Rat king

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Type Standard
Spawn depth 5, behind a hidden door in Goo's room
Gives 1 to 5 Gold, usually degraded random weapons, & random armor
Walk speed 2 tiles per turn
Attack details
Health Cannot be harmed HP
Dodge 0
Accuracy 0
Armor Cannot be harmed
On Damage Cannot be harmed; Flees

The Rat king is a Standard NPC.

Description Edit

Rat king gif
Rat king
This rat is a little bigger than a regular marsupial rat and it's wearing a tiny crown on its head.

Info Edit

The Rat King is located at depth 5, in a room behind a hidden door, in Goo's room. The room is fully lined with chests, which mostly contain poor quality items.

The Rat King will wander around aimlessly after woken up.
He cannot be harmed in any other way except with the Scroll of Wipe Out.


When you wake the Rat King up, he says, "I'm not sleeping!".

The Rat King then wanders the area of the depth, trying to find a way to get back to his "Kingdom".

If you tap on him while he's wandering, he'll say, "What is it? I don't have time for this nonsense. My kingdom won't rule itself!"

Prize generation

Each chest can contain gold, a weapon or armor.

  • If a missile weapon is chosen, its quantity will be one.
  • If a melee weapon, or armor, is chosen, it will be generated according to the standard weapon generation, or armor generation, but will then be degraded by 0 to 2 levels once generated.
    Thus, the level will be between -5 to 3 and most likely cursed.
    Note that it can give non-cursed items with a negative modifier. (Degraded Value)
  • If gold is chosen, then it will have 1 to 5 pieces.
  • There is sometimes a Mimic hidden in the room.


The Rat King was added in Update 1.7.0, as an Easter egg, referencing an April Fool's joke on Reddit.


Update Change
1.7.0 ADDED to the game
1.9.0 Changed: Can only be obliterated by the Scroll of Wipe Out

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