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Pixel Dungeon 2 is a mod of Remixed Dungeon which was first released in November 24th, 2017 by Sand from Glass.

Although no version of Remixed Dungeon on which it was based is stated explicitly, judging from the in-game evidence and its "About" screen it was most probably based on version 27.3 fix 2 of November 2017, as in the "About" screen Remixed is mentioned as source for years 2015-2017 (the next version, 27.4 fix 2, was released on January 2018).


This mod is a borderline case between a clone mod and a normal mod, as various minor changes are implemented to Remixed Dungeon, but generally the gameplay of the original 27.3 version of Remixed is kept intact. These minor changes are:

  • Barrels sometimes leak when moved and in that case they cause random buffs or debuffs to the hero.
  • Dewdrops are collected in the dew vial even without full health.
  • The “Load saved game” screen doesn’t load by default upon the hero's death.
  • The Necromancer class starts with the Sharp Bone new weapon.
  • The Rogue class starts with a Dagger and has bigger search radius.
  • Some sprites are changed.
  • The Town has no snow.

Nevertheless, a characteristic that also differentiates this mod from Remixed Dungeon and can be appealing to some players is that saving games is by default available without watching ads, (also the Movie Theater is defunct and doesn’t show ads or give rewards at all), while it is the mod of Remixed Dungeon that includes the most current features of its parent (the Town on the surface being the most important among them). As a consequence of the ads’ absence, there are only three different difficulties available, easy, normal, and expert, which allow saves with no +/- ads option.

Keep also in mind that a unique characteristic of Remixed Dungeon and its mods is that 2-3 additional optional chapters are available before Demon Halls and also 1 additional chapter is obligatory after Demon Halls (2 chapters in the case of Remake PD). Scrolls of Upgrade and potions of Strength spawn also in the additional chapters, but after 8 potions of Strength and 13 scrolls of Upgrade have already spawned, there will be no more of them (the Stranger NPC in Demon Nest will give the hero a potion of Might as a quest reward and he also sells one extra potion of Might but that's about all of the available ways to level up the hero's Strength). So if you have already visited all the optional chapters before the Dwarven Metropolis, don't be surprised if you don't find any potions of Strength and scrolls of Upgrade in the late-game chapters.