer message 1
Sprouted tinkere message 2

Draw Out Dew Edit

Selecting this option means that in certain circumstances, that will be explained with details in the following paragraphs, enemies will drop large amounts of colorful dewdrops upon defeat (most often yellow, red and sometimes violet) for a certain amount of time. Each of these drops is worth several normal white dewdrops, and so Drawing out Dew is a much faster way to fill the Vial than by Watering with Dew. Also enemies on all Key depths (Ancient Sewers, Ancient Prison, Ancient Caves, Ancient City) will always drop these coloful types of dew, for as long as the hero chooses to stay.

Sprouted Dew Vial 2

To give more details (you can read also the Tinkerer's detailed explanation just above), every time the hero descends to a new depth, he/she will get the "Dew Charge" buff for a limited amount of turns, which will be displayed with the symbol of a blue bubble unter the hero's HP bar. While this buff is in effect, all enemies killed on that depth will also drop dew. If the hero can clear the depth (that is, slay all the enemies that spawned when it was generated, not including Piranhas, Animated Statues or unique enemies like the Gnoll Archer or the Moss Covered Skeleton) within a set number of moves which is not directly tied to the duration of the "Dew Charge" buff, the hero will receive a bonus to the Dew Charge duration for the next depth. Players can check at any time the "Level" tab in the hero's window to see how many moves the hero has left and how many are the depth's goal moves. Completing a depth within the goal moves guarantees that the hero will gather at least a decent amount of dew dropped from enemies on the next depth (and a very good amount if the depth was completed way before the goal), In contrast, completing a depth over the goal moves almost guarantees that the hero will gather little dew from the next depth. The hero never gets the Dew Charge buff in boss depths, but if the buff is still active from the previous depth, enemies on boss depths will drop dew too. Players should also have in mind that if the hero visits depth 3 before he/she meets the Tinkerer on depth 2 and chooses Draw out Dew, he/she will not have the Dew Charge buff on depth 3 (he/she will be able to complete the depth within goal moves though, as the counter will start counting from the point that he/she visits the depth again after having talked to the Tinkerer), but only from depth 4 and on.

When heroes with Draw out Dew descend to a new depth by using the staircase with an a active Dew Charge buff but without having completed the move goals from the previous depth, the Dew Charge buff of the previous depth gets lost, and the counter starts counting again (there is even a game message warning them about it). If they go back to the previous depth, they wil be able to use the new Dew Charge buff, but the previous depth will not be able to get completed within goal moves anymore. This does not apply to when the hero falls into a chasm, as the goal moves counter stops, and starts counting again when the hero descends back to the previous depth. The Dew Charge buff of the depth, if it was still active when the hero fell into the chasm, will be lost though.

Sprouted Descend message

With the Dew Charge buff active enemies will even drop Violet dewdrops less often, which are worth 50 dew. It should be possible for the hero to get enough dew to keep all of his/her equipped gear maxed out, but he/she has to be quick to achieve that. Unless he/she needs to upgrade an item urgently (for example a Tier-3 weapon, whle he/she still has a Tier-1 weapon equipped) or finds an important consumable like a Potion of Strength, the hero should not stop to pick anything up, not even dew, until the "Level Cleared" message appears, and the Dew Charge buff has expired. There is a chance that although it seems the hero has cleared the whole dungeon depth from enemies, the "Level Cleared" message has not appeared yet. This can happen for two reasons: a) most often the case is that some enemies are still alive in one or more hidden rooms, or b) a Scroll of Rage or an alarm trap / brown bat scream etc. has woken up all or some of the enemies previously, and one or more enemies are still wandering in the dungeon depth. A Scroll of Magic Mapping/Blue berry will solve a) but not b), so it is better for the hero to use a Potion of Mind Vision to solve both a) and b), if it is available.

IMPORTANT: When the hero who has chosen Draw out Dew descends to the next depth (but not when he/she ascends to a previous depth), any dew remaining on the depth he/she is leaving will evaporate, even white dew from high grass that was not dropped by enemies. There is even a game message warning the hero that dew will evaporate, if he/she decides to descend with dew still unpicked (most often this message is displayed because the player hasn't spotted an unpicked dewdrop/dewdrops on the depth or he/she has clicked on the staircase tile by accident). However, if the hero jumps into a chasm, all the dew drops will be waiting until he/she comes back to the depth to pick them up.

Sprouted Descend message

Note that the final Dew Vial upgrade on depth 32 also adds "Water" to the Dew Vial options, meaning that heroes with "Draw out Dew" until then will be able to also "Water with Dew" to fill the Vial from then on. This is helpful because dew-dropping enemies are almost non existant in the stages that follow the Book depths, unless the hero has kept a Key depth unvisited.

"Draw Out Dew" is suited for those who prefer to play a faster, and sometimes riskier game.

Blessing with Draw Out Dew Edit

If the hero has chosen Draw out Dew, then Blessing will consume 90 drops. The hero will get to choose one item to Bless, and this item will receive one upgrade (subject to the upgrading cap) while a game message: "Your [name of item] certainly looks better now" wil be displayed. If that Item is cursed, the curse will be removed and if it has negative stats they will be reversed, but all other items in inventory will not be uncursed.

Note that the final Dew Vial upgrade on depth 32 will not extend the uncursing power of the Vial, meaning that heroes with "Draw out Dew" will still uncurse one item with their blessings and not the whole inventory, even though they will be able from that point on also to "Water with Dew".

It may seem unfair that the hero can only upgrade one item at a time, but the fact that he/she can choose which item to upgrade and when he/she will do that can actually be very useful. And if the hero clears the depths quickly enough there should be more than enough dew to upgrade to the dew uprade cap at least all his/her equipped items. If not, the hero can always farm dew on the Key depths.

Water With Dew Edit

Selecting this option on depth 2 enables the Water command on the Dew Vial. Watering, which can be done virtually anywhere, at any time, for as long or as short a time as the player wishes, causes high grass to regrow around the hero - as long as there's at least a little bit of trampled grass to start with. Nevertheless, If there is not even one tile of high or trampled grass close to the hero and/or if he/she is surrounded only by water tiles and trap tiles, the Water command will not have any effect on the depth's floor. It is a powerful and flexible method for filling the Vial, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. It costs only 2 dew drops, but the Dew Vial must contain at least 50 drops for the ability to become available.

Sprouted Water with Dew

Choosing Water with Dew, the hero will need to get at least 50 drops before he/she can start watering. Watering with Dew costs only 2 dew drops, but is available only with 50 drops in the Dew Vial, so it is generally better to wait for the Dew Vial to contain more than approximately 55 drops and use it with trampled grass already around the hero, to avoid less dew produced than the necessary 50 to fill the vial for its next watering use.

Wearing Sandals/Shoes/Greaves of Nature and/or a Ring of Haste will expedite the process, however, and a 3X3 room is the most suitable place to Water with Dew. Especially the Greaves are useful because they guarantee that high grass will always drop dew after getting trampled, and the ring because the grass will keep growing while the hero is trampling it. The higher the level of the ring, the faster the hero will move, and the more times he/she will trample the same tiles from the same watering. As mentioned before, the effect is intensified in enclosed spaces, as described here . When the hero gains access to the Safe Room of the Otiluke's Journal, its 3X3 rooms are the most suitable among all rooms in the entire dungeon to Water with Dew, as the Safe Room is always free of enemies.

This method is slower but generally safer, less stressful and more flexible.Some players find it tedious though.

Blessing with Watering Edit

If the hero chooses Water with Dew, Blessing consumes 50 drops, and removes all curses from any items in the hero's inventory, (the message "Your pack glows with a cleansing light, and a malevolent energy disperses" is displayed), setting cursed items to at least zero, or even upgrading them, because this uncursing will also reverse the negative stats of cursed items to positive in the identical manner that Scrolls of Remove Curse do (for example a -2 cursed War Hammer will become +2 after getting uncursed).

Each time the hero blesses items with Water with Dew, every single weapon, armor, ring or wand in his/her inventory, whether equipped or not, has a chance of getting a +1 upgrade (but never more, unless the item is cursed). The only exceptions will be things that have already reached the dew upgrading cap, or that cannot normally be upgraded via scrolls, like Artifacts (they still get uncursed by Water with Dew though). Each upgradeable with dew item has a separate dice roll that will determine if that item will get upgraded or not, so dropping the items that are max upgraded or that the player doesn't consider important to get upgraded will not have any effect in the desired items becoming more likely to get upgraded. There will be also a game message: "You feel the dew blessing items in your backpack." and the "Your [name of item] certainly looks better now" will be repeated for all the items that were upgraded. If the hero was unlucky the only message displayed will be: "Your pack glows with a cleansing light, but nothing was uncursed." and the dew blessing will have done nothing.

Note that the final Dew Vial upgrade on depth 32 will not work vice versa, meaning that heroes with "Water with Dew" will keep the random upgrading of watering and will not gain any "Dew Charge" ability or the accurate upgrading of "Draw out Dew".

Dewdrop Types Edit

SproutedPD dew
Just a regular ol' crystal-clear dewdrop.

It is worth 1 dew. The hero gets them only when trampling high grass. They get evaporated by fire.

SproutedPD dew yellow
Yellow Dewdrop
Don't ask why it's yellow.

It is worth 2 dew. All heroes get them from Dewcatchers, and heroes with Draw out Dew also from enemies, while the Dew Charge buff is still active and always on Key depths. Equipping Sandals/Shoes/Greaves of Nature also makes high grass drop these for all heroes. They don't get evaporated by fire.

SproutedPD dew red
Red Dewdrop
It's really more pink.

It is worth 5 dew. All heroes get them from Dewcatchers, and heroes with Draw out Dew also from enemies, while the Dew Charge buff is still active and always on Key depths. Equipping Sandals/Shoes/Greaves of Nature also makes high grass drop these for all heroes. They don't get evaporated by fire.

SproutedPD dew violet
Violet Dewdrop

It is worth 50 dew. Flying Protectors always drop these, even for Waterers. All heroes get them from Dewcatchers, and heroes with Draw out Dew also from enemies, while the Dew Charge buff is still active and always on Key depths. Equipping Sandals/Shoes/Greaves of Nature does not make high grass drop these. They don't get evaporated by fire.

The Tinkerer on Depth 32 Edit

SproutedPD tinkerer
He is protected by a magical shield.

Sprouted Tinkerer 3

On depth 32, the Tinkerer will say exactly the same things he says on depth 2 (commenting on how awesome is the dungeon with all the Onis running around and attacking the hero will be rather ironic at that point), and he will upgrade the Dew Vial so that it will hold up to 300 drops, and when the hero Splashes from that point and on, he/she will get Levitation for 30 turns in addition to Invisibility and Haste. This is especially useful for players who will choose to farm Phase Pitchers from the Book of Heavens, as this process is impossible only with Potions of Levitation. He will also make both abilities of the Dew Vial available to those who had chosen Draw out Dew, but not vice versa, and those who had chosen Water with Dew will not get the accurate upgrading of Draw out Dew.

Sprouted Dew vial 300
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