[This wiki page describes the current version "0.9.4 Testers Party - The Start", in which no changes have been made in the items described in this page.]

Overview Edit

All of these items apart from the Ghost Elevator and the Four-Leaf Mint Necklace are inherited from Sprouted PD, with some renamings and retexturings as their basic differences and minor changes in their function for most of them. The Transmutation Item and the Upgrade Eater are intermediate cases, apparently new items but in Sprouted PD they are effects of the plants that drops them as separate items in SPS-PD. Only the Honeypot item is significantly different from its Sprouted PD version. The Control Mobile, Fairy Card and Mr. Destructo items are presented in the "Allies" section of the Pets and Allies page.

All of these items are stored in the main inventory - backpack, even after all the specific containers are obtained.

Ankh Edit

This ancient symbol of immortality grants the ability to return to life after death. This Ankh has been blessed and is now much stronger. The Ankh will sacrifice itself to save you in a moment of deadly peril.

They are now stackable, but they are stored in the hero's main inventory and not in the key ring anymore. Also like in Sprouted PD they are blessed by default and revive the hero in full health without any item getting lost from the inventory. One is always found as loot in the skeletal remains of a pit room and one is always sold in each main dungeon shop, but most importantly many of them get found as loot in the Power Trial depth, and the Fruit Cat shop in Dolya Town sells 2-3 of them in each hero's visit. The unique Unholy Bible item of the Undead Rogue skin produces 1 Ankh with each level up.

Arcane Stylus Edit

Arcane Stylus
Arcane stylus
This arcane stylus is made of some dark, very hard stone. Using it you can inscribe a magical glyph on your armor, but you have no power over choosing what glyph it will be, the stylus will decide it for you.

Like in Sprouted PD it inscribes a random glyph on an armor of choice. It spawns much more often as loot than in Sprouted PD. It is stored in the main inventory.

Four-Leaf Mint Necklace Edit

Four leaf mint necklace SPS-PD
Four-Leaf Mint Necklace
This four-leaf clover necklace can give the wearer something when he levels up, and increase enchanted equipment's chances to be activated.

This is a very useful item, dropped by the Plant King in the Bossrush challenge. When it is equipped upon levelling up it adds +5 bonus max HP, increases Magic Power by +1, and spawns 1,000 gold pieces in the inventory. It also generally increases much the chances of any enchantment or glyph to get activated. As there are many other items worth being equipped in the three available slots, having the necklace equipped permanently will probably not be a choice of all players, but it is highly recommended to equip this item every time the hero is ready to level up, especially when he is a Mage, as the +1 Magic Power per level will accumulate to a huge bonus to his attacking power with wands, while the bonus +5 max HP is an obvious advantage for all classes. It is stored in the main inventory.

Ghost Elevator Edit

Ghost Elevator SPS-PD
Ghost elevator
A ghost is attached to this suit, which can bring you up and down the floors freely, but it only can work from floor 2 to 25.

This is a totally new item. Yog-Dzewa drops it, and it allows the hero to travel up and down regular depths with ease, however, pets will not be taken along. It is sort of a creative adaptation of the Lloyd’s Beacon item from Original PD, which is incorporated in its sprite, but it does not work in the first and the last depths of the regular dungeon, or in any other depth outside of the regular dungeon (it works literally as an elevator from depth 2 to 25, and not as a general teleporting device). It is stored in the main inventory.

Honeypot Edit

This large honeypot is only really lined with honey, instead it houses a giant bee! These sorts of massive bees usually stay in their hives, perhaps the pot is some sort of specialized trapper's cage? The bee seems pretty content inside the pot with its honey, and buzzes at you warily when you look at it.

This item has received many secondary changes in relation to Sprouted PD: when they are dropped in wells of Transmutation, they get rejected and don’t produce Steel Honeypots anymore, Transmutation Items can't get applied to them, and the Steel Honeypot as a type of item is generally removed from SPS-PD, and a Shattered Honeypot also does not produce Honey by getting thrown into wells of Transmutation anymore. Unless thrown by the Leader subclass, Honeypots after being shattered still release a hostile to all game characters Golden Bee (for the Leader it will release a friendly Steel Bee ally). The way that the hero can get Honey in SPS-PD is placing an intact Honeypot or shattered Honeypot into an alchemy pot. It is stored in the main inventory.

Magic Breaker Edit

SproutedPD ddhammer
Magic Breaker
Too fragile to use as a weapon, this magic hammer was used to seal the demons in this level. Perhaps there is just enough magic left to unseal the next level...

It is Dwarf Demon Hammer of Sprouted PD renamed, which opens the exit to the next depth in Demon Halls. It works in almost exactly the same way with Sprouted PD and has the same sprite and description, apart from the fact that in SPS-PD one is needed also in depth 24 to free the exit to depth 25, and the hero doesn't need to be in the next tile to the pedestal to break the door open, but just in the same room. It is stored in the main inventory.

Magic Stones Edit

[Name of color] Magic Stone
A [name of color] magic stone from Dolya town.

The Norn Stones of Sprouted PD have been renamed to Magic Stones and are now dropped by DM-300 and Golems in the Metropolis, while they are also sold in the west shop in Dolya Town. They retain their original colors and sprites from Sprouted PD (green, blue, orange, purple, yellow), but unlike Sprouted PD all classes can find all stones and the Huntress class does not have unique access to the yellow ones. Another secondary difference of them from the Norn Stones of Sprouted PD is that only two are needed for a tier 6 weapon to get crafted. Although there is a cap of 6 Magic Stones dropping from enemies as loot, the west shop in Dolya Town will continue to sell magic stones without any limit, it just does not do that often. Lastly, as there are no Dolyahaven Mines and no Gullins in SPS-PD, no Magic Stones drop there or from them anymore. They are stored in the Seed Pouch.

Pickaxe Edit

This is a large and sturdy tool for breaking rocks. Probably it can be used as a weapon.

It is rather different in its details than its equivalent in Sprouted PD: it is now upgradeable and is similar to a tier 3 weapon, as it has a strength requirement of 14, deals 10-22 damage at level 0, and has a damage scaling of +3/+3 with upgrades (from these stats only its strength requirement and its current level are displayed in its game window, and all the other are only mentioned in the game's code). It also functions either as having the rupture attribute, because it causes enemies to bleed on hit, or as having the acid or venomous enchantment because it applies Caustic Ooze to them or Poisons them. If the hero has no other enchanted tier 3 weapon available, a pickaxe will be just fine equipped as a main weapon, but most probably he/she will have a better alternative by the time he/she encounters the Blacksmith brothers in the caves. Like in Sprouted PD, it is very effective when equipped specifically against the (Dwarf King's) Eternal Tomb, as it deals 100-200 damage per hit against it. By the game it is considered mostly a mining item instead of a weapon, so it is stored in the main inventory and not in the portable scarecrow container.

Transmutation Item Edit

Transmutation Item SPS-PD
Transmutation Item
Transmutation item

It is a recently added new item, but with a familiar function, as it works like a portable well of Transmutation. It drops by stepping on a Phase Pitcher plant, which does not transmute items anymore, but generates this item instead. A difference it has from wells of Transmutation is that it is less powerful than them: it can transmute armors, rings, wands and melee weapons, but not scrolls or potions like the wells can. It also has the limitations of wells of Transmutation in the items even they can't transmute: missile and thrown weapons, bombs etc. In current SPS-PD all wells spawn in their room either a Blandfruit, Phase Pitcher or Upgrade Eater plant, and the Wisdom Trial is full of wells, so the hero can farm Transmutation Items by visiting this depth repeatedly and going inside all of its well rooms, as it is sure that some of them will have a Phase Pitcher plant spawned. Note that when a transmutable item is equipped, the Transmutation Item is unable to trasmute it, so it first must get unequipped to become eligible for transmutation. It is stored in the main inventory.

Upgrade Eater Edit

Upgrade Eater SPS-PD
Upgrade Eater
Upgrade Eater

It is very similar to the previous item: also recently added, also with a familiar function, and also drops by stepping on a plant, the Upgrade Eater plant in this case, which does not produce Upgrade Items by consuming upgraded equipment anymore, but generates this item instead. Neverthless, the Upgrade Eater item of SPS-PD works in exactly the same way as the Upgrade Eater plant of Sprouted PD: which color of Upgrade Item the hero will get depends on how highly upgraded the item that he/she applied the Upgrade Eater to was. The chance of spawning a Violet Upgrade Item is [level of item]/10. If that fails, the chance of spawning Red is [level of item]/5. If that fails, the chance of spawning Yellow is [level of item]/3. If that also fails (in the case of items lower than +3 level), the hero will get a Seed Pod seed. In short for a guranteed Violet Upgrade Item outcome, the Upgrade Eater has to be applied to items of level +10 (higher levels offer nothing more). What was previously mentioned about farming Transmutation Items from the Wisdom Trial depth is also applied to Upgrade Eaters for the same reason, the abundance of wells and spawned plants on this depth. Note also that when a transformable item is equipped, the Upgrade Eater is unable to transform it, so it first must get unequipped to become eligible for transformation. Also, unlike the Troll Blacksmith Upgrade Eater items are unbothered by the item being cursed or uncursed, and they transform all items without a problem. It is also stored in the main inventory.

Upgrade Item Edit

[Name of color] Upgrade Item
This blob of [yellow/red/purple] goo holds a powerful magic. It can upgrade your gear when applied.

SproutedPD yellow upgoo
SproutedPD red upgoo
SproutedPD violet upgoo

They are Sprouted PD's "Upgrade Goos" renamed but work in exactly the same way and have the same sprites, colors and power (yellow +1, red +3, violet +5 levels improvement). They get stored in the main inventory - backpack, which helps the player distinguish them from the Gel and Honey Gel food items, which have exactly the same sprite with the Yellow and Violet Upgrade Items, but they are stored in the shopping cart.

Weightstone Edit

By using a weightstone, you can enchant your melee weapon.

It does not balance weapons for damage, speed or accuracy anymore, but it enchants them instead, like the arcane stylus does for armors in most mods, or the scroll of Enchantment for both weapons and armors in Original PD. They can't be used on armors, as arcane styli can't be used on weapons. Unlike scrolls of Magical Infusion, they neither upgrade nor uncurse the weapon they are applied to. It spawns much more often as loot than in Sprouted PD.

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