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This article lists old bugs that have either been patched or fixed.
Only major, or notable, bugs are listed here.

Lloyd's Beacon depth duplicate EXPLOIT Edit

Main article: Lloyd's beacon

There is a bug when using Lloyd's beacon where, when you use the beacon to return to a level of the dungeon other than the one you are on, when you travel to the next depth down, the depth you travel to is transformed into a replica of the level you transported from using Lloyd's Beacon.
However, this replicated map is still populated by the same enemies as you would find on the depth you should be on.
This leads to a couple of potential exploits.

Item farming exploit Edit

When this bug is triggered, the replica level generated will also contain copies of all the items generated on the floor that you had not already picked up from the original map.
(Items you drop on the floor of the original map will appear on the replica map, but disappear from the original. UNLESS you drop them, go up or down one level from the map you are replicating BEFORE using this bug)
Using this bug, you can replicate any items, including, but not limited to, scrolls of upgrade, potions of strength, and wells of transmutation.
For example, to replicate depth 6 and the items on it, you would "set" Lloyd's Beacon on any other floor (depth 7 would be the most convenient) and then travel to floor 6, use the beacon to return to depth 7, and then travel to depth 8.
Depth 8 will now be a replica of depth 6, complete with items.
This can be repeated indefinitely with the same depths or different ones. It is possible to replicate items you already have by simply picking a level to replicate, dropping items going up or down one level, and then continuing the bug as usual. This will replicate all dropped items, giving you 999 potions of strength in a matter of minutes.

XP farming exploit Edit

The above mentioned exploit can be used to turn a boss depth into a normal depth, in the following manner.
Set Lloyd's Beacon on the depth before the boss depth, travel to another depth, (an adjacent one is simplest) use the beacon to return to the other depth, then travel to the boss depth.
The boss depth will now appear as a normal one, and, aside from whatever enemies had been on the original depth at the time it was replicated, the only enemies on the floor will be multiple copies of the boss of that depth!
Since bosses have no level cap, they can be slain over and over for EXP.
Particularly useful are the King of Dwarves and Yog-Dzewa depths, because these bosses are both helpless!
The king will just wander looking for his pedestals for a bit and then stand still helplessly, and Yog-Dzewa will, oddly enough, move around and pursue you, but cannot hurt you, and his fists do not appear.
This means he can easily be destroyed repeatedly for 50 EXP at a time.

[Fixed, as of Update 0.5.1a.]

Naked mirror image bug Edit

Main article: User interface
Main article: Mirror image

When examining a Mirror image, the sprite shown on the infobox is naked.

Scroll holder bug Edit

Main article: Scroll holder

When using scrolls from the scroll holder (Bought on depth 11) the number of scrolls in the holder will never go below 1. In other words, infinite use of any scroll once you find at least one copy of it. Awesomeness, but it is fixed now.

[Fixed, as of Update 0.5.2.]

Ring of Resistance Edit

Main article: Ring of Resistance
  1. When upgrading the Ring of Resistance from +4 to +5, the resistance to Lightning trap’s electricity (acquired at +4) disappears.
  2. When upgrading the Ring of Resistance from +5 to +6 and higher, the resistances to Dwarf warlock, Evil eye and Burning fist (acquired at +5) disappear.

[Fixed, as of Update 0.5.2.]

Dropping a stack of items in a Well of Transmutation Edit

Main article: Well of Transmutation

When dropping a stack of items into a Well of Transmutation, only 1 item is changed (expected behavior) while the remaining items are lost (unexpected behavior).

[Fixed, as of Update 0.5.4b.]

Goo and DM-300 not dropping their item Edit

Main article: Goo
Main article: DM-300

As the max level of bosses is Integer.MAX_VALUE, maxLevel+2 is then a negative integer, preventing the drop of Lloyd's beacon by Goo and Ring of Thorns by DM-300.

Correction performed
The level of bosses is set to 30 instead of Integer.MAX_VALUE

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.0.]

Flammable tiles delayed ignition Edit

Main article: Flammable tile

When striking an enemy with a weapon that applies a burning effect (done with incendiary darts of a Freerunner-Rogue), if the enemy is on or moves on to flammable terrain, it does not ignite immediately.
If you leave the level and return, however, the tiles burst into flames upon entering the affected floor.
Any tiles subjected to flame afterwards also act appropriately.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.0a.]

Incendiary dart doesn't trigger Rotberry shrub Edit

Main article: Rotberry Shrub

When throwing a incendiary dart on a Rotberry shrub, the dart will ignite into flames and do nothing instead of triggering the bush and releasing its toxic gas.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.0a.]

Old wandmaker Edit

Main article: Old wandmaker

If you read a Scroll of Terror near the Old wandmaker, he will flee and come back disturbing and obstructing the Hero/ine.
Every 2 to 3 moves you make, the Hero/ine will "run" in place, leaving the player helpless; and thus, delete a good game.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.0a.]

Plants’ descriptions Edit

Main article: User interface
Main article: Dungeon tile

When examining a tile having grown a plant, there is no description of the plant.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.0a.]

Seed of Rotberry in Backpack crash Edit

Main article: Seed of Rotberry

When saving then loading a game session with a Seed of Rotberry in the backpack, the game crashes with the useless non-informative "ERROR — Something went wrong..." error message.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.1/1.6.1a.]

Transferred ring gem Edit


Ring that are transferred through Hero's remains keep the gem they had during the previous game session, so in the new game session a new ring with same gem may have different type and a new ring with same type may have different gem.

Potential fix

This bug may have been corrected in Update 1.6.2a.

The Troll Blacksmith sometimes doesn’t give his quest Edit


The interaction that triggers this bug is still undetermined, but some runs will have the troll blacksmith giving the Hero/ine his "I'm busy; get lost!" dialogue when the Hero/ine talks to him for the first time, denying the Hero/ine the Dark Gold Ore quest altogether (regardless of any interaction with the items in his room, his flame traps, or having a full pack).

Potential fix

This bug may have been corrected in Update 1.6.2b.

Sleep status bubble Edit


When observing sleeping enemies at times, or after displacing sleeping enemies (via Wand of Teleportation), then observing the still-sleeping enemies, their Sleep status bubble still appears from their original location, rather than by their new location.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.3.]

Planting Seeds on an Alchemy Pot Edit

Main article: Alchemy pot
Main article: Seed

When planting a seed in an alchemy pot from a stack of 4 or more identical seeds, the planted seed is cooked into a potion, allowing to cooked one potion per seed instead of per 3 seeds.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.3a.]

Becoming Berserker while being badly hurt Edit

If the Hero becomes a Berserker while his HP is already below the Fury trigger level, he does not become furious until he loses some HP.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.4.]

Returning Boomerang disappears to a full Backpack Edit

Main article: Boomerang
Main article: Backpack

If a huntress has the boomerang equipped as a melee weapon and her bag is full, when she throws the boomerang and it comes back, the boomerang will disappear with a message saying the Bag is full.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.4a.]

Warlock perk Edit

Main article: Warlock

Full health bar Edit


As the Warlock perk is performed only if some HP are gained (if (subClass == HeroSubClass.WARLOCK && HP < HT)), hunger is not satisfied if the health bar is already full even though “the soul of the enemy is consumed”.
As hunger is independent from health, it should still be satisfied even if the health bar is already full.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.4a.]

Cave spinner crash Edit

Main article: User interface
Main article: Cave spinner

(As of Update 1.6.4a) Tapping the "?"/Examine button, then tapping on a Cave spinner, force-exits you from the game/crashes the app.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.6.4b.]

Stage calculation Edit


Some calculations were using the stage value (from 1 to 5):

Gas propagation Edit

Gas does not pass through tall vegetation.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.7.0.]

Infinitely burning flammable tiles Edit

Main article: Flammable tile

When a burning character (Hero/ine or enemy) keeps standing on any flammable tile (door or grass) the fire lasts forever.

The assumption is that, there is a feedback loop between the tile and the character: The burning tile sets the character on fire, then the burning character sets the tile on fire (resetting its embers transformation), then the burning tile sets the character on fire, then… ad infinitum.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.7.0.]

Upgrading Boomerang with a Short sword Edit

Main article: Boomerang
Main article: Short sword

When upgrading a boomerang by reforging a short sword, the game crashes.

 // ShortSword
private final Listener itemSelector = new Listener() {
    public void onSelect(Item item) {
        ((MeleeWeapon) item).safeUpgrade();

A Boomerang instance cannot be cast to MeleeWeapon, hence a ClassCastException, hence the crash.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.7.0.]

Unrecoverable items Edit

Locked chests Edit

Main article: Locked Chests

Any item (except potions that shatter) thrown at a chest, that you cannot open (you’ve lost the key, or it’s the unopened member of a pair of Crystal chests), cannot be recovered and is definitively lost.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.7.0.]

Stationary NPCs Edit

Main article: NPC

Any item (except Potions that shatter) thrown at stationary NPC's (Old wandmaker, Shopkeeper, and Troll blacksmith) could not be recovered, except with a Wand of Telekinesis, Teleportation, or a Fadeleaf seed, and was definitively lost.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.7.1.]

Amok’ed gnoll shamans game-freeze Edit


Applying the amok debuff to at least two gnoll shamans within each other’s field of view (then going into another room/leaving their field of view) makes the game go into a never-ending loading screen, essentially freezing the game.
The spinning wheel at the top-left corner of the screen just keeps spinning, as if the game is unable to finish loading.
Closing, then restarting, the app, allows one to play where they left off, but performing the action again will re-freeze the game.

[Fixed, sometime from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1c.]

Infinitely charged wand EXPLOIT Edit

Main article: Wand

When a wand is taken and placed in the backpack, an invisible recharge buff is applied to the Hero/ine, in order to give that wand a charge every 40 turns.
However, when that wand is removed from the backpack (dropped or stolen by a thief/bandit), the recharge buff is not detached.
Consequently, by dropping/taking the same wand 40 times (or more), the wand recharges itself each turn (or more) on average, making the wand practically infinitely recharged.

When returning to the game’s Main Menu screen, pressing "I'm not done yet" after obtaining the Amulet of Yendor, or if you drop the wand in one depth, then travel to another depth without the wand, the superfluous recharge buffs disappear; thus, the dropping/picking up exploit must be performed again (for each wand), but as long as you don’t leave the depth without the wand, or return to the Main Menu, it works.

[Fixed, as of Update 1.7.2.]

Potion of Might with Strength badges Edit


Reaching 13/15/17/19 points of Strength by drinking a Potion of Might does not trigger the corresponding badge.


Badges.validateStrengthAttained() is called by PotionOfStrength#apply(Hero/ine) but not by PotionOfMight#apply(Hero/ine).

[Fixed, sometime from 1.7.2 to 1.7.5.]

History Edit

Update Change
0.4.5 Fixed: Several bugs fixed (incl. critical ones)
0.5 Fixed: Several bugs fixed
0.5.1a Fixed: Lloyd's Beacon bug
0.5.2 Fixed:
  • +5 Ring of Resistance bug
  • Scroll Holder bug
0.5.3 Fixed: Stage Calculation - Dewdrop HP gain
0.5.4 Fixed: A whole lot of bugs
0.5.4a Fixed: Key counter
0.5.4b Fixed: Dropping a stack of items on a Well of Transmutation
1.6.0 Fixed: A lot of bugs
  • Goo and DM-300 not dropping their item (Lloyd's Beacon & Ring of Thorns)
1.6.0a Fixed:
  • Flammable tiles delayed ignition
  • Triggering Rotberry Shrub with Incendiary Dart
  • Old Wandmaker being affected by displacing status effects (e.g. Scroll of Terror, Scroll of Challenge, et c.)
  • No Plants' description when examining a tile after growing a plant on it
1.6.1 Fixed: Tons of bugs
1.6.1/1.6.1a? Fixed: Seed of Rotberry in Backpack crash
1.6.2 Fixed: Loads of bugs
1.6.3 Fixed: Several bugs
  • Corrected sleep state display for the Hero/ine and the enemies.
1.6.3a Fixed:
  • Entanglement glyph now available
  • Tengu no longer teleports on top of the Hero/ine
  • Planting Seeds on an Alchemy Pot
1.6.4 Fixed: Lots of bugs
  • The Berserker gains Fury, if his health is under the fury threshold upon reading the Tome of Mastery.
1.6.4a Bug: Game Crash - Tapping the Examine button, then a Cave Spinner, closes the app


  • Returning Boomerang disappears when Backpack is full
  • Warlock Perk - Full health bar
1.6.4b Fixed: Game Crash - Examine-Cave Spinner
1.7.0 Fixed: Numerous bugs
  • Game Crash - Upgrading Boomerang via reforging Short Sword
  • Unrecoverable items - Locked chests
  • Gases not passing through tall vegetation
  • Infinitely burning flammable tiles
  • Stage Calculation - Warlock HP gain
1.7.0 - 1.7.1c Fixed: Amok'ed Gnoll Shamans Game-Freeze
1.7.1 Fixed: Several bugs
  • Unrecoverable items - Stationary NPC's
1.7.1b Fixed: Second & final fix for Pit room generation bug
1.7.1c Fixed: A different Collapsed Floor & Pit room generation bug
1.7.2 Fixed: Infinitely Charged Wand Exploit
1.7.3 Fixed: Several minor bugs
1.7.2 - 1.7.5 Fixed:
  • Potion of Might with Strength badges bug
  • Journal doesn't remove Well of Transmutation when transmuting a weapon
  • Target of the Zeroed-in buff gets saved
  • Snapping out of Frozen doesn't snap the Hero/ine out of Paralysis (and vice versa)
    (Frozen's Paralyzed immunity Exploit has been patched!)
  • Terror debuff tracks source correctly through a save
  • Can't pick up an item unless it can be seen
  • Number of hits needed before an item is identified is saved
1.7.5 Fixed: Numerous bugs
1.9.0 Fixed: Bugs
1.9.1 Fixed: Several major and minor bugs

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