Unleashed Pixel Dungeon is a fork of Shattered Pixel Dungeon and was created by user FatherNature.

Unleashed is attempting to make the game more accessible to a wider audience by including Difficulty Levels, a Tutorial as well as new features to round out the game. Pretty nifty eh?

Notable Features Edit

This mod contains a number of unique changes, including a few controversial ones:

  • Difficulty Levels have been added
    • Tutorial Mode - Includes helpful hints, extra starting items, and weaker enemies.
    • Easy Mode - Extra starting items and weaker enemies.
    • Normal Mode
    • Hard Mode
    • Nightmare Mode
    • Endless Mode (Unlocked after defeating the fourth boss in Normal or Hard mode.) - Contains new unique themed sets of monsters every five depths, mini-bosses and boss fights, and donations and shops. Also, there is a Shop on depth 1.
    • Test Mode (unlocked after returning the amulet to the surface in Normal or Hard mode.)
  • Load / Save Game feature in the easier difficulty levels
  • Altars to donate goods in the hopes of divine intervention
  • Larger Dungeon sizes
  • Deeper Dungeons (Five extra depths in the normal game; Endless mode goes on forever.)
  • Mini-Bosses (Mad Tinkerer, Chaos Mage, Minotaur, Necromancer)
  • New Enemies (Various Slimes, Zombies, Snakes, Velocirooster, Sewer Flies, Assassins, Clay Golems, Spider Bots, Lost Souls, Deep Dwellers)
  • New Weapon Enchantments (Artifact, Glowing, Holy, Hunting, Midas, Vicious)
  • New Armor Glyphs (Resistance)
  • New Depth Feelings (Burnt depths and Open depths)
  • New Room Features and Types (Altar Rooms, Prisons, Eternal Flame Rooms, Archways)
  • User Interface Changes
    • Quick-Slot Auto Aims on the closest enemy
    • Clicking the Version number brings up the change history
    • Allow falling into any depth including Boss Depths
    • Rings listed in the Catalogue
    • Weapon Enchantment descriptions
    • Armor Glyph descriptions
  • Thrown potions can affect enemies
  • Chances of Upgrade Failure (based on item levels) and Maximum Item Level Caps
    • For weapons and armor, level cap is based on tier. *Note: Once the cap is hit, Scrolls of Magical Infusion can temporarily bypass the cap (the game will bump the item back down to the cap upon reloading the game/save). Since Scrolls of Magical Infusion can only be used on weapons and armor, the cap can only be bypassed on weapons and armor.
    • Additional Note: If one uses one or more Scrolls of Magical Infusion to bypass the cap on any tiered armor, if the player uses an armor kit on said armor BEFORE reloading the game, the stats will be permanently locked as the item no longer possesses a tier.
    • Example: A tier 5 Plate armor has a cap of +10 (7 Strength required). Using a SoMI, the player ups it to +11 (6 Strength required). If the player reloads the save, the game will check the tier and reduce by one, wasting the scroll. If the player has an armor kit on them and uses it on the armor, the item becomes an untiered Class Armor with stats akin to a +11.
      • T1 Weapons and Armor - Cap of +4
      • T2 Weapons and Armor - Cap of +6
      • T3 Weapons and Armor - Cap of +7
      • T4 Weapons and Armor - Cap of +9
      • T5 Weapons and Armor - Cap of +10
      • Wands - Cap of +5
      • Rings - Cap of +7
  • High-Grass can drop items
  • New Items/Some Items work differently
    • Ring of Magic affects recharge rate
    • Potions of Haste/Slowness
    • There is no Tome of Remastery; instead, Tengu drops an additional Tome of Mastery each game, which works like a Potion of Experience.
  • Beta Tester Badge which unlocks content
  • Numerous balance changes including tweaks to Classes and Subclasses, Drop Tables, Buffs, etc.
  • Blessed Ankh: Obtained by using a full dew container to bless Ankh. Ankh will save player upon dying. (In Unleashed, A non-blessed Ankh will lose all non-equipped items, with a prompt asking if the hero wants to continue. A blessed Ankh, upon reahing 0 HP, will be used and give an unknown amount [1/5 guessed, please confirm] of HP back. No items are lost by using a blessed Ankh, except the Ankh itself)