Ring of Haggler

Fading rings

Infobox sewers

Ring color is randomized each game
Function Decreases shops' prices
Source Crazy thief/bandit (1/100)
Reusable yes
Upgradeable no
Stackable no
Breakable no
Buy cannot be bought
Identified sell 80 gold
Unidentified sell 80 gold

The Ring of Haggler is a ring.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​rings.​RingOfHaggler".


Ring of Haggler
In fact this ring doesn't provide any magic effect, but it demonstrates to shopkeepers and vendors, that the owner of the ring is a member of The Thieves' Guild. Usually they are glad to give a discount in exchange for temporary immunity guarantee. Upgrading this ring won't give any additional bonuses.


The Ring of Haggler can only be obtained as a rare drop from a Crazy thief, or Crazy bandit (both 1/100 chance), or it may also be transferred between games through the Hero's remains.

When worn

When worn, this ring will allow the Hero/ine to buy items from the Shopkeeper at a 50% discount.


The Ring of Haggler cannot degrade


Update Change
0.3.4 Changed: Now, it's impossible to upgrade a Ring of Haggler
0.4.5 Changed: Ring of Haggler is not needed for unlocking "All Rings" badge
1.7.2-1.7.5 Fixed: Ring of Haggler can't degrade

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