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Old wandmaker


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Type Quest
Spawn Depths 7 to 9
Gives Wand
Walk speed 0 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health ? HP
Dodge 0; Magic Shield
Accuracy ?
Armor Magic Shield
On Damage 0; Magic Shield

The Old wandmaker is a Quest NPC.


Wandmaker gif.gif
Old wandmaker
This old but hale gentleman wears a slightly confused expression. He is protected by a magic shield.


The Old wandmaker can be found in the Prison depths 7 to 9. There will always only be one Wandmaker per game with depths 7 to 9 having 1/3 chance of hosting the Wandmaker.

The Old Wandmaker can give the Seed of Rotberry quest, the Corpse dust quest or the Phantom fish quest. After giving him the Rotberry Seed/Corpse Dust/Phantom Fish, he will give the Hero the option to choose between a Battle wand, or a Non-battle wand.

Seed of Rotberry quest

Main article: Rotberry seed quest

For the Seed of Rotberry quest, he will ask the Hero to find a Rotberry Seed for him. The Rotberry Seed will be on the same depth the Old wandmaker is on, in its plant form (Rotberry Shrub). When the plant is disturbed, it will convert into the seed, release Toxic Gas and apply the Rooted debuff. When picked up, the seed emits a challenge sound (i.e. Scroll of Challenge).

Corpse Dust quest

Main article: Corpse dust quest

For the Corpse dust quest, he will ask the Hero to find some Corpse Dust for him, which can be found in a pile of skeletal remains at the same depth.

Phantom Fish quest

Main article: Phantom fish quest

For the Phantom Fish quest, he will ask the Hero to find a Phantom Fish for him, which can be found in a random water tile at the same depth. The fish will not be visible to the Hero and can only be found by searching each water cell.

Prize generation

The wandmaker will choose a wand based on the category (battle or non-battle) the Hero chose. The wands are divided into the following categories:

Battle wands Non-battle wands Never given
Avalanche Amok Magic Missile
Disintegration Blink Teleportation
Firebolt Regrowth Flock
Lightning Slowness
Poison Reach

Instead of following the standard wand probabilities, each wand in the selected category has an equal chance (20 %) of being selected. Once the wand is selected, the wand receives a random level as normal wards do and then upgraded once. Thus, the final level probabilities are:

Level Probability
+1 1/2 50 %
+2 17/40 42.5 %
+3 3/40 7.5 %


  • The Rotberry Shrub/Skeletal Remains is generally easy to find.  Note that the Rotberry Shrub/Skeletal Remains/Phantom Fish will be on the same depth as the Old wandmaker, and will only appear if you talk to him.
  • If you want to avoid taking damage & getting rooted, you can toss an item on the shrub; this will turn it back into seed form & release the toxic gas. You can then come back later & get the seed without being rooted & harmed by the gas. The alarm will still sound when you pick up the seed, so you may wish to collect it after clearing the level.
  • Once picked up, the Rotberry Seed will work as any other seed. This means that when you throw it, or plant it, it will return to its plant form; and if an enemy steps on it, it will be rooted and covered by toxic gas. Since the shrub always releases a seed after being stepped on, this can be done indefinitely.
  • When given the Rotberry quest, take care if you are using sources of ignition, such as a Wand of Firebolt or weapon with the Blazing enchantment, especially on vegetated levels. Stray flames can burn away the bush, making it impossible to complete the quest.
  • The Corpse Dust will be located in a Skeletal Remains container, along with a Wraith. The Corpse Dust will be cursed when found; and its curse can be removed with a Scroll of Remove Curse.
  • Carrying the (cursed) Corpse Dust in your Backpack seems to attract enemies to your location. (Needs in-code verification) It has yet to be verified whether or not removing the curse will affect this function.


Update Change
1.6.0 ADDED to the game
1.6.0a Fixed: Old Wandmaker no longer affected by displacing status effects (e.g. Scroll of Terror, Scroll of Challenge, et c.)
1.6.2 Added: Corpse dust quest
1.7.0 Fixed: Quest NPC's can no longer drop their reward on a non-walk-able cell (Quest Items can no longer be thrown at a non-walk-able cell)
1.8.0 Added: Phantom fish quest