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There are 12 different rings in the game, with randomly selected gemstones.

The Hero may equip two rings at a time.
They can be degraded or upgraded, affecting the stat that the ring augments.
When two rings of the same type are equipped, the rings’ levels simply add up, except for Rings of Detection, Elements, Haggler, Herbalism, Power, and Thorns.
An unidentified ring will become naturally identified after being worn for 200 turns.


The gems of rings in the dungeon are randomized every game.

Garnet Ruby Quartz Topaz Emerald Onyx
Garnet ring.png
Ruby ring.png
Quartz ring.png
Topaz ring.png
Emerald ring.png
Onyx ring.png
Opal Tourmaline Sapphire Amethyst Agate Diamond
Opal ring.png
Tourmaline ring.png
Sapphire ring.png
Amethyst ring.png
Agate ring.png
Diamond ring.png


Name Description Notes
Accuracy This ring increases your chance to hit the enemy.
Detection Wearing this ring will allow the wearer to notice hidden secrets - traps and secret doors - without taking time to search. Degraded rings of detection will dull your senses, making it harder to notice secrets even when actively searching for them. This ring increases your search radius depending on its level, as well.
Elements This ring provides resistance to different elements, such as fire, electricity, gases etc. Also it decreases duration of negative effects. Replaced Cleansing & Resistance in Update 1.6.4.
Evasion This ring increases your chance to dodge enemy attack.
Haggler (ring +1) In fact this ring doesn't provide any magic effect, but it demonstrates to shopkeepers and vendors, that the owner of the ring is a member of The Thieves' Guild. Usually they are glad to give a discount in exchange for temporary immunity guarantee. Upgrading this ring won't give any additional bonuses. This ring gives a 50% discount at shops. It has a very low chance to be dropped by the Crazy thief and the Crazy bandit.
Haste This ring accelerates the wearer's flow of time, allowing one to perform all actions a little faster.
Herbalism This ring increases your chance to gather dew and seeds from trampled grass. Added in Update 1.6.4.
Mending This ring increases the body's regenerative properties, allowing one to recover lost health at an accelerated rate. Degraded rings will decrease or even halt one's natural regeneration. Ring is ineffective while starving.
Power Your wands will become more powerful in the energy field that radiates from this ring. Degraded rings of power will instead weaken your wands. Replaced Energy in Update 1.6.4
Satiety Wearing this ring you can go without food longer. Degraded rings of satiety will cause the opposite effect. This ring will also reduce the rate of starving damage.
Shadows Enemies will be less likely to notice you if you wear this ring. Degraded rings of shadows will alert enemies who might otherwise not have noticed your presence. The Rogue starts with a level 1 Ring of Shadows.
Thorns (ring +1) Though this ring doesn't provide real thorns, an enemy that attacks you will itself be wounded by a fraction of the damage that it inflicts. Upgrading this ring won't give any additional bonuses. DM-300 has a 1/3 chance to drop this ring. It is unobtainable any other way.
Cleansing This ring decreases duration of negative effects such as Poison, Paralysis, Burning etc. Unobtainable after Update 1.6.4.
Energy Your wands will recharge at an accelerated rate in the energy field that radiates from this ring. Degraded rings of energy will instead cause your wands to recharge more slowly. Unobtainable after Update 1.6.4.
Resistance Depending on its level, this ring provides resistance to different elements, such as fire, electricity, gases etc. Unobtainable after Update 1.6.4.

Ring Generation Probabilities


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Update Change
0.2.2 ADDED Rings to the game
1.6.4 Added:
1.6.4a Changed:
  • Ring of Herbalism's Level 5 & 15 thresholds have been increased to 6 & 18
  • DM-300's Ring of Thorns drops as Level 1 (+1) instead of 0.


  • Degradation:
    • Only the Scroll of Upgrade and forging 2 rings of the same type (e.g. 2 Rings of Haste) with the Troll Blacksmith can repair rings.
    • Rings have a durability of 80 * (16 - level).
  • Here are a few strategies to assess items before the auto-identification kicks in for rings:
    • Ring of Detection is the easiest to identify; just check if your search zone increases.
    • Ring of Haste can be identified by checking if you can outrun enemies or occasionally land two strikes when they have only one.
    • Ring of Power can be very easily identified if you have a wand whose effect directly varies with the level, such as a Wand of Blink or a Wand of Disintegration.
      If the range extends when the ring is equipped, it is a Ring of Power.
    • Ring of Accuracy and Ring of Evasion can be identified by monitoring your and the enemy's hit rate, but the effect is not really obvious at level +1.
    • Most other rings are tricky to identify; you should probably just wear them for a while.
    • It is not recommended to equip unidentified rings since degraded rings will cause negative effects when worn.