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Pixel Dungeon: Legends is a mod of the Original PD that was released on April 23rd, 2015 by Naga Chiang and it is based on version 1.7.5a of the game (stated explicitly), but without degradation. The most important difference of this mod is that all seeds can be eaten to satisfy half hunger and trigger special effects.

  • Dreamweed: Haste
  • Earthroot: Satisfies fully hunger but also Paralyzes for a short while.
  • Fadeleaf: Invisibility
  • Firebloom: Attack Up but also 25% of max HP damage.
  • Icecap: Immune to Gases
  • Sorrowmoss: Mind Vision but also Weakness
  • Sungrass: Cures most debuffs and Illuminates, but does not heal when eaten.

There is also the chance of failed upgrading added, and higher level items are more likely to fail in getting upgraded. Because this mod is based on an older version of Original PD, it lacks some important features of the current version:

  • Auto-aiming of enemies with ranged weapons and wands is not available.
  • Same wands don’t merge.
  • Tengu does not drop a Tome of Remastery if the class has already obtained the Tome of Mastery in a previous run.
  • The Berserker perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks" is missing.
  • The Sacrificial Chamber and the scroll of Wipe Out don't exist.
  • The wand of Telekinesis is still available and is not replaced by the wand of Reach.

(for a fuller list of additions and changes made until version 1.7.5 and afterwards you can visit this link)

It is important to note that due to its name Pixel Dungeon: Legends was banned automatically by Google Play and none of the developer's arguments proving his mod wasn't of course a clone of Pixel Dungeon served to unban the mod. This can be see as an example of how unfair and deficient the Google Play filters can be, that automatically pushed out this mod, while several clones of Pixel Dungeon aren't detected neither deleted without a constant flux or reports.