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The Potion of Liquid Flame is a harmful potion.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​potions.​PotionOfLiquidFlame".


Potion of Liquid Flame
This flask contains an unstable compound which will burst violently into flame upon exposure to open air.


The Potion of Liquid Flame can be found randomly at regular depths (not at Boss depths), and in Shops, or as a random drop from Dwarf warlock or brewed through alchemy. In addition, there is always a Potion of Liquid Flame at a depth with a storage. The Potion of Liquid Flame can also be obtained as a drop from Fire elemental.

When drank

Drinking confirmation
Are you sure you want to drink it? In most cases you should throw such potions at your enemies.

Throwing a potion of Liquid flame

The Fire blob is applied to the Hero (giving them the burning debuff) and, if possible, to the flammable tile they are standing on.

When thrown

The Fire blob is applied to the impact point if possible, i.e. on targeted enemy and/or flammable tile.


Since there is a turn delay on the fire blob's activation, when throwing it at the same cell that a wandering/alerted enemy is standing on (which results in a "Miss"), it is highly recommended to "lead your aim" ahead of the target; throwing it to the cell the enemy would move to, once the potion lands, in order to successfully ignite your intended enemy target. (The delay might be removed with an upgraded Ring of Haste, a Wand of Slowness, a Chilling Boomerang, or with Javelins.)