Potion of Frost

Fading potions

Infobox sewers

Potion color is randomized each game
Type Versatile
Source Dwarf warlock

▪ In shops
▪ Randomly generated on floors

Reusable no
Upgradeable no
Stackable yes
Identified buy 250 gold
Unidentified buy 100 gold
Identified sell 50 gold
Unidentified sell 20 gold

The Potion of Frost is a versatile potion.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​potions.​PotionOfFrost".


Potion of Frost
Upon exposure to open air, this chemical will evaporate into a freezing cloud, causing any creature that contacts it[sic] to be frozen in place, unable to act and move.


The Potion of Frost can be found randomly at regular depths (not at Boss depths), and in Shops, or as a random drop from Dwarf warlock or brewed through alchemy.

When drank

The Frozen debuff is applied to the Hero/ine and to enemies around him/her, for a duration of 5 turns.
It also extinguishes fire (Burning debuff) in its area-of-effect.

When thrown

The Frozen debuff is applied to enemies around the shatter point (and to the Hero/ine if s/he is too close to it), for a duration of 5 turns.
It also extinguishes fire (Burning debuff) in its area-of-effect.


Throwing a potion of Frost


  • Use on all Mystery Meat, to turn them into Frozen Carpaccio.
  • Use against Fire Elementals, to inflict Frost damage {triangular range: 1 — depth(totalHealth×2/3) }.
  • Drinking this potion also seems to prevent the Hero/ine from receiving the Paralyzed debuff (from the Paralytic Gas blob), for a much longer duration than the Potion of Purification. (However, it is uncertain whether this is intended, or an exploit.)
  • Potions of Frost are good to use in boss battles; it can freeze the boss to help you get extra hits on it, or to use items that heal you, if you are weak.


Update Change
0.4.2 ADDED to the game
0.5.1 Changed: Frost extinguishes fire
1.6.4 Changed: Frost damages Fire elementals {Frost Damage, in triangular range: 1 — depth(totalHealth×2/3) }

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