Rotting fist
Rotting fist infobox
Summoned by Yog-Dzewa
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 300 HP
Dodge 25
Armor 15
Resistant to Toxic gas
Grim weapon
Scroll of Psionic Blast
Immune to Amok
On damage Nothing special
Range Melee
Accuracy 36
Damage 24 to 36 (30 ±2.67)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Gives Caustic ooze (1/3)
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 0 XP
Drops Nothing

The Rotting fist is a special enemy summoned by Yog-Dzewa.


Rotting fist gif
Rotting fist
Yog-Dzewa is an Old God, a powerful entity from the realms of chaos. A century ago, the ancient dwarves barely won the war against its army of demons, but were unable to kill the god itself. Instead, they then imprisoned it in the halls below their city, believing it to be too weak to rise ever again.


  • When on water, the Rotting Fist will heal 4 HP per turn.
  • When attacking, the Rotting Fist can inflict the Caustic ooze debuff to the Hero/ine, with a probability of 1/3rd.
    Caustic ooze will act like a poison, taking 1 HP from the Hero/ine per move.
    The Hero/ine can wash the debuff away by stepping on water.

Special notes

  • The Rotting Fist dies when the eyeball dies.
  • Slaying a fist drops the damage reduction on the eye by half.
    • Damage inflicted by the Hero/ine on the eyeball, is divided by 4, if the 2 fists remain, and are divided by 2, if 1 fist remains.


  • See: Yog-Dzewa Boss Guide
  • Armor that absorbs up to 40 Dmg, is needed to get through the fight. (Its highest dmg output is 36, as shown in the infobox on the right.)
  • A weapon that inflicts an approximate average of 30-35 Dmg (1/10th of his total HP) is needed, to face & defeat Yog-Dzewa.
  • Potion of Healing to help heal throughout the fight.
  • The Rotting Fist is especially weak against the Bleeding, Burning, & Charmed debuffs, so inflict them on the Rotting Fist before attacking, for additional Damage-Over-Time & Crowd Control, expediting the fight.
  • Items that inflict the Paralyzed debuff are optimal against the Burning Fist.
    (i.e. A Stunning-enchanted weapon, Wand of Avalanche, Curare darts, Potion of Paralytic Gas, and/or Bombs)
  • Use a wand, or potion, to slow down the fists.
    • Wand of Slowness can help by decelerating its attacks.
    • Using a Potion of Toxic Gas, in combination with a Potion of Invisibility, will aid in the fight tremendously. Provided, of course, you stay out of the gas' range.
      • You should use a Potion of Invisibility to get to the fists without being noticed.
  • Using a Scroll of Mirror Image will be very helpful.
  • Obtaining a rare Vampiric-enchanted weapon can be a real boon when fighting the fists.
  • Melee-centric combat approach:
    Slay Yog-Dzewa (the eyeball) first, if possible.


Update Change
0.5 ADDED to the game
1.7.3 Changed: Rotting Fist is now immune to Vertigo
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