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Pixel Dungeon ML
#5 Released mod
Developer(s)Rodrigo Pan
DownloadPlay Store
Source CodeGitHub
Current Version1.9.1.10
Pixel Dungeon ML is one of the first generation mods of Original PD that was first released in August 27th, 2014 by Rodrigo Pan and it is based on the just previous than the current (1.9.2.) version 1.9.1. of the game.

Due to the fact that it is based on the directly previous from the current version it has two somewhat important differences from Original PD (there are a few more than these listed below and you can read a full list of the changes in the 1.9.2 final update here):

  • Same wands don’t merge.
  • The Berserker perk: "The more enemies surrounding the Berserker, the faster he performs his attacks" is missing.

It should also be noted that although it is not at all obvious when someone compares the actual gameplay of these two mods, Remixed Dungeon is based on the code of Pixel Dungeon ML for a good part of its general structure coding-wise, that has mostly to do with the localization of the different languages. For this reason Remixed Dungeon is technically a mod of Pixel Dungeon ML (nevertheless players should not expect any surface similarity other than the multi-language support that both mods share).

Translated Languages Edit

There is only one gameplay difference between this mod and Original PD, the existence of the Potion Bandolier, but Pixel Dungeon ML has also the unique important characteristic that it offers the game fully translated in these languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Spanish 
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