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Plugin Pixel Dungeon is a mod of Lovecraft Pixel Dungeon made by its author, TypedScroll/AnonymousPD, and released on July 2017.

This mod was designed to function as just an adjustable version of LCPD (its second incarnation) with optional features. Thus, for details about each optional feature/plugin that follows you can visit the Lovecraft PD link just above. The version of Shattered PD that Plugin PD is based on is v.0.6.1b.and of Lovecraft PD v.I.I.IV (both stated explicitly in-game). Because of its base on a slightly earlier version of LCPD, the features missing from Plugin but that exist in the most recent complete version of LCPD will be also mentioned here to avoid confusion. For details about additions and changes in Shattered PD up to version 0.6.1 you can visit this link.

Plugins - Optional Features[]

In the beginning of each run the player chooses from none to all of the following plugins. The order that they are listed and all the plugin descriptions inside the primary bullets are those displayed in-game.

  • Custom Name: You can give your character a name.
    • The default name given by the game is Bob, even to the huntress.
  • Plants Spawn: Lets plants spawn at random locations in the dungeon.
    • The plant + seed > edible herb Alchemy of LCPD is missing from Plugin.
  • Living Plants: Plants can come alive when you step on them, and they will drop a seed when killed.
    • The after-death effects of plants are basically the same with LCPD, but Stormvine and Sungrass have no after-death effect in Plugin. Plants planted by the hero can still come to life in Plugin.
  • Grimoire: Adds a list with all the mobs you have met.
    • The enemies of Plugin are those of the old regular Shattered and none of LCPD's new enemies or the new features in familiar enemies have been added.
  • Poisoned Weapons: Lets you poison your weapons with seeds.
    • See the seed effects of LCPD. In Plugin poisoning with Blandfruit has no effect, with Sungrass cripples and with Starflower causes bleeding. The other effects are the same with LCPD.
  • More Enchantments
    • See the new enchantments of LCPD.
  • More Curses
    • See the new curses of LCPD.
  • More Traps
    • The traps are just a bit more but there are no new trap types added.
  • More Glyphs
    • See the new glyphs of LCPD. Arcane stylus applies randomly one glyph in Plugin.
  • Bookshelves: Bookshelves will drop scrolls.
    • Unless the Control and Random Rarity plugins are also chosen they drop only regular scrolls occasionally.
  • Control: Gives you control over your luck in the dungeon.
    • After the main plugin selection, a second menu is created, in which the player can determine the amount of items, mobs and traps, and if the ring of Wealth will have a cap or not.
  • Starter Shop: The Shopkeepers' Guild opened a shop on the first floor. This way they can get more money from you.
    • The heroes spawn without any other container than the main backpack. The shop at depth 1 is selling by default the seed pouch for the huntress, rogue and warrior and the wand holster for the mage.
  • Random Rarity: Randomizes the rarity of items.
    • This has to do only with consumable items generation, as this plugin makes scrolls of Magical Infusion, potions of Experience & Might and plants/seeds of Rotberry & Starflower common drops/spawns/loot. Potions of Strength and scrolls of Upgrade also spawn a bit more. Also potions of Strength/Might and scrolls of Upgrade/Magical Infusion are occasionally sold in shops. Armor and weapon tiers, rings and wands generation is not affected at all by this plugin.

The depths' size & room types, the NPCs and the weapon types of Plugin are those of the old regular Shattered and none of LCPD's new features have been added.

Known Bugs[]

Unfortunately the mod's main feature is bugged: if the player exits the game and re-opens the run, all the plugins are practically turned off, and Plugin PD becomes mostly a Shattered PD v.0.6.1b. In other words, to keep playing Plugin PD, you must not exit your run until you finish it.

Known Broader Issues[]

As mentioned before, Plugin PD was based on Lovecraft PD, developed also by TypedScroll/AnonymousPD. In Lovecraft PD, the Luger gun (which was used mostly by the SS during WW-II) is sold for 1488 gold, which for nazis and neo-nazis has the code meaning "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." (for more details visit this link). For the second reason, as Lovecraft PD was considered to be promoting hate speech by including a nazi dog-whistle, Lovecraft PD and all the other mods of its developer (Plugin PD, Overgrown PD, Statistics PD), along with the developer himself have been permanently banned from the PD subreddit.


Recent investigations have found that Plugin PD had been fully translated to Chinese by an unknown user around 2018.