A quest is an optional task given by quest NPCs.
When a quest is completed, the Hero/ine gains a reward.

Each quest NPC randomly gives one quest among two possible ones.
For a given NPC, the reward is the same, regardless of the quest it may give.

Existing quests Edit

Sad ghost Edit

At depths 2 to 4, the Sad Ghost gives one of these three quests:

Reward: A melee weapon or an armor.

Old wandmaker Edit

At depths 7 to 9, the Old Wandmaker gives one of these three quests:

Reward: Either a battle wand, or a non-battle wand.

Troll blacksmith Edit

At depths 12 to 14, the Troll Blacksmith gives one of these two quests:

Reward: Offers to reforge two items into one of 1 upgrade value higher.

Ambitious imp Edit

At depths 17 to 19, the Ambitious Imp gives one of these two quests:

Reward: A cursed, identified ring. (Also unlocks the Last shop)

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.0 ADDED to the game
1.6.1 Added:
1.6.2 Added:
1.6.3 Added: Bat quest (Troll Blacksmith)
1.6.4 Added: Monks quest (Ambitious Imp)

Changed: Quest dialogues have highlighted words (i.e. Target & Reward)

1.8.0 Added:

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