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Bags provide the Hero the ability store and carry the useful items found within the dungeon. Every Hero starts off with a Backpack and a Key Ring, which stores all of your keys. The first 3 Pixel-marts each feature an add-on bag: the Seed Pouch on depth 6, Scroll Holder on depth 11, and Wand Holster on depth 16.

Each upgrade to the Backpack requires one slot in the Backpack, and it can be accessed by tabs in the Backpack GUI.


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Food is essential for the Hero's survival. If the Hero does not eat food, s/he will become hungry and (eventually) die by starving.

Food also restores five health points, for the Warrior class; and one charge to all wands, for the Mage class.


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All keys can only be used in the depth they are found in.

Plant items


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Fading seeds.gif

Seeds are collectible items found by stepping on grass or plants.

When thrown, each seed grows a corresponding plant with its own effect. Throwing or dropping at least three seeds into an Alchemy pot will brew a potion.


Main article: Dewdrop
A crystal clear dewdrop.

Dewdrops are dropped randomly when trampling tall Vegetation tiles.
When picked up, they are consumed, restoring a small amount of health to the Hero, if s/he was injured (no effect if otherwise).
The number of HP restored is equal to the stage, increased by 1 for Huntresses.

When the Hero is fully healed, dewdrops can be collected and stored in the Dew Vial.

Evil eyes have a 50 % chance of dropping special dewdrops that restore a greater quantity of health.

Quest items

Dried rose

See also: Dried rose quest
Dried rose.png
Dried rose
This rose has dried long ago, but it has kept all its petals somehow.

The Dried Rose is part of an alternate quest given by the Sad Ghost.

The Sad Ghost asks the Hero to find a Dried Rose, by slaying enemies at that depth until it drops; and in return, it will reward the Hero with a weapon or armor.

Giant rat skull

See also: Fetid rat quest
Giant Rat Skull.png
Giant Rat Skull
It could be a nice hunting trophy, but it smells too bad to place it on a wall.

The Giant Rat Skull is part of an alternate quest given by the Sad Ghost.

The Sad Ghost asks the Hero to slay the Fetid rat and give it the rat's skull; and in return, it will reward the Hero with a weapon or armor.

Corpse dust

See also: Corpse dust quest
Corpse dust.png
Corpse dust
The ball of corpse dust doesn't differ outwardly from a regular dust ball. However, you know somehow that it's better to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The Corpse Dust is part of an alternate quest given by the Old wandmaker.

It can be gathered from skeletal remains.  It seems to lure enemies to the Hero when it is in the Backpack. (To Be Confirmed)

It is considered a cursed item, and using a Scroll of Remove Curse will uncurse it, and won't attract enemies anymore.


  • If the Corpse Dust side-quest is given at a depth that has a Pit room, there's a possibility for the Corpse Dust to spawn in the Skeletal Remains within the Pit room; and therefore, it must be accessed from the Collapsed Floor room in the previous depth above, in order to retrieve the Corpse Dust.

Phantom fish

See also: Phantom fish quest
Phantom fish.png
Phantom fish
You can barely see this tiny translucent fish in the air. In the water it becomes effectively invisible.

The Phantom Fish is part of an alternate quest given by the Old wandmaker.

It can be found hidden in a tile of water somewhere. The Phantom Fish is not initially visible and only becomes visible once the Hero searches the cell.

The Phantom Fish can also be eaten. Eating the fish will turn the Hero invisible for 15 turns. Contrary to all other foods, eating the Phantom Fish will not restore any hunger, and it will only take 2 turns, instead of the normal 3 turns.


Main article: Pickaxe
See also: Bat quest
This is a large and sturdy tool for breaking rocks. Probably it can be used as a weapon.

The Pickaxe is part of a quest given by the Troll blacksmith.

The Pickaxe is given to you only after speaking with the Troll blacksmith.

Dark gold ore

See also: Dark gold ore quest
Dark Gold Ore.png
Dark gold ore
This metal is called dark not because of its color (it doesn't differ from the normal gold), but because it melts under the daylight[sic], making it useless on the surface.

Dark Gold Ore are mined as part of the Troll blacksmith's quest. The Dark Gold Ore can be sold at a Shop for 1 gold a piece.

Dwarf token

See also: Golems quest
See also: Monks quest
Dwarf token.png
Dwarf token
Many dwarves and some of their larger creations carry these small pieces of metal of unknown purpose. Maybe they are jewelry or maybe some kind of ID. Dwarves are strange folk.

Dwarf Tokens are part of a quest given by the Ambitious imp. He asks you to either vanquish 6 Golems, or slay 8 Dwarf Monks, which drop a Dwarf Token upon death.

As a reward for giving him at least 6 or 8 tokens (and clearing some Golems/Dwarf Monks), the Imp will give you a cursed, identified ring.

The Dwarf Token can be sold at a Shop for 100 gold a piece.

Miscellaneous items


Main article: Gold
A pile of <insert amount> gold coins. Collect gold coins to spend them later in a shop.

Gold is used for purchasing items from Shops on depths 6, 11, 16, and 21.

Dew vial

Main article: Dew vial
Dew vial
You can store excess dew in this tiny vessel for drinking it later. If the vial is full, in a moment of deadly peril the dew will be consumed automatically.

The Dew Vial is an item that holds up to 10 Dewdrops. Each Dewdrop stored in the vial will heal 10 % of the Hero's total health. When the Dew Vial is full, if the Hero receives a hit that would slay him/her, the Dew Vial will automatically be drank, fully healing the Hero.


Main article: Honeypot
There is not much honey in this small honeypot, but there is a golden bee there and it doesn't want to leave it.

The Honeypot can be thrown/shattered to spawn a Golden bee.


Main article: Bomb
This is a relatively small bomb, filled with black powder. Conveniently, its fuse is lighted automatically when the bomb is thrown.

The bomb can be thrown to damage and paralyze enemies within a 1 tile radius.


Main article: Weightstone
Using a weightstone, you can balance your melee weapon to increase its speed or accuracy.

The Weightstone is a purchasable item that can be used to increase either a melee weapon's speed or accuracy. When another Weightstone is used on an already-balanced weapon, the previous balance is removed and the new balance is applied.


Main article: Ankh
The ancient symbol of immortality grants an ability to return to life after death. Upon resurrection all non-equipped items are lost.

The Ankh can be bought in every Shop, in the quantity of one. It costs 500 gold on depth 6, and its price increases by 50 % in each subsequent shop.


Main article: Torch
It's an indispensable item in The[sic] Demon Halls, which are notorious for their poor ambient lighting.

The Torch can be found randomly in depths 22-24 and can be purchased from the depth 21 Shop. It is needed, to clear the Fog of War in the Demon Halls stage. The Illuminated buff from a Torch only lasts 250 turns before another torch needs to be lit.

Lloyd's beacon

Main article: Lloyd's beacon
Lloyds beacon.png
Lloyd's beacon
Lloyd's beacon is an intricate magic device,[sic] that allows you to return to a place you have already been.

Additional description if the beacon is set:
This beacon was set somewhere on the[sic] level <depth> of Pixel Dungeon.

This item is obtained by slaying Goo (with a drop probability of 1/3). This allows the Hero to teleport to the spot where the device is set up. The Beacon will glow white, while it is set somewhere.

Tome of Mastery

Main article: Tome of Mastery
Tome of Mastery.png
Tome of Mastery
This worn leather book is not that thick, but you feel somehow, that you can gather a lot from it. Remember though that reading this tome may require some time.

This item is obtained by slaying Tengu (for the first time, with any class; the tome will spawn in the Hero's Backpack after every subsequent run). The Tome of Mastery allows the Hero to choose between 2 specializations of their class. There are a total of 8 specializations.

Tome of Remastery

For all intents and purposes, the Tome of Remastery can be obtained and functions the same way as the Tome of Mastery. And its purpose, similarly to re-balancing a weapon from one status to another with another Weightstone, is to allow the Hero to switch from an already chosen sub-class to the other sub-class, provided the player already selected a sub-class at the beginning of their game.

Tengu won't drop the Tome of Remastery if the Tome of Mastery still hasn't been read yet.

Armor kit

Main article: Armor kit
Armor kit.png
Armor kit
Using this kit of small tools and materials anybody can transform any armor into an "epic armor", which will keep all properties of the original armor, but will also provide its wearer a special ability depending on his class. No skills in tailoring, leatherworking or blacksmithing are required.

This item is obtained by slaying the King of Dwarves. The Armor kit is an item which transforms an existing piece of armor into a class-specific garb, each with a unique special ability.

Amulet of Yendor

Main article: Amulet of Yendor
Amulet 16x.png
Amulet of Yendor
The Amulet of Yendor is the most powerful known artifact of unknown origin. It is said that the amulet is able to fulfil[sic] any wish if its owner's will-power is strong enough to "persuade" it to do it.

The Amulet of Yendor is the only item in Depth 26, in-between two skull pillars, at the center of the only room on that depth.

When obtained, you are prompted to choose between finishing the game or continuing to play.

  •  If you select "Let's call it a day", you are returned to the Main Menu and that current game file is erased.
  •  If you select "I'm not done yet", the amulet fills a slot in your Backpack, and you are able to continue playing.

After selecting the "I'm not done yet" option, you may still choose to "End the Game" with the amulet at any time. (Just tap on the item and the selection will show up.)

It can only be dropped or thrown and cannot be equipped; it has no activated ability at this time.


Update Change
0.4.2 ADDED Dewdrop to the game
1.6.0 Added: Dried Rose
1.6.1 Added:
1.6.2 Added:
1.7.0 Fixed: Quest Items can no longer be thrown at a non-walk-able cell
1.7.2 Added: Weightstone
1.7.4 Added: Honeypot
1.8.0 Added: Tome of Remastery