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Potions are one-time use consumable items. There are a total of 12 types of potions in the game.

Before the first use, all potions are unidentified (Except in the case of the Warrior class, who automatically has Potions of Strength identified).

Potions can also be brewed at an alchemy pot. Dropping 3 or more seeds into one generates a potion corresponding to the seeds used; there is a chance of brewing a random potion, instead. Using more seeds of the same type increases the odds of obtaining the associated potion.


There are a total of 12 potion colors: turquoise, crimson, azure, jade, golden, magenta, charcoal, bistre, amber, ivory, silver and indigo. Potions are randomized with each new game (e.g. a gold potion may be a Potion of Experience in one game, and a Potion of Liquid Flame in the next). Once the effect of a potion is observed, it becomes identified for that run.

Turquoise Crimson Azure Jade
Torquoise.png Crimson.png Azure.png Jade.png
Golden Magenta Charcoal Bistre
Golden.png Magenta.png Charcoal.png Bistre.png
Amber Ivory Silver Indigo
Amber.png Ivory.png Silver.png Indigo.png


Some potion effects are more beneficial when consumed, and some are more effective when thrown.

There are a total of 12 different effects:

  1. Toxic Gas - Creates a gas that damages all creatures (Hero included) in its area of effect.
  2. Experience - Instantly gives the Hero enough XP to level up.
  3. Strength - Permanently raises the Hero's Strength stat by 1.
  4. Liquid Flame - Causes the drinker, or target, to catch fire, taking immediate & incremental fire damage.
  5. Frost - Temporarily freezes all creatures (Hero included) in its area of effect.
  6. Healing - Instantly refills the Hero's health.
  7. Invisibility - Makes the Hero invisible for 15 turns.
  8. Levitation - Causes the Hero to levitate, being immune to traps & the Rooted debuff, for 20 turns.
  9. Mind Vision- Allows the Hero to see all enemies at the current depth, for 20 turns.
  10. Paralytic Gas - Creates a gas that paralyzes all creatures (Hero included) in its area of effect.
  11. Purification - Instantly clears any harmful gases (Toxic gas, Paralytic gas, Confusion gas); grants gas immunity for 5 turns when drank.
  12. Might - Permanently raises the Hero's Strength stat by 1 & Health by 5.

Potion status

  • A beneficial potion is intended to be drank, thus you’ll instead get a warning confirmation pop-up when trying to throw it.
  • A harmful potion is intended to be thrown, thus you’ll instead get a warning confirmation pop-up when trying to drink it.
  • A versatile potion is intended to be either drank, or thrown, so there’ll never be a warning confirmation pop-up.

Potion generation probabilities

Potion Probability
Potion of Healing 45/151 29.8 %
Potion of Experience 4/151 2.65 %
Potion of Toxic Gas 15/151 9.93 %
Potion of Paralytic Gas 10/151 6.62 %
Potion of Liquid Flame 15/151 9.93 %
Potion of Levitation 10/151 6.62 %
Potion of Strength 0 0 %
Potion of Mind Vision 20/151 13.25 %
Potion of Purification 12/151 7.95 %
Potion of Invisibility 10/151 6.62 %
Potion of Might 0 0 %
Potion of Frost 10/151 6.62 %


  • To test out potions, stand on a tile with water to prevent fire, and near a door to escape poisonous gas. Be careful of location, health, and hunger, when the Paralytic Gas potion hasn't been identified.
  • Explore the entire floor before identifying its potions, as some of them might have been generated as solutions to Special rooms.


  • The indigo potion is the only potion that has a different colored cork.
  • All the potions avoid the common color names such as brown, red, and blue; instead, they are "bistre", "crimson", and "azure".


Update Change
0.2.2 ADDED Potions to the game
1.6.2a Changed/Fixed: Potions no longer spawn on top of each other in the Laboratory.
1.7.2 - 1.7.5 Changed:
  • Potions identified from shattering only get identified when shattered where the Hero can see them.
    • Potions only display shatter effect when visible.