Ring of Herbalism

Fading rings

Infobox sewers

Ring color is randomized each game
Function More vegetation drops
Source ▪ Randomly generated in depth

Ambitious imp

Reusable yes
Upgradeable yes
Stackable no
Breakable yes
Buy cannot be bought
Identified sell 80 gold
Unidentified sell 80 gold

The Ring of Herbalism is a ring.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​rings.​RingOfHerbalism".


Ring of Herbalism
This ring increases your chance to gather dew and seeds from trampled grass.


The Ring of Herbalism can be found randomly in regular depths (not in Boss depths), in any item container, on a pedestal, or it may also be transferred between games through the Hero's remains. The Ambitious imp may also give the ring.

When worn

When worn, the probabilty for vegetation to drop a dewdrop or a seed is increased.

Ring level Dewdrop chance Seed chance
not worn 1/5 1/15
negative 0 0
0 to 4 level+210 level+230
5 to 14 level-1level+1
15 and more level-6level+1
Ring of Herbalism

Effect of a Ring of Herbalism +1 on a room full of grass


This chart displays the rate at which the Ring of Herbalism degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 1600
+1 1500
+2 1400
+3 1300
+4 1200
+5 1100
+6 1000
+7 900
+8 800
+9 700
+10 600
+11 500
+12 400
+13 300
+n 100×(16-n)


  • A level 0 ring will have no effect at all.
  • At no point will there be a 100 % chance that trampling grass will drop something.
  • A level three ring gives 50 % chance of dropping dewdrops and a level 13 ring gives a 50 % chance for a seed.


Update Change
1.6.4 ADDED to the game
1.6.4a Changed: Ring of Herbalism's Level 5 & 15 thresholds have been increased to 6 & 18