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Phoenix Pixel Dungeon is a mod of the Original PD which was released on June 3rd, 2015 by reddit user Gohjohn and it is most probably based on version 1.7.5 of Original PD (it includes that version’s addition of mimics, while the Sacrificial Chambers of 1.9.1 are missing). Nevertheless, due to this mod's drastic changes, it is not reasonable to expect a close similarity with version 1.7.5 (that said, readers interested in the changes and additions in Original PD until version 1.7.5 and afterwards can visit this link).


The mod implements one but very drastic change to the Original PD's gameplay: the heroes available are all the regular enemies of Original PD and for each new run the hero resurrects having the sprite of the regular enemy that last killed him/her/it (but not as a boss, if he/she/it was killed by one). The default “starting class” is the Marsupial Rat (weapon: Claws, T1, dam. 5, bleeds enemies starting at +4, armor: Rat Skin, def. 2, acts as a ring of elements starting at +4), but all the other enemies can become available from the main menu's settings, or else the player will have to wait to get killed by them (the melee attack, as the ranged attack does not work, meaning you need to be killed by their melee attack):

  • Gnoll (weapon: Claws, T1, dam. 5,bleeds enemies starting at +4, armor: Gnoll Skin, def. 2, acts as a ring of elements starting at +3). Starts with 500 gold.
  • Sewer Crab (weapon: Crab Claws, fast T1, dam. 5, armor: Crab Shell, def. 2, increases speed). Starts with 3 mystery meats.
  • Skeleton (weapon: Bone Sword, T2, dam. 6, sometimes creates a bone explosion, armor: Skeleton Bones, def. 4, acts as a ring of thorns)
  • Crazy Thief (weapon: Thief Dagger, T1 that steals some items, dam. 5, armor: Thief Cloak, def. 4,acts as a ring of shadows). Starts with 42 gold.
  • Swarm of Flies (weapon: Fly Stinger, T1, dam. 5, armor: Fly Skin, def. 4, has intrinsical Multiplicity, can give levitation at will starting from +4)
  • Gnoll Shaman (weapon: Lightning Staff, ranged weapon with no specific tier that acts as a wand of lighting. when upgraded gives lighting immunity, armor: Gnoll Skin, def. 2, acts as a ring of elements starting at +3), has battlemage perks.
  • Vampire Bat (weapon: Bat Fangs, T2 with intrinsical Vampiric, dam. 7, armor: Bat Skin, def. 6, increases speed, can give levitation at wil starting from +3)
  • Cave Spinner (weapon: Spider Fangs, T2 with intrinsical venomous, dam. 7, armor: Spider Skin, def. 2, immunity to poison and webs and ability to spawn them after you poison)
  • Gnoll Brute (weapon: Brute Claws, T4, dam. 10, armor: Gnoll Skin, def. 2, acts as a ring of element starting at +3), has berserker perks
  • Fire Elemental (weapon: Fire Ball, T3 with intrinsical Blazing, dam. 9, armor: Fire Elemental Body, def. 8, gives immunity to fire and levitation at will)
  • Dwarf Warlock (weapon: Staff of Weakening, ranged weapon of no specific tier that weakens enemies, Warlock Cloak, def. 2, acts as a ring of elements), can unequip both and find both armors and weapons. Has battlemage perks.
  • Golem (weapon: Rock Fists, slow T5, dam. 23, Rock Skin, def. 10, acts as a non upgradable ring of mending, decreases hunger loss and as an upgradable ring of haste)
  • Dwarf Monk (weapon: Monk Fists,T3 with faster attack speed with upgrades, dam. 7, Monk Robe, def. 6)
  • Evil Eye (weapon: Evil Eye of Doom, ranged weapon of no specific Tier with intrinsical Eldritch, armor: Evil Eyelid, def. 4, makes dew drops appear on the staircases), has battlemage perks.
  • Succubus (weapon: Succubus Blink Dagger, melee weapon of no specific Tier that acts as the succubus blink attack, armor: Succubus Leather, def. 4, can skip the blacksmith quest if equipped), can unequip and find armor. Has battlemage perks.
  • Scorpio (weapon: Stinger, T3 that acts as a ranged weapon which crippes, dam. 9, armor: Scorpio Shell, def. 6, allows you to disarm traps you step on when upgraded)

Most weapons and armors have special attributes or grant special abilities based on the enemy's type and in-game behavior, and they can get upgraded by using scrolls of Upgrade, like the weapons and armors of Original PD. The starting stats and the leveling up of all "monster heroes" are the same with the Original’s human heroes. Heroes can’t equip other weapon/armor than the starting ones (unless differently stated) or choose class - subclass. It should be noted that enemy dwarf monks can make you drop your weapon, allowing you to equip something else (this can only be seen in the gnoll shaman, evil eye and succubus, who can all equip any wands they find, tho it's usually better keep your normal weapons as they are stronger).

Also, if you play as a class that cannot find those items, all enemies that in Original PD drop weapons, in Phoenix PD drop gold or missile weapons instead, and weapons/armors can’t be found as loot or sold in shops. Also Tengu doesn’t drop a Tome of Mastery. A starting item is also the Scroll of Debugging: it generates each time it gets used 10 potions of Might, 10 potions of Healing, 10 scrolls of Upgrade, 10 scrolls of Magic Mapping, 10 food rations, so the game can become extremely easy by using it. Degradation is deactivated and the Sad Ghost gives as reward a scroll of Upgrade or potion of Might (if the "monster heroes" can't equip them normally) and not a weapon or armor like it does in Original PD (the other NPCs give the familiar rewards that they give also in Original PD).