Potion of Invisibility

Fading potions

Infobox sewers

Potion color is randomized each game
Type Beneficial
Forced by Flooded vault
Source Dwarf warlock

▪ In shops
▪ Randomly generated on floors

Reusable no
Upgradeable no
Stackable yes
Identified buy 200 gold
Unidentified buy 100 gold
Identified sell 40 gold
Unidentified sell 20 gold

The Potion of Invisibility is a beneficial potion.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​potions.​PotionOfInvisibility".


Potion of Invisibility
Drinking this potion will render you temporarily invisible. While invisible, enemies will be unable to see you. Attacking an enemy, as well as using a wand or a scroll before [sic] enemy's eyes, will dispel the effect.


The Potion of Invisibility can be found randomly at regular depths (not at Boss depths), and in Shops, or as a random drop from Dwarf warlock or brewed through alchemy. In addition, there is always a Potion of Invisibility at a depth with a flooded vault.

When drank


Drinking a potion of Invisibility

The Invisible buff is applied to the Hero/ine for a duration of 15 turns, enabling him/her to not be seen, and thus attacked, by enemies. If an enemy is struck, or a wand/scroll is used in an enemy's field-of-view, the invisibility ends, and the Hero/ine will be detectable again.
Invisibility wouldn't be lost by throwing missile weapons (i.e. the Boomerang), or potions, at enemies, until Invisible's full duration ends.

When thrown

Throwing confirmation

Are you sure you want to throw it? In most cases it makes sense to drink it.
When breaking

The flask shatters and <potion color> liquid splashes harmlessly


  • If not within an enemy's field-of-view, reading a scroll, or zapping a wand, will not prematurely end the Invisible buff.
  • As one of the dungeon's "forced items", the Potion of Invisibility is primarily used for safely bypassing the Giant Piranha, which guard an item in a Flooded Vault.
  • Potions of Invisibility can be used to retreat from standard/rare/special enemies, or regroup from a boss.
  • This is an essential combat item for the Sniper sub-class, especially for most Boss Battles.


Update Change
1.6.3 Fixed: Now categorized as Beneficial

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