[This wiki page describes the current version "0.9.4 Testers' Party - The Start". No significant feature of any scroll has been changed in this version.]

Overview Edit

Most of SPS-PD's scroll types and their main effects are very similar to those of Sprouted PD:

  • Common scrolls are also: Identify, Lullaby, Magic Mapping, Mirror Image, Psionic Blast, Rage, Recharging, Remove Curse, Teleportation, Terror.
  • Rare scrolls are also: Magical Infusion, Regrowth (changed from almost unique in Sprouted PD), Upgrade.
  • Unique (drop) scroll: Sacrifice (new)

All common scrolls can be sold in the dungeon shops and are also found randomly as loot in dungeon depths. Note that unlike Shattered PD and most of its direct mods, scrolls of Identify, Magic Mapping and Remove Curse are not guaranteed to spawn at least once in each shop, and as a matter of fact the scroll of Remove Curse is generally rather rare in comparison to the other common scrolls. From the group of rare scrolls, without a Lucky Badge equipped only scrolls of Upgrade spawn as loot in dungeon depths (normally from 3 to 4 in each game chapter), but scrolls of Magical Infusion can also spawn as loot in dungeon depths when the Lucky Badge is equipped, especially when highly upgraded. These are not interchangeable with the scrolls of Upgrade: a scroll of Upgrade will spawn normally in a dungeon depth, and a bonus scroll of Magical Infusion will probably also spawn in the depth. Sokoban puzzle depths 2, 3, 4 also offer scrolls of Magical Infusion and Regrowth as rewards from their item creation switches and scrolls of Upgrade are found as loot instead of gold inside the chests of all the Sokoban puzzle depths. Scrolls of Regrowth spawn as loot only in the Sokoban 2 and 3 puzzle depths, but are also sold regularly in the Fruit Cat shop in Dolya Town. Rare scrolls are never sold in the regular dungeon shops, and only the Dolya Town west shop sells them, which in contrast almost always sells scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion (and only those two types of scrolls and not any other), and the Fruit Cat shop in Dolya Town, which sells randomly only scrolls of Regrowth. Scrolls are stored in the scroll holder, along with bombs. Unlike Sprouted PD and like Shattered PD, all scrolls after getting identified have a distinguishing symbol at their bottom right. Like in Original PD reading any scroll breaks Invisibility.


Common Scrolls Edit

Identify Edit

Shattered-Scroll identify
Scroll of Identify
Permanently reveals all of the secrets of a single item.

It fully identifies any item, including upgrade/downgrade level, charges, curse status and strength requirements. Unlike Shattered PD and most of its direct mods, it is not guaranteed to spawn at least once in each dungeon shop.

Lullaby Edit

Shattered-Scroll lullaby
Scroll of Lullaby
Reading this scroll emits a soothing melody that will lull all who hear it into a deep magical sleep.

It puts all creatures in view to permanent Sleep until disturbed, unless they are immune to its effect (Golems, Succubi and all types of Wraiths are the most common examples), and in SPS-PD this scroll also debuffs the hero and enemies for a short by causing to him/her +20% Armor Break & -20% Attack Down and to them +50% Armor Break & -50% Attack Down, all for 10 turns. The hero will also fall asleep, unless he/she is at full health, starving, or gets attacked. If the hero falls asleep and remains undisturbed, he/she will awaken with full HP. Enemies will stay asleep until attacked. Pets are also affected by this scroll but never wake up by themselves or by the hero calling them, so the hero must step on their tile and make them move to wake them up.

Magic Mapping Edit

Shattered-Scroll magic mapping
Scroll of Magic Mapping
When this scroll is read, an image of crystal clarity will be etched into your memory, alerting you to the precise layout of the level. The locations of items, traps, hidden door and creatures will remain unknown.

It reveals the entire depth layout, but as also the game description mentions, unlike Sprouted PD it reveals only the depth's map and no hidden features of it or loot (it might show randomly some items though). Unlike Sprouted PD its use is not blocked on any dungeon depth, either the dolya slate journal's or in any of the boss depths. Note also that unlike Shattered PD and most of its direct mods, it is not guaranteed to spawn at least once in each dungeon shop.

Mirror Image Edit

Shattered-Scroll mirror image
Scroll of Mirror Image
The incantation on this scroll will create illusionary twins of the reader, which will chase his enemies.

It is the same with the scroll of Sprouted PD. Space permitting, it creates from 3 up to 4 duplicates of the hero, and these will wander until they find something to attack and after one successful hit, they will disappear. If the Mirror Images spawn while the Dew Drop buff is still active, they will drop dew like regular enemies if they are killed by the hero.

Psionic Blast Edit

Scroll Psionic Blast Fushigi
Scroll of Psionic Blast
This scroll contains destructive energy that can be psionically channeled to tear apart the minds of all visible creatures. The power unleashed by the scroll will also temporarily blind, stun, and seriously harm the reader.

Similarly to Sprouted PD it applies the Blinded debuff for 6-9 turns and Stuns for 4-6 turns the hero, and insta-kills all regular enemies in sight, unless they are resistant to its effect (Assassin Ninjas, Sand Mobs, Troll Warriors and Demon Goos are the most common examples, but still get damaged by it). The hero gets also heavily damaged from 20% of his/her max HP to 50% of his/her current HP and the scroll of Psionic Blast should never be used with the hero in low health. Scrolls of Psionic Blast make a great combination with the Peek ability of the Dew Vial or potions of Mind Vision, especially upon first entering a depth with a Dew Drop buff active, as they make the hero complete the depth in the minimum possible moves: 1. In contrast it either inflicts a random amount of low damage or no damage at all to chapter boss and main boss enemies, depending on if they are resistant or immune to its effect (note that bosses are always either resistant or immune, but their minions are often neither of those). In older versions of SPS-PD pets got also insta-killed by this scroll, but they have now become immune to its effect.

Note: the scroll is listed as common, because it is sold randomly in the main dungeon shops, can be found in the regular dungeon as loot without a Lucky Badge equipped etc. nevertheless all these happen infrequently in comparison to all the other common scrolls. Hence, a more accurate classification of it would be as semi-rare.

Rage Edit

Shattered-Scroll rage
Scroll of Rage
When read aloud, this scroll will unleash a great roar that draws all enemies to the reader, and enrages nearby ones.

It is almost the same with the scroll of Rage of Sprouted PD, with the addition of also Silencing enemies for 20 turns and not only causing Amok to them like in Sprouted PD. It alerts and draws enemies to the location where the scroll is read, similarly to an alarm trap. If read with multiple enemies in the same location, they will most often start fighting each other, as they will get also Amoked by the scroll. Pets are not affected by this scroll and never attack the hero.

Recharging Edit

Shattered-Scroll recharging
Scroll of Recharging
The raw magical power bound up in this parchment will, when released, charge up all the users wands over time.

It is rather different than its equivalent in Sprouted PD. It now gives an Arcane buff (+10 Magic Power) in addition to the Recharging buff, that speeds up by +25% the recharging of wands like in Shattered PD, but not an instant full recharge of wands like it does in Sprouted PD.

Remove Curse Edit

Shattered-Scroll remove curse
Scroll of Remove Curse
The incantation on this scroll will instantly strip from the reader's weapon, armor, rings and carried items any evil enchantments that might prevent the wearer from removing them.

Just like in Sprouted PD rather than only removing curses from all items in the inventory, this scroll also reverses downgrades, meaning that for example a -2 cursed ring would turn into a +2 ring after the scroll was read. In addition by being read it also removes the Weakness debuff from the hero. Note also that unlike Shattered PD and most of its direct mods, it is not guaranteed to spawn at least once in each dungeon shop, and as a matter of fact this scroll is generally rather infrequent in comparison to the other common scrolls (but still more common than the scroll of Psionic Blast).

Teleportation Edit

Shattered-Scroll teleportation
Scroll of Teleportation
The spell on this parchment instantly transports the reader to a random location on the dungeon level. It can be used to escape a dangerous situation, but the unlucky reader might find himself in an even more dangerous place.

Like in Sprouted PD it teleports the reader to a random location somewhere on the same depth. Big Boss, Chapter Boss, and Sokoban puzzle depths block the effect of this scroll, even when the boss depths have become free of enemies.

Terror Edit

Shattered-Scroll terror
Scroll of Terror
A flash of red light will overwhelm all creatures in your field of view with terror, and they will turn and flee. Attacking a fleeing enemy will dispel the effect.

Like in Sprouted PD it applies the Terror debuff to all enemies in view (unless immune) for 5 turns, and also hastes them while they are fleeing. It also affects pets, that flee for a short while away from the hero.

Rare Scrolls Edit

Regrowth Edit

SPS-PD Scroll Regrowth
Scroll of Regrowth
The magic in the scroll feels powerful and inviting.The dungeon cries out for you to read it.

It is changed much in comparison to Sprouted PD. It is not a unique drop from the Leader Rat/Rat Boss and the Sokoban depths anymore, but a rare scroll that can also be sold in the Fruit Cat Dolya Town shop for 2,500 gold. This scroll still causes high grass to grow in all vacant tiles of the floor, meaning tiles that are not active or triggered traps, water tiles, doors etc., ember tiles get high grass though (in short, it has almost the same application with the Plant function of the dew vial and also affects instantly plain and ember tiles) while it also maps the whole depth. In addition, the hero may be able to trample a high grass tile more than once, as the scroll of Regrowth has also a similar duration with Water with Dew. Dolya Town is the best place to use it for farming dew and seeds, as it is a very big depth with almost no aggressive characters, apart from the Stone Bug and the two piranhas that are in the pool and not on the grass. Although it is a rare scroll, when transmuted it gives back a regular scroll, and not an equally rare scroll like a scroll of Upgrade or Magical Infusion (don't do it). As scrolls of Magic Mapping and Blue berries map the Sokoban depths without a problem, scrolls of Regrowth no longer need to get used for that purpose, like they do in Sprouted PD, when the hero doesn't have the Spectacles item (so don't use them for this purpose, it will waste them for no reason).

Upgrade Edit

Shattered-Scroll upgrade
Scroll of Upgrade
This scroll will upgrade a single item, improving its quality. A wand will increase in power and in number of charges; a weapon will inflict more damage or find its mark more frequently; a suit of armor will deflect additional blows; the effect of a ring on its wearer will intensify. Weapons and armor will also require less strength to use, and any curses on the item will be lifted.

It is very similar to its equivalent in Shattered PD. Three to four scrolls of Upgrade will always be generated in each game chapter (unlike Shattered PD though, they might be generated inside a hidden room, so if the hero finds less than three in a chapter and has spare scrolls of Magic Mapping, he/she should map these chapter depths). Also like Shattered PD, this scroll can't be destroyed by fire when lying on the ground. This scroll adds +1 to one item of the hero's choice and is not affected by the level cap of upgrading with dew, but cannot be used to raise any item above +15 unless it has been reinforced. Black Wraiths (but not Wraith Warriors or Chaos Wraiths), those that spawn from disturbed tombstones, have a 9% chance to drop a scroll of Upgrade, which increases with a Lucky Badge equipped (+2% base increase, and +2% per badge's level), but it never becomes 100% like in Sprouted PD with a +28 ring of Wealth equipped, as the Lucky Badge can't get upgraded above +15. This scroll always gets transmuted into a scroll of Magical Infusion. Like in Sprouted PD the scroll of Upgrade will never erase weapon enchantments or armor glyphs.

Magical Infusion Edit

Scroll Magical Infusion Fushigi
Scroll of Magical Infusion
This scroll will infuse a weapon or armor with powerful magical energy. In addition to being upgraded, A weapon will gain a magical enchantment, or armor will be imbued with a magical glyph. If the item already has an enchantment or glyph, it will never be erased by this scroll.

It is very similar to its equivalent in Sprouted PD: it upgrades items in the same way as the scroll of Upgrade does, but is never generated in the dungeon, unless a Lucky Badge is equipped (the chances increase with upgrades of the badge), the hero belongs to the Soldier class or has the Fushigi No Bless buff (+5 Luck both), and in this case it is not interchangeable with a scroll of Upgrade, meaning that a scroll of Upgrade will be normally generated, and a bonus scroll of Magical Infusion will be probably generated as well. It adds +1 to a weapon or armor, and a random enchantment or glyph, replacing the previous one if the item was already enchanted (the game description can be a bit confusing: the scroll never turns an enchanted weapon or armor back to being unenchanted, but it "erases" its glyph or enchantment by replacing it). Unlike the scroll of Upgrade, it can be used to raise a weapon or armor over +15, even if it has not been reinforced, but it cannot be used at all on Tier 6 relic weapons, guns, wands or rings. Also Black Wraiths (but not Wraith Warriors or Chaos Wraiths), those that spawn from disturbed tombstones have a 6% chance to drop a scroll of Magical Infusion, which increases with a Lucky Badge equipped, (+2% base increase, and +2% per badge's level), but it never becomes 100% like in Sprouted PD with a +28 ring of Wealth equipped, as the Lucky Badge can't get upgraded above +15. It always gets transmuted into a scroll of Upgrade.

Upgrading with Dew vs. Upgrading with Scrolls Edit

It is possible for the hero to have level +10 equipment already by level 7 or 8, or even from the Sewers, if he/she had decided to disturb tombstones and the wraiths dropped some of these scrolls, as there in no upgrading cap applied to these scrolls, like it does to dew upgrading. Players are not advised to do so though, because they can have the same result with the Dew Vial if they wait, and not waste the somewhat limited scrolls (with a +15 Lucky Badge equipped when the hero was robbing tombs, and with a relative success in all 4 of the Sokoban puzzles, the hero will have approximately 150 scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion by end-game, but he/she can also buy them from the west shop in Dolya Town and farm them in a limited amount from the Wraiths of the tombstone that respawns in each visit there). Also, scrolls of Upgrade and Magical Infusion lift curses from equipment while also upgrading them, unlike the Dew Vial's accurate upgrades (in contrast ranndom blessings by the vial lift curses, but can't select a specific item to upgrade).

Scroll-like items Edit

There are also two scroll-like types of items added in SPS-PD that work more like potions than scrolls, as they have a permanent effect on the hero's stats, rather than a temporary effect in the dungeon or a permanent effect on items.

Learn how to Attack / Dodge / Use Magic Edit

Learn how to attack / dodge / use magic
A simple scroll which has writen some attack / dodge / magic skill in there.
Learn how to SPS-PD
[In the image their sprites are displayed in the same order as in the game description.] They are all sold by Tempest102 in Dolya Town (he first opens his store after the hero reaches level 40), up to three in each hero's visit, but Tempest102 might be only selling resonance weapons in a hero's visit and no "Learn how to..." items at all. They are sold from 1,250 (Attack) and 2,500 gold (Dodge) to 5,000 gold (Magic) each and they add permanently +1 to Accuracy / Dexterity / Magic Power after being read. They are almost never found or dropped as loot, with the sole exception of the Corrupted Otiluke Mirror, who always drops one "Learn how use magic" scroll. They aren't stored in the scroll holder but in the main inventory and they can't get transmuted.

Unique drop - scroll of Sacrifice Edit

SPS-PD Scroll Sacrifice
Scroll of Sacrifice
A scroll that boosts strength at a certain cost. It is harmless at start, but the more you use it, the more dangerous it will be.

It is one of the drops in the challenge depths from the 50th defeated enemy and it spawns in each one of them (they drop once in each challenge depth, so a hero can obtain only up to 4 in a run), On the first read, the hero gets a free +5 HP. On the second, the hero gets a free +1 Strength. "Free" was mentioned before, because reading any more scrolls of Sacrifice will grant +1 Strength but will also reduce max HP by anywhere between 5 times the amount of sacrifices already used and 20% of the user's max HP. In the 20% of max HP subtracted scenario the HP loss is very heavy, so heroes should better not read the third and fourth of these scrolls. The only "reason" to do that would be to raise their Strength from 20 to 21, which is not possible otherwise with the items spawned in the dungeon, and to be able to equip a Tier 6 heavy armor, but the heavy HP loss is a very good reason not to, and the only class with a tanky character, the Warrior, can anyway equip tis armor due to his class needing less strength to equip armors (if a player is determined to have his/her hero equip a tier 6 heavy armor, he/she can also go for the Golden Dungeon Nut reward, which adds form +1 to +2 Strength without any negative side effects). Although they are unique items, when transmuted they give back a regular scroll, and not a rare scroll like a scroll of Upgrade or Magical Infusion. 

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