[This wiki page describes the current version "0.9.4 Testers' Party - The Start" in which only three minor changes have been made in these game features, the relocation of the first Dew Developer from depth 2 to 1, the addition of the "Mock Sweet Home" on depth 45, and the random availability of Spring Festival Town of depth 66.]

Depth messages, NPCs, Unique items[edit | edit source]

As the reader will see, most of Sprouted PD's messages in the depths' signposts have been changed, to inform the player about the new unique features of SPS-PD.

1-5: Sewers[edit | edit source]

Sewers chapter message
The Dungeon lies right beneath the City, its upper levels actually constitute the City's sewer system.

As dark energy has crept up from below the usually harmless sewer creatures have become more and more dangerous. The city sends guard patrols down here to try and maintain safety for those above, but they are slowly failing.

This place is dangerous, but at least the evil magic at work here is weak.

Sign sewers.png
Depth 1 signpost
Welcome to this world. I'm your guide. If this is your first time playing this game, you should open your backpack and use that Random Soul. Pet is strong at the game start, but there are other stronger pets. Try to summon them and feed pet food to them.

The second part of the mesage means that Random Soul pets are good for the beginning of the game but they are weaker in comparison to the Mob Soul pets.

  • First Shopkeeper: Dolya Slate (formerly Oitluke's Journal).
  • First Dew Developer: Dew Vial’s first extra abilities, Dew Upgrade Cap +2 (+3 for mages)
Sign sewers.png
Depth 2 signpost
The world is based on magic and time. Check your time and survive in the evening.

The second part of the message is referring to the cycle of night and day in the dungeon, which affects the hero's vision and also the rate of enemies' spawning (lower during the day, higher during the night).

  • No NPC. Dew Mushroom
Sign sewers.png
Depth 3 signpost
You can create delicious foods by cooking in alchemy. Just make sure you add right number of meat, vegetable, ration, fruit and water.
  • No NPC. Dew Upgrade Cap +3 (+4 for mages)
Sign sewers.png
Depth 4 signpost
Differently with the other worlds, upgrading items won't make them lighter.

The message means that upgrading most weapons and all types of armor does not lower their strength requirement, like it does in the world of Sprouted PD and the world of other mods.

  • No NPC
Sign sewers.png
Depth 5 signpost
Note to all sewer maintenance & cleaning crews: TURN BACK NOW. Some sort of sludge monster has made its home here and several have been lost trying to deal with it.

Approval has been given to seal off the lower sewers, this area has been condemned, LEAVE NOW.

Note that Sewer Goo is one of the three possible chapter bosses and not the only one appearing.

  • First Chapter Bosses: Plague Doctor / Sewer Goo / Sewer Heart > Sokoban 1 dolya slate page - portal to depth 51.

6-10: Abandoned Prison[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Prison chapter message
Many years ago a prison was built here to house dangerous criminals. Tightly regulated and secure, convicts from all over the land were brought here to serve time.

But soon dark miasma started to creep from below, twisting the minds of guard and prisoner alike.

In response to the mounting chaos, the city sealed off the entire prison. Nobody knows what became of those who were left for dead within these walls...

Sign prison.png
Depth 6 signpost
Pixel-Mart - all you need for succesful adventure. Also a Sweet Home is on sell now.
  • Second Shopkeeper: Sweet Home dolya slate page (formerly Safe Room) - Portal to depth 50. Dew Upgrade Cap +4 (+5 for mages)
Sign prison.png
Depth 7 signpost
Some test types made by tower are sold in each shop. You can combine two stone ores in the alchemy pot to create a heavy ammo. Also you can try to combine seeds with stone ore.

This message refers to the type A, B, C etc. guns that are sold in each dungeon shop and to the new alchemy combinations that have become available in SPS-PD and allow the hero to craft special bombs and enhancing ammo for guns.

  • Old Wandmaker: Battle or Non-Battle Wand and also Adamant Wand as quest rewards for all classes.
Sign prison.png
Depth 8 signpost
Being hungry doesn't hurt, but starving does hurt and will reduce your power.
  • No NPC
Sign prison.png
Depth 9 signpost
There are lots of hidden doors, traps and bad weather in this dungeon. Be careful.
  • No NPC. Dew Upgrade Cap +5 (+6 for mages)
Sign prison.png
Depth 10 signpost
Warning, here is a military forbidden zone!

The message refers to TANK, one of the three possible chapter bosses of this depth.

  • Second Chapter Bosses: Prison Warden / TANK / Tengu > Skill Kit, Sokoban 2 dolya slate page and Tengu's Hideout page - portals to depths 36 and 52. These chapter bosses do not drop the Tome of Mastery anymore.

11-15: Mining Caves[edit | edit source]

Mining Caves chapter message
The caves, which stretch down under the abandoned prison, are sparcely populated. They lie too deep to be exploited by the City and they are too poor in minerals to interest the dwarves. In the past there was a trade outpost somewhere here on the route between these two states, but it has perished since the decline of Dwarven Metropolis. Only omnipresent gnolls and subterranean animals dwell here now.
Sign caves.png
Depth 11 signpost
Pixel-Mart. Spend money, live longer. Also buy a ticket.
  • Third Shopkeeper: Invitation from Town dolya slate page - portal to depth 55 (Dolya Town, formerly Dolyahaven)
  • Troll Blacksmiths: Reinforcing and reforging
Sign caves.png
Depth 12 signpost
Weapons are different. Find one you like and put all upgrades into it. There are three types of armor: light armor, heavy armor, and normal armor.
  • Rune Scholar Lynn: Dew vial’s second extra abilities, Mr. Destructo, Control mobile or Fairy Card also as a reward for the dew mushroom. Dew Upgrade Cap +6
Sign caves.png
Depth 13 signpost
Make sure you have more buffs and less debuffs.
  • No NPC
Sign caves.png
Depth 14 signpost
Bombs and darts can only be used once. Use them wisely.
  • No NPC
Sign caves.png
Depth 15 signpost
DANGER! Heavy machinery can cause injury, loss of limbs or death!

The message refers to DM-300, but there are two other possible bosses, the Spider Queen and the Hybrid.

  • Third Chapter Bosses: DM-300 / Spider Queen / Hybrid > Tome of Mastery, Sokoban 3 dolya slate page - portal to depth 53. Dew upgrade cap +7 (+8 for mages)

16-20: Dwarven Metropolis[edit | edit source]

Dwarven Metropolis chapter message
Dwarven Metropolis was once the greatest of dwarven city-states. In its heyday the mechanized army of dwarves has successfully repelled the invasion of the old god and his demon army. But it is said, that the returning warriors have brought seeds of corruption with them, and that victory was the beginning of the end for the underground kingdom.
Sign city.png
Depth 16 signpost
Pixel-Mart. A safer life in dungeon.
  • Fourth Shopkeeper (no unique items sold)
  • Imp in either depth 17, 18 or 19: Upgraded ring as reward, Imp's shop at depth 21 becomes available after completing its quest.
Sign city.png
Depth 17 signpost
There are more than 30 easter eggs in this game. Try to find them and collect 16 of them.
Sign city.png
Depth 18 signpost
I will add a doctor mob in the next version, if I remember this.

While the memo has been kept, this addition was made, it's the Plague Doctor chapter boss on depth 5.

  • Dew upgrade cap +8 (+9 for mages)
Sign city.png
Depth 19 signpost
As your adventure proceeds, there will be more and more people joining the Downtown.

The message means that Dolya Town gets more and more populated with NPCs as the hero proceeds further in the game.

Sign city.png
Depth 20 signpost
No weapons allowed in the presence of His Majesty!

The message refers to the King of Dwarves, but in current SPS-PD two more possible chapter bosses have been added to the this depth, the Elder Avatar and the Lich Dancer.

  • Fourth Chapter Bosses: Dwarf King / Elder Avatar / Lich Dancer > Sokoban 4 dolya slate page - portal to depth 54. These chapter bosses do not drop the Skill Kit anymore.

21-24: Demon Halls[edit | edit source]

Demon Halls chapter message
In the past these levels were the outskirts of Metropolis. After the costly victory in the war with the old god dwarves were too weakened to clear them of remaining demons. Gradually demons have tightened their grip on this place and now it's called Demon Halls. Very few adventurers have ever descended this far...
Sign city.png
Depth 21 signpost
Pixel-Mart. Special prices for demon hunters!
  • Imp shop: Trial Books - Portals to depths 31-34. Dew Upgrade Cap +9 (+10 for mages)
Sign halls.png
Depth 22 signpost

As you try to read the sign it bursts into greenish flames.

  • No NPC
Sign halls.png
Depth 23 signpost

As you try to read the sign it bursts into greenish flames.

  • No NPC
Sign halls.png
Depth 24 signpost

As you try to read the sign it bursts into greenish flames.

  • No NPC. Dew Upgrade Cap +10 (+11 for mages)

25-26: First Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

25. Yog-Dzewa > Ghost Elevator. During most of the year the Year Beast mininboss also drops here randomly (only if it is killed within 5 game turns) but not always the Spring Festival Land dolya slate page - portal to depth 66. The 5 turns get increased to 1,000 during the specific time period of late January - early February, which is the period of the Spring Festival celebration in China, so during that time this dolya slate page is dropped always by it, and Spring Festival Town becomes visitable in every run.]

26. Chocolate Pudding Cup

27-30: Challenge (former Key) depths[edit | edit source]

27. Forest: Treasure Map - portal to depth 43

28. Prison: Bone - portal to depth 37

29. Caves: Conch shell - portal to depth 38

30. City: Ancient Coin - portal to depth 40

31-33: Trial (former Book) depths[edit | edit source]

31. Courage Trial: Triforce 1/3, part of portal to depth 35

32. Power Trial: Triforce 1/3, part of portal to depth 35. Second Dew Developer: Dew Vial’s enhanced abilities.

33. Wisdom Trial: Triforce 1/3, part of portal to depth 35

35: Second Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

35. Shadow Yogs > Orb of Zot - portal to depth 67. Dew Upgrade Cap +13 (+14 for mages)

36-43: Challenge (former Key) Bosses’ depths[edit | edit source]

36. Tengu's Hideout > Adamant Ring

37. Skeleton King > Adamant Weapon

38. Crab King > Adamant Armor

40. Thief King’s Lair > Adamant Ring

43. Treasure Map - Gnoll King > Adamant Ring, Gnoll Clothes (allows Oldnewstwist's shop in Dolya Town to open)

45, 50-55: Dolya Slate's (former Otiluke's Journal's) depths[edit | edit source]

45. "Mock Sweet Home" (it is not actually named this way, but while it is unnamed in-game it is an exact replica of the Sweet Home without containing its items, and after the hero leaves it the "No text found! [Tengu's Sword] item is generated in the inventory)

50. Sweet Home (former Safe Room)

51. Sokoban puzzle 1 (unique item: Towel)

52: Sokoban puzzle 2 (unique item: Spectacles)

53: Sokoban puzzle 3 (unique item: Auto potion)

54: Sokoban puzzle 4 (unique item: Book of Soul - former whistle)

55: Dolya Town (formerly Dolyahaven), Many NPCs, Poooot Key - portal to depth 45, BossRush Challenge Book - portal to depth 71

[66. Spring Festival Land - randomly available during most of the year. This depth is only accessible if the Year Beast miniboss drops its dolya slate page in the Yog-Dzewa depth, but that will not happen in every run (for details read depth 25 above).]

67: First Final Battle (also a Sokoban depth)[edit | edit source]

67. Energy Core - Corrupted Otiluke Mirror > Palantir - portal to depth 99

71, 85: BossRush Challenge[edit | edit source]

71. BossRush: Many bosses > Four Leaf Mint Necklace, Overload Handcannon, Player Icon, Soul of Rabbit, Tengu's Katana, Power Hand - portal to depth 85

85. Endless mode

99: Last Final Battle[edit | edit source]

99. Zot > Soul Collect Stone - fully completes the game

Note 1: Most of the depth messages that are new in relation to Sprouted PD have many language mistakes that can make comprehension difficult, so they were all edited in their language form, but their info has been kept intact. Pit Rooms have the same message with Sprouted PD: Note to self: Always leave a teleport scroll in the vault.

Note 2: Depths 1-26 are in succession, with ladders or doorways connecting them with each other. Depths from 27 and on are isolated or connected only thematically and with portals.

Terrain and Depth Feelings[edit | edit source]

Terrain types[edit | edit source]

Like in Original PD there are three distinctive types of terrain apart from the regular one and five different depth feelings.

  • Chasm depth: Rooms are connected by pathways, made of special flooring. All other tiles sourrounding the rooms and the pathways are chasm tiles.
  • Flooded depth: Hallways and rooms are filled with water tiles.
  • Overgrown depth: Hallways and rooms are filled with vegetation.

The four types of terrain are mutually exclusive.

Depth Feelings[edit | edit source]

Depth Feelings alert the player to special characteristics of the depth's layout or of the enemies spawning. When entering a special depth for the first time, the player will get a text at the bottom-left corner of the screen announcing it. If the player does not receive a depth feeling, the depth will be a regular depth.

  • Echo: Your steps echo across the dungeon. This message appears upon entering Chasm depth.
  • Nighttime: You can hear enemies moving in the darkness... This is only possible during the game night, which is determined by the in-game clock and can be combined with any type of terrain. The enemies' spawn rates are significantly higher and the hero's vision gets worse. It can be also combined with the Deep Night phase. For details about the hero's vision see section just below.
  • Secrets: The atmosphere hints that this floor hides many secrets. This message appears at every regular depth (i.e. non-boss) that has more hidden doors/rooms, hidden traps and mimics, independently of the depth's terrain.
  • Vegetation: The smell of vegetation is thick in the air. This message appears upon entrering an Overgrown depth.
  • Water: You hear water splashing around you. This message appears upon entering a Flooded depth.

The Echo, Vegetation and Water depth feelings are mutually exclusive, as they refer to different types of terrain, but the Nighttime and Secrets feelings can coexist with any other feeling (an example to showcase this, even though it will occur extremely rarely, is the possibility that the player can receive the Echo, Nighttime and Secrets feelings one after the other when the hero enters a new depth).

Challenge, Boss and Trial depths always have a specific type of terrain by default, which sometimes resembles one the aforementioned terrains (the Forest Challenge, Prison Challenge and the Power Trial are always overgrown depths, the Wisdom Trial is always a chasm depth etc.) but the player never receives a depth feeling message about them.

Light and Darkness / Hero's Vision[edit | edit source]

Hero's vision is affected by the in-game clock in the hero's tab (not the device's clock, unlike what is happening in other mods) and it resembles real world vision: from 0:00 to 6:00 (deep night) it will have two tiles range, from 6:00 am to 10:00 (morning) it will have 7 tiles range, from 10:00 to 18:00 (midday and afternoon) 6 tiles range, and from 18:00 to 00:00 (early night) 3 tiles range. 1 turn is 1 game minute, so deep night lasts for 360 turns, morning for 240 turns, midday and afternoon for 480 turns, and early night for 360 turns. A 24-hour game day will take 1440 turns, and a complete run with the hero defeating Zot will take a few game months (there is no in-game calendar though).

Also from 20:00 to 6:00 there is a chance that the dungeon will turn into a Deep Night Phase which is very similar with the "Into Darkness" challenge, when the hero visits a new depth (but not during the hero's stay in a depth already visited). Vision will be anyways restricted to 3 tiles (or 2 tiles during the in-game midnight) but the explored parts of the dungeon will also remain unmapped, as after the hero leaves each visited room, it will be disappeearing from the depth's map (reading a scroll of Magic Mapping or eating a Blue Berry is almost obligatory during this phase). The Deep Night phase lasts for 600 turns - that is for no more than two depths, unless the hero for an unknown reason is speedrunning while visiting new depths. Note also that a) the Deep Night Phase can't happen everywhere, but only in the main dungeon from the Prison and on (so it can't happen in the Sewers and in any of the Challenge Book depths, the Dolya Slate depths, the Bossrush challenge, or the in main Boss depths) and b) that the spawning of enemies is even more increased during Deep Night in comparison to plain nightitme.

Rooms with specific effects - Debuffs due to the Weather[edit | edit source]

In non-boss and non-challenge depths it is common for some rooms to cause by default a specific effect, and those five of them that are named "weather" by the game debuff every character inside, whether they may be enemy, ally, or the hero. A minor positive side effect of the negative climates is that each of them also removes another harmful debuff, most often considered opposite by common sense. Among the harmful climates, the only really dangerous (and that only in early hero levels) is the Raise Dead climate. This game feature is borrowed from the science fiction RPG "Pioneer" (not actually a fork, but more of a sci-fi spinoff of Original PD, that uses parts of its source code).

On the other hand there are also two types of rooms with a permanent positive effect, one familiar and one new: Gardens like in Original PD and many mods grant the Shadowmelded buff, and there is also a new type of room causing a positive effect, the Quiet room that blesses. These rooms do not affect positively enemies. These are the 7 different "climates" of SPS-PD, with the two positive mentioned first, and all the other which are negative afterwards:

  1. Garden: grants the Shadowmelded buff - decreases hunger rate and makes the hero Invisible, very useful for healing by resting in early hero's levels, when healing items are not yet available or plenty. Game description: "Shafts of light pierce the gloom of the underground garden."
  2. Quiet: grants the Bless buff - increases by +20% Accuracy and Evasion. Game description: "It's very quiet here."
  • Cold: causes the Cold debuff - reduces movement and attack Speed by -10%. This climate also removes the Hot debuff. Game description: "This room is incredibly cold, cold enough to swirl snow into the air while the low temperature slows everyone down."
  • Dead Raise: causes the Dead Raise debuff with Summoned Skeletons spawning next to the hero. It happens almost always in rooms with tombstones, and is mostly dangerous in the Sewers and Prison chapters because the skeletons that spawn are similar to those normally found in the Caves (apart from not causing the Silence debuff) and are OP for a hero stil in low level. Conversely, in the depths after the Caves this debuff can turn to a "buff" and be used to farm dew, if the Dew Drop buff is active, as the skeletons remain similar to the Caves’ type, but now the hero is OP for them. In the Courage Trial depth, which is filled with tombstones, this climate as expected can occur often. The spawning rate of Summoned Skeletons is the same with that of the regular enemies, so it gets increased during nightitme, and very much increased during the Deep Night phase. This climate also removes the Hot debuff. Game description: "Ghosts raise here." This room's debuff is the only among the climate debuffs that can not be obtained in any other way than being inside a room.
  • Dry: causes the Dry debuff - reduces Damage caused by the hero by -20%. This climate also removes the Wet debuff. Game description: "The air here is littered with particles of dust, drying out anyone within and reducing their damage."
  • Hot: causes the Hot debuff - reduces Defense, allowing +20% more damage to be taken by the hero. This climate also removes the Cold debuff. Game description: "Harsh sunlight beams down within this room, making everything unbearably hot while also reducing the effectiveness of armor."
  • Wet: causes the Wet debuff - reduces Accuracy and Evasion both by -10%. This climate also removes the Dry debuff. Game description: "Rain is pouring endlessly here, reducing any creatures' ability to attack or dodge."

All debuffs and the Bless buff last as long as the hero stays inside the room, but fade away 5 turns maximum after he/she exits the room. The only exception is the Shadowmelded buff which lasts for quite a while after the hero leaves the garden.

Note: in previous versions of SPS-PD there was also the Arcane climate, which was granting the Arcane buff, but it has been removed from current SPS-PD.

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