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Sad ghost

Sad ghost gif.gif

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Type Quest
Spawn Depths 2 to 4
Gives Ghost Weapon or Ghost Armor
Walk speed 1 cell per 2 cells the Hero moves tiles per turn
Attack details
Health 0 HP
Dodge 0
Accuracy 0
Armor Intangible
On Damage Nothing; Can be set ablaze, igniting every flammable tile it touches.

The Sad ghost is a Quest NPC.


Sad ghost gif.gif
Sad ghost
The ghost is barely visible. It looks like a shapeless spot of faint light with a sorrowful face.


The Sad Ghost can be found wandering in a depth between 2 and 4. There is always exactly one Sad Ghost per game. Depths 2 to 4 all have 1/3 chance of hosting the Sad Ghost.

When tapped on, the Sad Ghost will give one of three quests: the Dried Rose quest, the Fetid Rat quest, or the Curse Release quest - all have equal probability.

Dried rose quest

Main article: Dried rose quest

The Sad Ghost asks the Hero to help it find a Dried Rose, which was stolen by an enemy. The Hero will then slay enemies at the same depth until the Dried Rose has been retrieved; every time an enemy is slain, the chance that that enemy drops the Dried Rose increases. The drop chance is 1/(8-n), where n is the amount of enemies slain since speaking with the Sad Ghost at the same depth. Thus, the Hero must slay, at most, 8 enemies.

When giving the Sad Ghost the Dried Rose, it will reward the Hero with the option of its weapon or armor.

Fetid rat quest

Main article: Fetid rat quest

The Sad Ghost will ask the Hero to avenge it, by slaying the Fetid Rat. The Fetid Rat will drop the Giant Rat Skull upon death, which the Hero can give to the Sad Ghost, in return for the option of its weapon or armor.

Curse Release Quest

Main article: Curse personification quest

The Sad Ghost tells the Hero that it is prisoner to a dark curse, and it asks the Hero to help it break free. If the Hero accepts, the Sad Ghost turns into a wraith-like creature, which, after being defeated, gets reverted to the Sad Ghost form, to end the quest as usual.

Prize generation

The prize from the Ghost tends to have a high level. The weapon is generated by:

  1. Four random weapons are generated according to Game mechanics/Weapons#Weapon Generation (but looping until a melee weapon is found).
  2. The weapons are compared and the highest leveled weapon is selected to be the prizes

The process is the same for armor except it uses Game mechanics/Armor#Armor Generation.

Because of this generation method, the level on the armor/weapon has probabilities close to:

Level Probability
-3 1/4100625 0 %
-2 16/820125 0 %
-1 16/10125 0.16 %
+0 51/125 40.8 %
+1 3536/10125 34.92 %
+2 25456/164025 15.52 %
+3 352529/4100625 8.6 %

This chart is not quite accurate, since the generation method tries to create weapons/armors with required strengths close to 10 + numberOfInternallyGeneratedPotionsOfStrength (which is ≈Hero strength).


  • The Dried Rose/Fetid Rat will always be on the same depth as the Sad Ghost.
  • An enemy will not drop the Dried Rose, and the Fetid Rat will not spawn, until the Hero has spoken to the Sad Ghost.
  • Enemies at these depths are generally easy to slay, within the duration of the quest.
  • If stuck behind the Sad Ghost, tap on it a second time and it will teleport to another part of the depth.
  • You can use a Potion of Mind Vision to expedite finding enemies to slay for the Dried Rose, to locate the Fetid rat, or to locate the Sad Ghost after obtaining the Dried Rose/Giant Rat Skull.
  • Use a Scroll of Challenge to expedite your search for the Dried Rose/Fetid Rat.
  • Setting the Sad Ghost on fire will cause it to spread the flames to all flammable tiles it encounters. A great way to clear the depth of enemies, but be sure to secure your scrolls first (either by placing them on water, or leaving them on another depth).
  • Your auto-aim can be set on the Sad Ghost, so be careful when fighting an enemy, to not accidentally auto-aim the Sad Ghost.


  • The Sad Ghost can be attacked, but it won't retaliate nor incur damage.
  • The weapon reward will always be a melee weapon.
  • The Sad Ghost moves 1 tile for every 2 tiles that the Hero moves.
  • The Sad Ghost is immune to Paralyzed and Rooted.


Update Change
1.6.0 ADDED to the game
1.6.1 Added: Fetid rat quest
1.6.4 Changed: Each enemy has 1/(8-mobsKilled) chance to drop the dried rose instead of 1/8.
1.7.0 Fixed: Quest NPC's can no longer drop their reward on a non-walk-able cell (Quest Items can no longer be thrown at a non-walk-able cell)
1.7.5 Changed: Ghost will always give -1 cloth armor for the armor option when "Faith is my armor" challenge is active
1.8.0 Added: New quest from the Sad Ghost - Curse personification quest