Potions Edit

Name Label Price Freq. Type Duration Description
Mending Me 30 24 helpful 20-30


Applies Mending effect, which heals roughly 4% of max health per turn

Removes Poisoned effect

Removes Crippled effect

Removes Bleeding effect

Removes Withered effect

Mind Vision Mi 35 22 helpful 30-40


Applies Mind Vision effect, which reveals most mobs on the current floor

Partially counters Blinded effect

Partially counters Confused effect

Reveals hidden mimics (out of FOV)

Levitation Le 40 20 helpful 15-25


Allows floating over chasms and traps

Allows seeing over high grass

Increases movement speed by 50%

Removes Ensnared effect

Can be used to jump into chasms safely

Invisibility In 45 18 helpful 10-20


Applies Invisibility effect

Can be dispelled by attacking, throwing, using an item or being stumbled into

Blessing Bl 50 16 helpful 25-35


When drunk:

Increases AC by 20% of max health Gives resistance to fire, frost, acid, lightning, energy and unholy damage

When thrown:

Removes 1-3 negative levels from cursed items in your inventory and on the floor

Removes enchantment from affected items if curse was dispelled

Deals damage to magical creatures depending on their max health

Liquid Flame LF 30 23 harmful 25-75%




Creates fire on the target tile

Creates fire on adjacent flammable tiles

Can create fire on adjacent non-water tiles

Chance to affect non-water tile depends on base chance and alchemy skill

Frigid Vapours FV 35 21 harmful 50-100%






Always freezes target tiles

Freezes random nearby tiles

Duration on water is doubled

Chance to affect nearby tiles depends on base chance, alchemy skill and distance

Corrosive Gas CG 40 19 harmful 300-600


Blob deals acidic damage which depends on target's max health

Blob can be ignited with sources of fire

Damage from this blob delays damage from Caustic Ooze for a single turn

Overgrowth Ov 45 17 harmful 250-500


Blob causes grass to grow on empty tiles

Blob causes herbs to grow on grassy tiles

Blob applies Ensnared effect randomly

Chances depends on amount of adjacent grass, high grass and burned tiles

Thunderstorm Th 50 15 harmful 200-400


Causes thunderstrike on the target tile

Blob causes water to flood non-special tiles

Blob creates thunderstrikes occasionally

Thunderstrikes deal lightning damage which depends on target's max health

Extinguishes Fire blob and Burning debuff

Strength St 75 3 special instant Fully restores character's health

Increases strength by one point

Increases max health depending on class

Removes Withered effect

Wisdom Wi 100 2 special instant Gives EXP equal to the total amount of EXP required to get a level up

Increases level limit at which mob kill will give you experience by one level

Scrolls Edit

Name Label Price Freq. Type Effect
Identify Id 55 24 helpful Completely identifies a single item
Transmutation Tr 60 23 helpful Transmutes a single weapon, armor, wand or ring

Resulting item will have the same

rarity, condition, quality and enchantment

Sunlight Su 70 22 helpful Heals every non-magical creature in its area of effect for roughly 4% of its max health every turn

Removes Thunderstorm from affected tiles

Clairvoyance Cl 80 20 helpful Reveals level layout

Reveals items on the floor

Doesn't reveals traps and secret doors

Banishment Ba 85 18 helpful Deals damage to magical creatures in your field of view depending on distance and their max health

Dispels 1-3 negative levels from all cursed items in your inventory

Removes enchantments from affected items if curse was dispelled

Dispels certain enemy buffs

Darkness Da 65 21 harmful Creates a cloud of darkness, which obstructs field of view and applies Blinded status to everyone in its area of effect

Blinded creatures has decreased accuracy and detection

Blinded mobs will wander as if confused

Removes Sunlight from affected tiles

Phase Warp Ph 75 19 harmful Teleports you to a random location

Applies Confusion effect for a 5-10 turns

Will never teleport you out of boss arena

Challenge Ch 90 17 harmful Summons additional mobs to the floor

Attracts all fo the mobs to your location

Increases damage dealt by affected mobs

Doubles EXP rewards for affected mobs

Torment To 95 16 harmful Deals damage to all non-magical mobs in the field of view, depending on distance and their current health

Deals damage to you, depending on amount of current health and amount of mobs affected

Can force affected mobs to flee

Raise Dead Ra 100 15 harmful Spawns 2-4 wraiths near the user

Charms summoned ghosts for 16-20 turns

Upgrade Up 125 3 special Increases upgrade level of an item by 1

Restores single condition level of an item

Will never increase level beyond +3

Enchantment En 150 2 special If target item is not cursed and not enchanted, then enchants item with a random enchantment

If target item is not cursed and enchanted, then changes existing enchantment to a new one If target item is cursed, then removes 1-3 negative levels and keeps enchantment on the item

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