Overpriced Food Ration
Overpriced food
Vital statistics
Type Half-value Food
Effects Restores 100 SP

No Effect

Source Shops only
Cost to buy Depth 6 - 200g

Depth 11 - 300g
Depth 16 - 400g
Depth 21 - 500g

Cost to sell 20g

Description Edit

Overpriced food
Overpriced food ration
It looks exactly like a standard ration of food but smaller.

When Eaten Edit

Overpriced Food Ration is a half-value food type, which will only raise starving to hungry, rather than completely sated (Overpriced Food Rations will only satisfy hunger/starvation for 38.46 % of what a normal Ration of Food would satisfy); and restores 100 satiety points.

If the Hero/ine is only hungry, it will remove Hunger status for a shorter amount of time than other food types.

Obtaining Edit

Can only be obtained from Shops.

Tips Edit

  • Only purchase Overpriced Food Rations if you run out of food on your way back up to the surface after collecting the Amulet of Yendor; and if you are either low, or out of Potions of Healing.
  • Only purchase this when pursuing the "# of Consumed Food" badges, or as a last resort.

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.3 Changed: Satiety Points buffed from 80 SP to 100 SP
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