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These NPCs won’t harm you.

Standard NPCs[]


Main article: Shopkeeper
This stout guy looks more appropriate for a trade district in some large city than for a dungeon. His prices explain why he prefers to do business here.

The Shopkeeper can be found in the Shop at Depths 6, 11, and 16 (the depth directly after each boss depth).
The Shop will always be in a room adjacent to the staircase that brought you down to that depth. He has a random assortment of items that he will sell in exchange for Gold.

Rat king

Main article: Rat king
Rat king gif.gif
Rat king
This rat is a little bigger than a regular marsupial rat and it's wearing a tiny crown on its head.

The Rat King can be found in a room behind a hidden door in Goo's room.
The room is surrounded by Chests with small amounts of Gold, weapons, or armor, which are normally cursed.
The Rat King does nothing special but wanders the depth trying to find a way to get back to his "Kingdom."

Summoned NPCs[]

Mirror image

Main article: Mirror image
Mirror image
This illusion bears a close resemblance to you, but it's paler and twitches a little.

Mirror Images can be summoned by reading the Scroll of Mirror Image. Mirror Images will have the same weapon and armor as the Hero.
When summoned, they will wander around randomly and attack any hostile creatures in their view.
Mirror Images will disappear after hitting an enemy or getting hit. If a Scroll of Lullaby is read when the Mirror Images are in sight, they will stand still and not move until an enemy is in sight.
You can exchange places with an adjacent Mirror Image by tapping on them.


Main article: Sheep
Sheep gif.gif
This is a magic sheep. What's so magical about it? You can't kill it. It will stand there until it magcially fades away, all the while chewing cud with a blank stare.

Sheep are summoned by firing the Wand of Flock.
Each charge will produce 1 Sheep per level of the wand (and/or the Ring of Power), which can be used as a blockade, preventing enemies from reaching or attacking the Hero for a certain number of turns.
The Sheep will not move from their spot (except with a Wand of Reach). After that certain number of turns, the Sheep fade away.

Golden bee

Main article: Golden bee
Golden bee.gif
Golden bee
Despite their small size, golden bees tend to protect their master fiercely. They don't live long though.

Golden bees can be summoned by throwing or shattering a Honeypot. The Golden bee then follows the Hero and will attack your enemies in its view.
Golden bees lose some health each turn until they die.

Quest NPCs[]

Sad ghost

Main article: Sad ghost
Sad ghost gif.gif
Sad ghost
The ghost is barely visible. It looks like a shapeless spot of faint light with a sorrowful face.

The Sad Ghost is an NPC that can be found somewhere at Depths 2-4.
Since Update 1.6.1, the Sad Ghost can either give the Dried Rose quest or the Fetid Rat quest.
And as of Update 1.8.0, he can also give the Curse Personification quest.

  • For the Dried Rose quest, the ghost asks you to help it find the Dried Rose.
    The Dried Rose can be obtained by slaying enemies at Depths 2 - 4.
  • For the Fetid Rat quest, the ghost asks you to avenge him by slaying the Fetid Rat.
    This rat will drop a Giant Rat Skull upon death.
  • For the Curse Personification quest, the ghost asks you to help it break free of a dark curse.
    If the Hero accepts, the Sad Ghost will transform into the Curse Personification.

When the Dried Rose/Giant Rat Skull is given to the Sad Ghost or when the Curse Personification is defeated, the Hero will be rewarded with either the Ghost's Weapon or the Ghost's Armor.

Old wandmaker

Main article: Old wandmaker
Wandmaker gif.gif
Old wandmaker
This old but hale gentleman wears a slightly confused expression. He is protected by a magic shield.

The Old Wandmaker is an NPC that can be found somewhere in Depths 7-9. Since Update 1.6.2, the Old Wandmaker can either give the Seed of Rotberry quest or the Corpse Dust quest.
And as of Update 1.8.0, he can give the Phantom Fish quest.

  • For the Seed of Rotberry quest, the Old Wandmaker will ask the Hero to help him find a Seed of Rotberry. The Seed of Rotberry will be at the same depth the Old Wandmaker is at, in its plant form (Rotberry Shrub). If the Hero steps on the plant, it will release Toxic Gas and apply the Rooted debuff. When the seed is picked up, it emits a challenge sound (like the Scroll of Challenge).
  • For the Corpse Dust quest, the Old Wandmaker will ask the Hero to help him find some Corpse Dust. It can be gathered from Skeletal Remains.
  • For the Phantom Fish quest, the Old Wandmaker will ask the Hero to help him find the Phantom Fish. It can be found in a water tile by searching for it.

When the Seed of Rotberry/Corpse Dust/Phantom Fish is given to the Old Wandmaker, the Hero will be rewarded with either a Battle or a Non-battle wand.

Troll blacksmith

Main article: Troll blacksmith
Blacksmith gif.gif
Troll blacksmith
This troll blacksmith looks like all trolls look: he is tall and lean, and his skin resembles stone in both color and texture. The troll blacksmith is tinkering with unproportionally small tools.

The Troll Blacksmith is an NPC that can be found somewhere at Depths 12 to 14. Since Update 1.6.3, the Troll Blacksmith can either give the Dark Gold Ore quest or the Bloody Pickaxe quest.

Upon speaking with him, the Troll Blacksmith will give the Hero a Pickaxe.

  • For the Dark Gold Ore quest, the Troll Blacksmith asks the Hero to mine 15 Dark Gold Ore. Dark Gold Ore veins can be found throughout Depths 11-15.
  • For the Bloody Pickaxe quest, the Troll Blacksmith asks the Hero to stain his Pickaxe with Vampire Bat blood by slaying 1 Vampire Bat.

When at least 15 Dark Gold Ore/a Blood-stained Pickaxe is given to the Troll Blacksmith, he will take 2 of the same item and reforge it into 1 level higher than the highest level item used in the forging process.

Ambitious imp

Main article: Ambitious imp
Demon gif.gif
Ambitious imp
Imps are lesser demons. They are notable for neither their strength nor their magic talent, but they are quite smart and sociable. Many imps prefer to live among non-demons.

The Ambitious Imp is an NPC that can be found somewhere at Depths 17 to 19. The Ambitious Imp gives the Dwarf Token quest.

  • For the Dwarf Token quest, the Ambitious Imp will ask you to slay either 6 Golems or 8 Dwarf monks, each dropping a Dwarf Token.

When at least 6 or 8 Dwarf Tokens are given to the Ambitious Imp, the Hero will be rewarded with an identified, upgraded, cursed ring.

If you reach Depth 21 before returning to the Ambitious Imp to give him the Dwarf Tokens, the Shop will never appear, even if you complete the Ambitious Imp's quest after having visited Depth 21.


Update Change
0.5.1 Added: Mirror Image
1.6.0 Added:
  • Sad Ghost
  • Old Wandmaker
1.6.1 Added: Troll Blacksmith
1.6.2 Added: Ambitious Imp
1.7.0 Added: Rat King

Fixed: Quest NPC's can no longer drop their reward on a non-walk-able cell (Quest Items can no longer be thrown at a non-walk-able cell)

1.7.4 Added: Golden Bee